Problems Printing Today?

Hey! I have heard from plenty of you today, that you are having problems printing from I am not tech support, but I can share what usually does it for me: it’s just to switch web browsers. If you are using Internet explorer and can’t print, then switch to Firefox or Google Chrome or Safari.

I also now that some of you on Macs sometimes have problems printing. also has a Troubleshooting Center you may want to use to get specific answers to your coupon printing issues.

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  • Tonya

    I have tried both internet explorer & google chrome to print coupons from & I am still not having any luck…. 🙁

  • Anna

    My issues have been resolved now– I also found on (90210) .55 off Pillsbury frosting, brownie or cookie mix and 1.00 off 4 Martha White baking mixes (.88 at Wal Mart) only one print though which I thought weird….

  • No problems here….but, a question: if you print from one browser then switch to another, can you print again from a different browser?

  • Laura reported on their FB page that they are having issues with their site and are working to fix the problem.

    • garyb

      good to know…thought it was my IE browser but seems like its a problem with I did use Firefox and it worked.

  • Kris

    no probs with, but does anyone have a fix for smartsource coupons? It prints to large, the mailing address, expiration date are cut off and sometimes the bar code. I’ve tried using it, but it won’t scan and the cashier won’t accept it.

  • Jenifer

    I had a horrible time yesterday with I was able to print a few by switching browsers, then still had problems. I ended up having to print from one page at a time–I would pick three from the page and print, then move to the next page. Couldn’t print more than three at a time and no more than 1 page at a time. Occasionally I printed just one coupon at a time–waste of paper, but at least they printed that way!

  • LeighP

    I have never had problems printing before but the past month I have been unable to print from on my Mac using safari or firefox. I keep receiving a message saying I need to install their software. I have tried repeatedly to reinstall the software and so has the tech guy from the office and he says the problem is on side. Odd when I never uninstalled it in the first place and printed coupons easily up until a month ago. I have called and emailed them and I haven’t received any response. So frustrating.