Printable Coupons: EPT, General Mills Cereals, Juicy Juice and More


The printable coupon for $5 off any E.P.T product is available again.  E.P.T products sell at Walmart starting at $5.99.  This coupon hit print limit very fast last time so don’t delay in printing it if you think you will need it.  Thanks for the Mommas!

Here are other hot printables:

Save $1/1 any size box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms or Trix (IE Link) (FF Link) Thanks Utah Deal Diva!

Save $1 off two Wonka Candy Canes

Buy two get one free Luna Bar

Save $1 off two Juicy Juice products

Save $1 off any Buddig original tub

Happy Savings!

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  • Rose

    Why is it when I try to print some coupons that it tells me I need to install the coupon printer? I’ve been printing coupons for a long time, but sometimes I still get this message. I reinstall, but it just keeps telling me that every time I go back to print the coupon again. I’m having problems with the E.P.T. one in this case. So disgusting…

    • mandy

      It’s not just you…mine is doing it too! So frustrating!

      • Shannon

        I keep getting this too, and it keeps going BACK to that part, and won’t print the coupon. Keeps making me reinstall…

  • Lorianne

    Something must be wrong with the link!

  • Hi Guys,

    I just printed the coupon to test it and it printed fine for me. I would suggest using firefox as a web browser if you are using internet explorer and viceversa.


  • Melanie

    If you are using IE, change the part in the coupon address where it says “=vs&o=” to “=vi&o”. That will get it to print off!

    • Shannon

      Thank you! That worked for me too!

  • melissa

    Thank you so much! I too was having the trouble printing in IE but your solution worked for me! I can’t wait to buy some cheap pregnancy tests that usually cost sooo much more!

  • Rose

    Ah! Thankyou so much! That worked for me too! Is this the case every time I have this problem with any coupons? I’ll have to remember this. Thankyou so much again!

  • Shannon

    Had to come back and say thank you again, and tell you that Walmart has them on sale for 5.43 right now, so really your getting them for 43 Cents!! Great deal!

  • Christyne

    Thanks Melanie Says:
    December 11th, 2009 at 9:34 AM
    If you are using IE, change the part in the coupon address where it says “=vs&o=” to “=vi&o”. That will get it to print off!

    This worked for me, hopefully it will be positive tomorrow morning! woot woot lol. If not, I’ll test again on the 1st. Wish me luck ladies!