Rainbow/Pick N Save Shoppers: Dove Coupons Alert!


If you live near a Rainbow Foods or Pick N Save store, and already got your ad in the mail you may have noticed the following in-ad manufacturer coupons:

Get a free dove body wash when you buy any 2 dove beauty bars
Get a free dove styling aid when you buy any 2 dove shampoo or conditioner products
Get free razor when you buy any 2 dove deodorants.

Here’s an idea on how you can make these coupons work for you for a super deal at Walgreens with the Dove Register rewards going on:

$18 when you buy two Dove Hair Stylers and mix of four Shampoo and/or conditioner
$4.48 when you buy two Dove deodorants
$4.99 one any disposable/cheap razor
-$6 when you use two free hair styler coupons from grocery ad
-$4 when you use four $1/1 Dove hair care product coupons from 10/4 RP insert or printables
-$4.99 when you use free razor coupon from grocery ad
-$2 when you use two $1/1 dove deodorant coupons from 10/4 RP insert or printables
= $10.48 plus tax out of pocket and get a $10 RR back.

That’s less than $1 for four full size hair products and two deodorants plus the razor.  That’pretty good!

Happy Savings!

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  • Melissa

    So, will Walgreens accept a manufacturer’s coupon that has another store name on it? My local Fred Meyer ad has the Dove deodorant for 1.99 after using an in-store manufacturer’s coupon worth 2.00. Could I take the Fred Meyer 2.00 manufacturer’s coupon and use it at Walgreens? If so, that would be an amazing deal on deodorant!

    • Melissa,

      As long as it is a manufacturer coupon and it doesn’t state that it can only be used at a certain store, Walgreens should accept it. However as with most things it would depend on how obtuse your cashier is.


  • Erin

    The degree coupon for $1 off any degree, I used at Target to get the trial size degree for free.

  • joleen

    The coupon for the razor states up to 3.oo. The better option would be to buy the fuzion razor for 8.99, use the 3.00 off coupon and then get back a 6RR Razor would be free and get a 6RR. I will buy 4 shampoo and conditioners 2 deo. and with Coupons from Pick and Save get 2 hair products and a razor free. Then get back a 10, and 6 RR.

  • Molly

    This was sooo awesome, every coupon I used went right through, and that rarely if ever happens. So this is what I did,
    2 Dove Shampoos–$6
    2 Dove conditioners–$6
    2 Dove styling products–6
    2 Dove deodorants-$6.72
    Bic Disposable Shavers– $3.99
    -$2 for Dove Shampoo
    -$3 for Dove Cond. ($1.50 mq)
    -$7 for Free Dove Styling product
    -$3 for Free Razor
    -$2 for Dove Deodorant
    -$2 for Bic Razor
    Equals= 9.71
    $10RR for Dove Deal and $1RR for Bic Razor!!!!

    It was so awesome!!!!!Going to try and do it again, and the best part about this, none of the coupon beeped, all went through awesomely!!!!

    • That’s awesome Molly!! It makes me very happy to hear you had success with this deal.


  • Martha

    Help me understand (I’m new) how do you use the RR on the current transaction? Don’t you need to use it on the next transaction?

  • Louise

    I can’t find any coupons to print for deodorants & when I went to Walgreens today they are over $4.00 each… also, the Pick n Save coupon for FREE body wash w/ the purchase of 2 6 pack dove bars, which are almost $6.00 each! So I buy $12.00 worth of soap to get a FREE body wash…
    Not much of a deal for me… anyone know HOW I can get deodorant coupons or something more than $1.00 for haircare?

  • kim

    I am not sure how you used a $2 bic q along with the ‘get free razor when ‘. A) it is wrong b) is should have beeped. I am doing the same trans today but will have to spend 12.71, get back 10 and 1. coolio!