Printable Coupons: Huggies Diapers

huggiespurenatural has again Huggies printable coupons available:

$1.50 off any Huggies diaper pack and

$3 off Huggies Pure and Natural

Also, I noticed that the website has not one but TWO coupons available for Welch’s Juice.  Now we just need a good sale to go with these.  Do you know of any good deals?

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  • Laura

    Just a heads up: Walgreens is marking old packages of Huggies diapers on clearance. These are the packs with 3 more diapers than the new packs (the same packs that were originally listed on the Caregivers Marketplace rebate form). I bought two Size 1 packs and one Size 6 packs for $2.74 each – and that was without coupons! I’ve seen this at 2 out of 3 Walgreens in my area – the last one hasn’t marked them down yet.