Printable Coupon: Michael Angelo’s Frozen Meal Buy One Get One Free


Share your holiday stress in the Michael Angelo’s website and you will get a coupon for a free Michael Angelo’s Frozen Meal when you buy one.  To do this, just stop by Michael Angelo’s  website and leave a comment on their forum sharing what has you stressed this holiday season.  After you do this, you will get an email with a coupon for a free large size fron meal when you buy another one.  According to Julia from the Frugal Find, she also received a coupon for a BOGO individual frozen meal.  Thanks Mojo Savings!

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  • Thanks for sharing this. BOGO free is a much saving. (50% off)

  • PolishMom

    I just got this. Thanks for posting. It came in a PDF format. Is it OK (Legal, moral, etc) to print more than one?

    • I think so Polish mom. Hopefully not many will abuse it though so many can get to use the coupon.


  • Martina

    I have a serial number at the bottom that ends in 111209. Is everyone’s the same?

  • Grateful Guest

    I was not registered at this site. I had some problems. When I registered, they sent me a link and a one time password. This did not work.

    I went back to the email and there was another link I could paste in my browser. When I used the second link in the email, it gave me a page where I could create my own password.

    This then allowed me to access the coupon.

    I received a buy one/get one for a single serve.

    I know selected using “single serve” items in the intial “member” survey deliberately to see is it would generate the single serve coupon. It did.

    So if you want the BOGO on the full meal, be sure to select “family” size when you do the sign up survey. I didn’t fill out any other question in the survey.

    I’m good with this since I don’t think I would use the full size coupon.

    Just thought this infor would help others.

  • elisabeth

    Martina, I have the same number you mentioned. BUt we are all gonna have different customer/print numbers. So if we used too many of these then they can trace it directly to the person. Someone correct me if I am wrong. My personal number after the dash is 070361. lol I could be totally wrong, I am a newbie here :0)

  • PolishMom

    Elisbeth –

    My number after the dash is 0703061 as well.

    I’d like to use this 2-3 times if possible but again, I don’t want to do anything wrong.