PSA for The Company Store Shoppers

If you took advantage of the deal I shared with you yesterday for the $20 off at The Company store I have two things to let you know:

1)  The offer is no longer available

2)  Please check how much you have been charged for your order.  It seems people are reporting being overcharged.  So please check your account statement and call the Company Store if you see an overcharge.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

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  • Catherine

    I just checked my order status on their website. My jute rug shipped today, and the total is still shown as $5.95, although the charge hasn’t posted to my credit card account yet. I’ll keep an eye on it – thank you for the heads up!

    • Catherine

      I wanted to post an update – my credit card was finally charged for $5.95, the amount shown on my sales confirmation, and my rug is en route per the tracking number they provided.

      How my order went through correctly and so many others did not is beyond me. I guess I was just lucky! I’ll tell you one thing, though – from the horror stories I’ve read online as to how they’ve handled this fiasco, I will never do business with them again.

    • Catherine

      One more follow-up. I received my rug today – sooner than I’d anticipated – and was only charged the $5.95 shown on my original order confirmation. All I can think is that my order must’ve been one of the first ones that came in, and somehow slipped through the cracks when they were doing damage control and canceling orders.

      I do think that it’s unrealistic for them – or indeed any company – to expect that a promotional code this good will not go viral. As another commenter noted, don’t they use the internet? This seems to happen again and again, and particularly when handled badly, as in this case, it leaves people with such a negative impression of the company.

  • Tara

    My order status said ” in process” but was reflecting a different total than my order confirmation. I called and they told me the order had been canceled due to the code going “viral.” Then they called my cell phone back and said they would be honoring my order. Huh?

    • Well, that’s good news in the end though. I am glad.


      • Tara

        Got a shipping confirmation email today without the $10 promotional discount!! I called them back and she said I could send the order back and I would be refunded the entire amount including shipment. I’ll believe when I see with these guys. This is very bad business!! If they were rescinding the offer, fine. But make sure your employees know what kind of information to give out to “customers”.

        • Tara

          I meant $20 not 10.

  • Ci

    My order is now showing as customer cancelled.

    • Ci

      A rep emailed me back and tried to say they were not able to verify my card. So not true, they never tried.

  • Carolyn

    Ordered the bamboo bath mat $19.99 last night. I just checked my card account and a charge of $5.95 posted which was for shipping so I’m good – Thanks for the heads up and a really good deal 🙂

    • Carolyn

      Update: Received shipping notice on bamboo tub mat for $5.95. Actually received bamboo tub mat and was only charged $5.95. The mat was on sale for $19.99 but wasn’t on clearance so I don’t know if that had anything to do with.

  • I just got off the phone with the store, and both my orders are cancelled….they said it wasn’t their code, and that they were calling everyone, I called because my account was charged more than what was verified….they told me it would be more money and I told them to forget it, too bad, I was really looking forward to those items. Normally custumer service with their company is great, horrible experience this time.

    They did tell me that everyone else will have to pay the difference if they continue with their orders.

    Good luck to all that ordered~


  • Tammi

    I had an order where it was a zero total and it is still showing in process. (nothing was charged to my card either) So we’ll see if it gets cancelled!

  • Christina

    Thanks for the heads up Mercedes… just had to cancel my order as well. They weren’t willing to work with me on it. Boo!

  • Andrea

    I get that mistakes get made, esp with these codes. What really irked me about this company is that when I called yesterday (when I first noticed I was billed the wrong amount), the lady told me that you get billed for the amount before coupons, but that when the item shipped you would really only be billed for the correct amount. Today was a whole different story- I was charged the higher amount b/c the items that made the code work were no longer available so I was being charged full price!!! Ummm what the heck? No way they are authorized to do that crud! 🙁

  • Rei

    It’s such a mess! My CC was overcharged too and they already shipped the package. I can’t image it’s legal to charge me more without my prior consent?!

  • Lexy

    Ugggh! Just got off the phone with them for the SECOND TIME.
    I spoke with a very polite customer service representative who refunded my money back, and all I have to do is refuse the order when it comes through.
    Was very upset to see I was charged extra than I had approved for, but LIVID when I saw an additional charge for $15.00 (which she insisted would drop off after tonight).

    Although very polite, she insisted that the code went viral, and that they had tried calling everyone back to let them know the code wouldn’t go through, 10% of the ones whose used the code were not contacted. (Although I believe that’s a really low estimate) and furthermore to not use any codes from “bloggers” and to only use legitimate codes from their website or e-mails they send, to which I said was a COP OUT because if it was not one of their codes they wanted to be used on clearance items, they should not let it have gone through the first time.

    Oh well 🙁 I hope they realize how much people get great info from bloggers like you Mercedes, and it would have been a great marketing tool for them. Unfortunately I will not be buying anything from them in the future as I do believe it is fair or just to charge someone on their credit card more than what was approved for, and I will be passing on this message to everyone, which in the end, is costing them more than my refused $25 shipment!!

  • Lexy

    *not fair or just

  • tammie

    My entire order was cancelled last night.

  • Valrie

    3 of my 4 items were no longer available. and they removed those 3 but shipped the 4th. Though the status on their weibsite still shows in process, the customers rep told me it has been shipped and I am being charged 11.54 instead of 5.98. She told me that I just need to return the package and I will be getting full refund. hopefuly that’s true..

    • Rei

      You might want to be cautious…I read on another forum that they will issue you a full refund LESS the shipping fee of $5.95 that it cost to ship the item to you. Supposedly, it’s the return shipping that will be free.

  • Melissa

    My whole order was cancelled as well. I am still surprised that companies are shocked when a good deal gets around…don’t they use the internet? 🙂

  • pennyscents

    I am really disappointed with this offer too. I ordered two of the girls shirts from the sale of the day items, one pair of girls shorts from the sale of the day item, and also a boys shirt. I really wanted that pink shirt that I ordered too. My daughter has a pair of capris that shirt would have went with perfectly. My total for everything was $13.56, which of course was a really good deal for 4 items. I then got an e-mail saying that the girls shorts, and shirts are no longer available. I sent them an e-mail asking how much I would be charged for the boys shirt then??? They did not respond, but I received my ship confirmation today. My boys shirt is shipping to me. The charge for the shirt is only .51 cents, but with shipping my total came to $6.82. I guess that is not a bad price for a shirt. It is probably more than I would pay normally, though. As I do mostly clearance & consignment sale shopping. I wouldn’t mind paying $5.95 for S & H for a few items, instead of just the one thing that I am now getting because they ran out of stock. I did call and ask if I could at least pick out different items than the girls clothes as long as what I picked out had the same monetary value. I was told that I would not be able to do that either. I too was told that the code went viral, and that they had so many orders (100’s) go through so fast that they were not able to correct the problem right away. She did say that some of the orders even shipped without catching the problem too, so some people will still get their orders. She also said that the terms and conditions of the code said that it could not be used on clearance merchandise, which is what I bought. I guess I do understand the company’s position of shutting this down. Several people were able to get things for free, or very cheap through this offer. As we saw on this site. I thought I did too. If 100’s of people were placing an order where they were getting things for very cheap, or free the company is going to lose a lot of money. I wouldn’t want to see that happen to any company. I do think that it is complete BS that some people are being charged more on their credit cards. I have not seen my charges yet. I sure hope I don’t run into that problem.

  • Veronica

    Received email my order has been shipped.. the amount now showing is $10.50 more than original order confirmation. I called. Got the story about “viral”, but additional statements were given about it “not being their code. came from somewhere else. those aren’t their terms and conditions”. My belief is that all you need to do is take it up with your credit card company… as long as you have the order confirmation page showing the original amount, a vendor cannot just change that amount without recourse. Also, another option is the Consumer Protection Agency. I had a problem years ago with a company not paying out a large rebate amount and it was received very quickly once I called the Consumer Prot. Agency and filed the paperwork. Based on this business’s thinking, none of us could ever google a discount code and use it. That does not make sense…. every time I ever order from a company I look for a discount code before placing my order…. if the code is accepted at check-out, it is a valid code and I’ve NEVER had a company come back and say otherwise. It is not our fault if they underestimated the sales activity that code would promote….

  • Hilary

    OK, this is the first I heard of the problems, so perhaps it’s my fault for following along. But…in my original order e-mail, I was to pay $7.91 for two girls shirts and shorts. Now, this morning, I receive an shipping e-mail stating the total I am being charged is $17.93. I guess I’ll call this morning, but I’m sure I’ll receive the same line everyone else did. It’s still a good price for two complete outfits, but still…

  • NMK

    Update- I received an invoice for my cancelled order.

    Backstory.. When my order was to be a total of $5.95 and I was charged $21, I contacted my credit card company (after trying to have this addressed with The Company Store to no avail). They adjusted my total to what it should be; what I authorized and was originally charged when the order was made.

    Today’s invoice was charging me for the unauthorized additional amount which I had taken off the payment. Has anybody else received an invoice yet? I’d imagine they’re coming:( LOL

    And, what opinions do you have for how I should address this after the fact invoice with the company?