*RARE* BOGO Free Potato Coupon

Klondike Rose potatoes

Hurry and print this coupon for BOGO Klondike Rose potatoes! It’s rare to see coupons for anything in the produce aisle, let alone one this good!

You’ll have to create an account before you print this coupon. The coupon entitles you to one FREE 5 lb. bag of Klondike Rose potatoes when you buy a 5 lb bag. These are under $4 at my local Walmart, so you should be able to snag them for less than $2 per bag.

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  • Dale Crawford

    I got nothing but the run around from Klondike website, wouldn’t let me sign in, wouldn’t send me new password. I don’t know if they have a problem with their site or if they just don’t want to give out coupons. If they were out of coupons, it would have much better PR to just say so.

    • Dale Crawford

      OK, 24 hrs. later the problem has resolved itself and I was finally able to print coupon.

      • Common Sense With Money

        That’s a pretty popular coupon right now. The website was most likely pretty swamped at the time.