Printable Coupons: Jimmy Deans, Morning Star, Rayovac and More

jimmy dean sausage

Become a fan of Jimmy Dean on Facebook and you will have access to print a coupon for $1 off any Jimmy Dean Product.  Ths offer is available while supplies last.  Thanks KC Penny Pinching Mama.

Here are some more printable coupons:

Save $3 off Rayovac Batteries (4-8 ct) when you become a Fan of Rayovac on Facebook

Save $1 off Morningstar Products (IE Link) (FF Link)

Save $1 off Chinet Crystal Cups or Plates (IE Link) (FF Link)

Save $1 off Sara Lee Frozen desserts. Thanks Free Snatcher!

You can access the following coupons for Gold N plump chicken here:

Save $1.00 On Deli Fresh Rotisserie Chicken

Save $0.55 on any (1) Package of Gold’N  Plump® Recipe Ready™ Ground Chicken

Thanks Karen!

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  • Amy

    I don’t understand. I became a fan of Jimmy Dean and they sent me a confirmation number on an email and that’s it. What do I do with that? Thanks, Amy

    • Amy,

      Click on the coupon tab again and the follow the steps and then click on this:

      If you’ve already registered or you’d like to confirm your confirmation code, please click here!

      then enter the confirmation code to get your coupon.


      • Amy

        The tab is gone.

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  • doug

    why are coupons moving to facebook? Does it improve someone’s profit?

    • Hi Doug,

      I don’t think coupons are moving to Facebook. I think companies are trying to establish a presence in social media and the fastest way to get a lof of fans or followers is by issuing promotions like free coupons and such.


  • Veronica

    I’ve been wondering the same as Doug. I understand people have different likes, dislikes & needs… but I truly fail to see the “need” in Facebook. Modern day Peeping Toms is what Facebook has created, in my humble opinion, whether it be your neighbor, classmate or corporate giant. I recommend every parent has Spector Pro software installed on their computer to monitor the activities of their youth.

  • hippychick

    Why can’t they offer to join facebook or go to there website and join.

  • Lynette

    Amy, same thing happened to me. 🙁
    Unable to print eventhough I entered the code I received through an e-mail.

  • jaded1fl

    I received the confirmation code – i copied and pasted and pop up said I had the wrong confirmation code. I tried 2 more times…..not sure why…any clues…anyone else?

  • Pam

    I just did this and had no problem. The Wal-Mart’s in Fort Worth, Tx do not accept any printed coupons from the internet. Albertson’s has the Jimmy Dean sausage on sale 2 for $4.00, so it makes them the same price that Wal-Mart has.

  • Veronica

    Pick n Save catalina for $1 off 1 Jimmy Dean Sausage printed today. Whew, avoided making myself a fan of another company!

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