New Printable Coupons: Johnsons Baby Product, Jif, Smuckers and More


There’s a fresh new coupon available on Red $1 off one Johnson Baby Product.  Use this coupon at Target or Walmart to get the J&J Buddies Soap bars for free.

There are also other new printable food coupons available:

Save $1 off when you buy one Jiff Peanut Butter and Smuckers Fruit Spread (Pay $3 for two after coupon at Walgreens this week)

Save $1 off Johnson’s Body Care

Save $2 off Bengay product (except trial size)

Save $1.50 off Pond’s Clenasing Towelettes 30ct

Click here to print these coupons.  Happy Savings!

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  • sharon

    I tried using the J&J coupon on the Buddies soap at my Target today and they wouldn’t accept it – – explanation they gave was that it wasn’t one of the pictured items.

    • Lucy

      The same thing happened to me about a week ago. First they said it wasn’t a baby product at the register so I told her to remove it from the order. Next, I got to the car and saw that it was still in my bag and I was charged for it. I went to customer service and asked them to remove it and I asked why they wouldn’t accept my coupon at the register. The lady said it wasn’t a baby product – then they couldn’t accept a $1.00 coupon on a 97 cent product – then it was you should stick to the products shown on the coupon. I said “the coupon languaging reads as $1.00 off ANY Johnson and Johnson Baby product.” She said – “you I should take it up with Johnson and Johnson.” I was polite and said well I just need to know so the next time I come in I’m not making a fool of myself – Thanks for your help.”

      Ok so it’s in the baby section???????

      • shelbie

        Hi, I read your post and the same thing happended to me but i didn’t take no for an answer. #1. You can’t go by what’s on the picture b/c the space isn’t large enough to display ALL of the Johnson’s baby products. #2. The coupon is for $1 off. Its not our fault Target priced it at 97 cents. I asked to talk to a manager today and the manager glady told the check out girl, “Just put in the register as a target coupon for 97 cents.”

        Same story for my friend at a DIFFERENT target yesterday.

        TALK TO THE MANAGER – – they will know that you cant just “go by the photo” that’s so ridiculous! This weekend I had a coupon for “buy a vicks product get a puffs with Vicks tissue for free”. I was purchasing TWO “puffs with vicks” tissues. I wanted to buy the Puffs and with Vicks and then get another one fore free. A PICTURE of the tissue box was displayed on the coupon and the clerk said, “i’m pretty sure that the coupon means you buy a VICKS product, like vapor rub for example, and you’d get these puffs with vicks for free.” It was confusing bc there was a PICTURE of Puffs tissues on the coupons. She was right, but b/c it was ambiguous, she just gave me the free box of puffs for free anyway when I purchased a puffs with vicks instead of a VICKS product. Also, my opinion – the two companies are working together – if it’s a PUFFS product with Vicks then it is also being marketed as a VICKS product with puffs, so i was able to tell the clerk that perhaps the box of puffs with vicks was “A VICKS PRODUCT” – thus validating the coupon. Good Luck with the Johnson though b/c you deserve that one!

        • pennyscents

          I did buy one of the Johnson’s buddies soaps yesterday with the $1 off Johnson’s baby MC from the paper. Thankfully, they are priced at $1.02 at the Target by me(men falls), so it doesn’t beep at all.

          • Yes, that’s the good thing about higher prices at my Target too. these are also $1.02 at mine. the same with the trial size band aids so beep free!
            Yes, even I hate beeps at the register 🙂

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  • pennyscents

    When I went to print the J&J coupon I got an error message that said the coupon would not print because it was expired. I still have the ones from this weekends paper. I will just use those. Just thought I would let you know.

    I have bought the buddies soaps many times before with the Johnson’s baby coupons, and have not had a problem. They are a no slip bar of soap that you can use on babies. I don’t know why they wouldn’t be pictured or why they wouldn’t let you use it.

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  • Shannon

    what zip code are you in to get this coupon?

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  • Sheila

    The Johnson Baby Product and the Smucker/Jiff cpn both wouldn’t print because they were “expired”????

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  • Linda Reilly

    Keep your eye on Puffs lately. We always buy the 3-pack of the largest boxes. They were 230 sheets, then quietly went to 216 sheets, now they are 200 sheets; all for the same price. I don’t like this. It seems sneaky and underhanded like we won’t notice the difference.
    Anyone else notice this?