Printable Coupons: Estancia, Robert Mondavi and Blackstone Wines


Update:  It seems these coupons are only good to use in the following states:  NY, GA, MA, MI, OH, IL, WA.

Wow! Never thought I would see this, but right now you can print coupons for the following wines on Red Plum:

$1.50 off one Bottle Estancia Wine

$1.50 off one Bottle Blackstone Wine

$1.50 off one Bottle Robert Mondavi Wine

While I don’t want you to think I am encouraging drinking, if you were planning on bringing wine as a hostess gift to a Holiday gathering, you might as well some money while buying it. I also think that these wines are very reasonably priced to begin with. Either way, Happy Savings!

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  • gamergf

    The Mondavi wine coupons stacked with the $5 rebate would come to $8 off for 2 bottles.

    Unfortunately, I’m a resident of Connecticut, and for reasons beyond me we still have really strict liquor laws (closed on Sundays and nothing after 9pm unless you are a restaurant or bar. Although they do sell beer and wine coolers in supermarkets, which I always found contradictory and amusing).

    I live right on the border of Massachusetts, so I hope that I can still use these in Mass. even though I’m a resident of CT.

    I DID get the rebate form in this past Sunday’s redplum, so it’s not like I’m not allowed to get the rebate. If CT were truly excluded from all alcohol compensation, then it wouldn’t be sent to our state.

    Then again, I’ve no idea how these things work. Could I still use the Mondavi coupons even in CT or would I have to go to Mass?

  • gamergf

    Sorry for the double post, but I re-read the fine print: It doesn’t mention that CT residents are eligible. Only NY, GA, MA, MI, OH, IL, WA.

    Then they the heck would they send someone who was *wasn’t* eligible and tease us like that? I was looking forward to getting decent wine at such a bargain.

    Silly redplum.


  • Andrea

    I love wine coupons. Wine tags, rebates, etc… I’ve gotten free noodles, pasta sauces, bread, meat, fish, cheese, produce, even chocolate by planning my usage properly!

    And it’s nice to see coupons like this – wines are another cheapo purchase around the holiday times, so you might as well take advantage! 🙂 Thanks Mercedes!

  • A.

    Which zip codes are you using to get the coupons? All that comes up for me is a $5 rebate.

  • Jen

    FYI – I’m a New York State resident and my local liquor store, a fairly large chain I might add, would not accept the coupons. The managaer said these coupons are good in supermarkets only, but NYS doesn’t sell wine in supermarkets; yet the coupon is supposed to be good in NY! Makes no sense! Going to try another liquor store this weekend.