Printable Coupons: $8 off Monsters Inc and $10 Off Up Blu-Rays


Looking for some nice but inexpensive gifts for the movie lover?  Right now you can save on your purchase of the following movies with the following manufacturer printable coupons:

Save $10 on the Movie UP Blu-Ray Combo

Save $8 on the Movie Monsters Inc Blu-Ray Combo

Wondering where to get the best deal?


Grab the Best Buy ad and price match these two movies there.  Then you can save an additional $10 by using the Target printable coupon good on both movies.  Here’s your scenario:

$23.99 for Up Blu-ray Price Matched at Best Buy
$18.99 for Monsters Inc Blu-ray Price Matched at Best Buy
$42.98 Subtotal
Use $8 off Monsters Inc printable coupon
Use $10 Up printable coupon
Use $10/2 Target printable coupon
Pay $14.98 for both after coupons


At Walmart the Up Blu-Ray Combo sells for $19.99. Use the $10/1 Up printable coupon to grab it for $9.99 only.

Think these are both good deals?  You can save even more by considering taking advantage of the following rebates:

Save $5 off when you buy two Kernel Seasonings products.  (Use this $1/1 Kernel Seasonings Printable Coupon to save even more)

Save $5 when you buy two Birds Eye Voila Meals (Use this $1/2 Birds Eye Voila printable coupon to save even more)

Save $4 when you buy UP and one Ronzoni® Smart Taste®, Ronzoni®, San Giorgio®,
Creamette®, American Beauty®, Prince® or Skinner® products. (Use this $1/2 Ronzoni Pasta Printable coupon to save even more)

Thanks Couponing to Disney!

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  • erika

    I cant find the kernel seasons or viola coupon can some1 tell me what zip to use? thanks

  • dawnhuntley

    can you not price match with the cvs ad? i noticed the up dvd was priced at 19.99 there!

  • Sheila

    At my Walmart the Up Blu-Ray Combo sells for $29.99. The single DVD sells for $19.99. If you were going to get it anyway might as well use the cpn and get the Blu-Ray Combo at the single DVD price.

    The combo is listed at 19.99 on Wal-Mart’s website, but they’re out of stock and it says “not sold in stores”. I didn’t know their online prices (shipped or Site to Store) were so much cheaper???

  • Jen

    Just FYI I went into target and my UP combo rang up at $19.99 before coupons giving me an even better deal!!!

  • maria

    im going to get this tomorrow thanks!!

  • Scot

    Will Target price match the ad with using the coupon? I mean the ad states that those prices are for the purchase of both items at the same time. Otherwise the Monsters Inc. is regularly $28.99. The coupon for $10 off at Target with the purchase of both DVD’s is the same thing that the ad is offering. Is it not?

  • Tammy

    I went to target and my UP movie was 19.99 also and I price matched best buy ad for monsters inc for 18.99 so thats 39.00 for both minus 10.00 for UP minus 8.00 for Monsters and the 10.00 for the target coupon. I bought 2 sets for 24.50 that was with tax.

  • Kristine

    Our Target has a special Up BluRay combo with a journal for $26.99. They wouldnt price match Best Buy because they are not considered the same item. My husband just called and said they dont carry the Monsters Inc Blu-Ray either. Wow…a completely wasted trip. I keep having challenges every time I try to do any deals listed.

  • Barb

    Well it worked for me at Target. The special Up combo with the Journal was priced at 19.99 they just got them. And they did match Best Buy on Monsters Inc at 18.99. No need on the Up price since Target was lower than Best Buy here. I did take the ad with me. With all three coupons my final price with tax was 11.89 for both 4 pack Blu Ray combos. thank you for posting the links.
    PS Target had to hunt down the Monsters Inc Blu Ray in the storeroom as it was NOT on the shelves. A good manager went back to the storeroom to find it.

  • Jaime

    Out of 3 Targets in my area, only one was carrying the Monsters, Inc. Blu-Ray combo. The UP combo was listed on the shelf (the one with the journal) at $25.99, but I checked the price scanner, and it came up $19.99. The first store I visited didn’t have the Monsters, Inc. but the clerk was nice enough to call the other 2 stores to see who had both (I explained to a teenager my coupons, and he seemed pretty impressed). Store #3 had both, and they held them for me until I got there. I was able to price match with the Best Buy ad the Monsters, Inc. at $18.99. With both ManQs, and the $10/2 Target Web coupon, I paid $11.24 for both! There is also a ManQ on the Monsters, Inc. pack, and I asked customer service if I could use that one also. He was more than happy to check, but the register would not allow (as I suspected) me to use that one also. Great Christmas gifts for lots of family members this year!

  • Jeff

    Anybody else having trouble printing the $5 Birds Eye Voila Meals rebate form from Voila’s website? I can’t seem to print it.

    • Jeff, I just pulled the rebate form with no problem on my computer. I wonder what software your computer may be missing. I also used FF if that helps.


  • Momma Bear

    Cannot find the Viola Coupons! What zip can we use?

  • Tami R.

    My Target had “UP” on sale DVD/BluRay combo pack for $19.99 (cheaper than advertised). Got to use the $10 off coupon making it $9.99. Now I just have to do the rebates and this thing will be free, or close to it.

  • Molly

    All three of these rebates have the same basic address. Just a different box. Will this be a problem?

    • Hi Molly,

      It shouldn’t. What happens is that there are companies that their business is to process rebates for other companies. That;s why similar address.


  • Molly

    Thanks so much Mercedes, I figured as much but then got all scared and was like oh no what did I do!!!
    I ended up getting just the Up blue-ray/DVD journal combo for $19.99, minus $10 coupon. And the 2 $5 rebates. Makes this free!!!! They were out of monsters inc. but that’s ok, my dh and I didn’t like it that much anyways. Thanks again.