Raising Canes: Free Box Combo


Sign up for Raising Cane’s Caniac Club and you will get a coupon for a free box combo.   You can find Raising Canes in 14 states now, WOW!!  Find location closest to you here.  (Thanks Erin!)

I am not sure I have mentioned this before but I lived in Louisiana (Baton Rouge to be exact) for almost seven years.  One thing, besides the warmer weather, I completely miss is the awesome food.  Raising Canes chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce were often dinner often my husband and I while in grad school at LSU.  I was really excited (yet nostalgic) to see this offer and since I know I have some readers from TX and LA, I didn’t want them to miss out on it.  I also lived in Houston and Houston has amazing food as well.  Hoping I get to visit the south again soon and get to enjoy some blackened tilapia with dirty rice or a Po’ Boy, finish it up with a beignet, yum!


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  • Andrea

    Yumm! Your LA readers thank you!!! 😀

  • Robin

    We just had these at the beginning of December in Columbus, OH!

  • Robin

    (We don’t live there – just visiting).

  • they have Cane’s in 14 states now to share the love 🙂

  • We’ve got’m here in Kentucky too! Thanks!

  • Anna in IL

    My husband did grad school at LSU, too, and we also miss Canes! And Sammy’s and Semolinas and… Oh, I remember why I gained 20 pounds while we lived there! 😀

  • melissa

    i had no idea you lived in BR. i love this blog. i went to LSU for undergrad and law school.

    fell in love with cane’s. i live about an hour west and, thankfully, there’s a cane’s here. =)

    • Melissa I am a 97 undergrad grad and then I went to Grad school from 1999 to 2003. But I spent most of my time in the CEBA building.


      • melissa

        i got my undergrad in 2000 – i had a business minor so spent a lot of time in CEBA also. i was at the law center from 2001-2004. i still used the CEBA computers to register for classes though =)

  • ZM

    Why would you ruin a perfectly perfect meal at Canes with honey mustard sauce???????? You are NOT living unless you get the special sauce, shame on you Mercedes 😛 You should treat your chicken right!

    • Lol! yes, that’s wht my husband told me everytime. I do have weird tastes I guess, lol! Don’t call PETA on me 🙂


  • Nicole

    Does the coupon get emailed to us after signing up? I’m on a computer that isn’t connected to a printer, and don’t want it to show up immediately and not be able to print it! Thanks! We loooove Canes!

    • once you sign up you will get an email with the coupon to print out.

  • Sara

    Thanks so much. I went to LSU when Cane’s first started, but now live in Mississippi and, thankfully, have one here now too. Love Canes!

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