Printable Coupons: Palmolive Dish Soap, Eagle Brand, New York Bagel Crisps and More

If you love Palmolive dish soap I have an awesome coupon for you: Save $1 off one Palmolive Ultra Dish Liquid (20oz or more).  This should make for a good deal on this soap.

Here are more printable coupons available:

$1/1 New York Bagel Crisps (look for a buy one get one free sale to go with this coupon)

$0.55/1 Eagle Band Condensed milk

$1/1 McCormick spice,  herb, extract or food coloring (refresh the page until you see the Mccormick ad for the coupon)

UPDATED! Please follow these instructions from Stephanie from printable Coupons and Deals on how to get this coupon:

This is a one time use coupon from a banner ad. There are several different McCormick Banners and one contains a link for $1 off. It shows up on the right and at the top of the page. Try searching for Bunny Cupcakes. You will need to let the banner fully load to see the coupon.
The little bunny cupcake will start hopping toward you.
Let me know if you are able to find it searching for bunny cupcakes. That seems to work for me.

Thanks Printable Coupons and Deals!

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  • Stephanie

    The McCormick link sends me to My Recipes page.

    • Mercedes

      sorry, I forgot to say that you need to refresh the page until you see the mccormick ad for the coupon.


  • Sonjia

    Mercedes, are you having server issues? Several times in the past fews days your site has been unreachable, and I would have chalked it up to a poor wireless connection, but other sites have opened for me without an issue.

    You may already be aware of this, but I wanted to let you know.

    • Mercedes


      I have been :-(
      But I am working to get this issue resolved once and for all in the next couple of days..


      • Sonjia

        Good luck. I’ve been there myself and it’s super annoying. I’m sure you’ll have all the kinks worked out in a few days.

  • Teresa

    Okay, “UNCLE”! I understand that I have to refresh the page for the McCormick coupon, but where on the webpage am I looking exactly? TIA

  • K

    I too just ‘refreshed’ my lil heart and and saw no McCormicks ad…only Tide.

  • K

    I too just ‘refreshed’ my lil heart out and and saw no McCormicks ad…only Tide.

  • Matt

    I can see the ad every few refreshes, but no coupon at all.

  • Mercedes

    OK guys, I just added more specific instructions. Hope that helps,


  • Sue

    I don’t get anything but the 2 tide banners. No cupcakes or coupon for me!

  • Jessica-MomForHim

    I tried refreshing and tried searching for bunny cupcakes, but no luck. Then I searched for “cupcakes” and the McCormick ad she described came up (with the bunny hopping), but no link to a coupon. I’m guessing it’s gone already?

  • Amber

    I searched my little heart out looking for the McCormick coupon and never even saw an ad for it :( Oh well…

  • Lydia

    Worked like a charm for me! I searched for bunny cupcakes, let the ad finish and sure enough, there was a link for the coupon. Thanks!

  • Sue

    Oh my! Whoever said search for Bunny Cupcakes was right! I searched, waited for the ad to finish and there it was…on the right of my screen, not at the top! Thank you!

  • K

    LOL at the description. I really wanted to see the lil bunny cupcake hop towards me but nada. Just I CANT BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER and SAFEWAY and COOLWHIP. Maybe I will check again tomorrow and see what is on their ad rotation. It is a bit of a pain for me because I have to undo the adblock and undo the flashblock to even see any of these ads. I could go over from FF to IE but then I would have to grab the print url and then go back to Firefox to print. My zip code at never seems to get the McCormick coupons so I was hoping to snag this one. Thanks again.

  • Geri

    I clicked through on the link by the Palmolive dish soap and it just took me to the Colgate web site. Where am I supposed to click for the coupon? Confusing and a bit annoying.

  • Gina

    I have tried finding coupons for produts for days now and to no success and its not that I dont try hard. Impossible for me to find anything.l