Quilted Northern Ultra Plush 48 Double Rolls for $25.59 Shipped (27¢ per single roll)

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B007UZNS5W” alt=”Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, Double Rolls, 48 Count” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61x8FfsSVkL.jpg” align=”center” width=”233″ height=”250″]

Right now on Amazon you can get Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, Double Rolls, 48 Count for $25.59 with subscribe and save.  These are double rolls at 53 cents each so that makes each single roll 27 cents.  These ship free with Amazon Prime or with Amazon Super Saver shipping with a $25 order.  That’s still a good buy price for toilet paper for me.

Please note that Amazon prices can change without warning and is only availalbe while supplies last.

When you use subscribe and save, you are signing up for auto-deliveries on these products at the interval you select. However, if after you receive your order you decide not to continue with scheduled deliveries, you can cancel your Amazon Subscriptions at any time by going to your Amazon account and clicking on “Manage Subscribe and Save Items”.

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  • Laura

    I just bought 36 Jumbo Rolls at Sams club. Each roll has 275 sheets which = 9900 sheets of toilet paper for $18.48. This deal is for 176 sheets per roll at 48 rolls = 8448 sheets of toilet paper for $26.94. Which is 0.0031 a sheet versus or 0.0018 per sheet. I always look at the price per sheet. Granted this is shipped. Just thought I would point it out that Sams has a better everyday price for those who have a Sams Club near by.

    • Sandy

      Did you include that taxes on the price of your toilet paper buy??

      • Sandy,
        Since taxes vaery by state I do not include them. Plus you have no way to get out of them. For example, where I live there are no sales taxes. But I have lived in states with sales taxes as well.


  • Sandy

    I just bought Cottonelle ‘Ultra” Toilet Paper 12 double rolls at Krogers on their 10 item for $5 off

    at Reg Sale-$6.49 / 10 item for $5 off -$5.99

    with $1 off coupon it would be .00236 per sheet

    Yes Laura’s Deal is a very good deal (Laura, I like the way you figure your deal, by the sheet !!)

    Plus You eliminate the aggravation of Kroger’s 10 item for $5 off deal. Kroger does not ever give a Full List of 10 item for $5. It cost you more in time than saving $5.

    • Laura

      Thanks! I just think double verse jumbo can throw people so I just figure it by the sheet to make it easier to decide. 🙂

  • Sandy

    I wonder how long it would take to pay for a Bidet if you were eliminating the use of toilet paper?

    It would be less waste of paper and earth friendly for treehuggers and everyone else.
    It you have a septic tank, I would say that it would be better on the septic tank.
    Just think how many trees it would save.

    Just putting the options out there, food for thought!!