Printable Coupon: $4 off Two La Victoria Products


Update:  I have removed the available codes as they were not intended for internet distribution.

Sign up for La Victoria Rewards Program and add the following codes to your account.  They should give you more than enough to be able to print a coupon for $4 off two La Victoria Products.  The jars of salsa sell for less than $2 at Walmart so you should be able to get them free after coupon.  Enter the following codes:

After you enter the codes, from the drop down menu choose “No Purchase.”  According to reader Betty, you can enter all of these codes up to four times into your account.  So you can print a lot of coupons and the ones she printed today don’t expire until 7/20/2010. You should be set all the way through Cinco de Mayo and beyond!

Thanks Betty for bringing this deal to my attention again!

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  • Michele

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but the codes do not work for me.

    • Michelle,

      There are two places where you can enter the codes. amke sure you are using the right place. These codes go on the second lower spot.


    • Sheila

      it said that the promo was over……….??

      • Great! so the campaign ends hours after I post about this.


  • Lisa

    When I try to enter the code it says & cannot have the colon in the code and there should only be 14 characters. Am I missing something?

  • KMS

    I am trying to do this deal and keep getting a pop up window saying “The Code can not contain the character ‘:’ – did something happen to the codes when you copied them to the blog? I also tried deleting the ‘:’ but then I am a digit. Please help! TIA

  • KMS

    . . . a digit short

  • Michele

    Actually yes they do…it was my fault. Use the second spot to enter the 18 digit code.

  • KMS

    lol me too please disregard my above comment, JUST SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE 🙂

  • Brenda

    they must have changed the rewards points because it now says you have to have 64 to get a $4 off coupon.

  • KMS

    How do I print my coupon? Is it obvious and I’m missing it??

  • KMS

    Got it. I’m dangerous when sleep deprived.:)

  • linda

    I Printed it twice the first time. I Loaded the points again but the second time it said it printed but nothing did print.

  • KMS

    Me too Linda, maybe because it is a Bricks Q?

  • Donna

    The coupon printing software will only let you print 2 coupons. So if you try to redeem coupon #3, your points will be lost, and the coupon won’t print. I was able to get 2 more prints from a second computer, but how will I redeem the remaining points? I’m afraid I will lose the points and not be able to print the coupon.

  • Kristina L.

    I only tried to print them once and it said thank you but I got NO coupons????

  • Sharon

    I entered the codes and went to print coupon. I received a message that the campaign was over. When I went back to look at my history it said I printed the coupon. Which I did not.

    Very confusing and very disappointing.

  • Monika

    After entering the codes it says that the campaign is over. Thank you ! Lol what a shame.

  • Cheryl

    I entered the codes, but my coupons wouldn’t print. The system took my points and said I redeemed a coupon, but I got an error message that the campaign is over. I sent an email to La Victoria about this, so hope they write back and give me my coupons.

  • Nicole

    There are still $1.50 and $.50 coupons left, but the $4.00 ones must be all gone. Update us if it resets!

  • Betty

    I just tried to print again, the $4/2 says campaign over and the 50c/1 which I printed a couple days ago says I already printed the number of times allowed. But with many entries into the $500 sweeps maybe someone here will win.
    I am going to email them and see if I can get an answer because I still have 200something points!

  • Amy

    yup… it said “thank you… your coupons printed” and nothing printed. :/

  • K

    About 6 months ago there was a similar campaign. It said I printed a coupon when it never printed. I emailed LaVictoria. *SEVERAL WEEKS* later they emailed me back saying they could not credit the points but would mail me a coupon.

    They never sent the coupon.

    Not exactly impressive on multiple counts.

  • Katee

    the codes did not work for me…. 🙁

  • Alicia

    I just tried this and I entered about half of the codes and noticed that my point total was at 66. I was able to print off the $4.00 off of two and tried the back button which printed off another coupon. Both coupons expire on 1/31/2010. I did enter the 18 digit codes into the second code area.

  • Still working 🙂 — I was just able to print 2.

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  • Nicole

    Was able to get two $4.00 coupons just a couple of minutes ago – might be worth it for those of you that had problems yesterday to try again. HTH!

  • elisabeth

    Same here, still working at 9:30 this morning. Although, I believe Donna is probably right. The printing software will not let you print more than 2. So I am gonna try to redeem the rest of the codes at a friends computer and see what happens. Don’t wanna chance it on mine and end up losing the codes. Thanks for posting free salsa!!!!

  • Sheryl

    It worked this evening (Tuesday Dec 8) around 9:30. Maybe it refreshed. Thanks!

  • Christine

    I was able to print- but these are not at my Wal-Mart.

    • Hi Christine,

      These are usually by the latino/hispanic foods. Did you check there?


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  • Kim

    Was able to input each code FOUR times just now. Ended up with more than 400 points. Just wanted to share.

  • Tami R.

    I just printed my 2 coupons but it wont let me redeem for any more $4 coupons. What a bummer.

  • I just printed (2)$4/2 coupons. Re-entered the codes to print 2 more coupons, but it didn’t work. It just took my codes and said I had already printed. So it will only work if you have more than one computer to print from.I’m still happy with my 2 coupons…thanks, Mercedes!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the info! I just redeemed once and was able to print two coupons (bricks). From everyone else’s comments, I think I will just save the rest of my points for a reset later on. Oh, and the ones I just printed expire 1/31/2010.

    Here are a few more codes I came across:

    One-time 14-digit codes:

    Four-time 18-digit codes:

  • Rebecca

    Just thought ya’ll might want to know that plugging in these codes when you have not personally purchased the item(s) is an abuse of the system. I wasn’t sure myself so I contacted LV (w/o divulging the sites on which this was advertised) and here is their response:

    “Thank you for contacting the La Victoria Rewards and Sweepstakes Promotion
    help center.

    It is fraud, so we would greatly appreciate it if you do report it. The
    reason why the “no purchase” option is on the website is because we issue AMOE codes to
    those who request it (for sweepstakes only) via mail and they need a means
    to convey what their code is associated with.
    It is completely dishonest and we thank you for reporting this.”

    • Rebecca,

      Thank you for following up on this. honestly it has to get things right when the information is not out there for the consumer to learn. how are we supposed to know that the codes can’t be used when that’s not clearly stated on the website? I actually thought that the option of “no purchase” was for codes you acquired without making a purchase yourself. but now I know better.