Reader Deals and Tips: Benadryl RR Warning, John Frieda Money Back Guarantee and More

Here are some of the deals and tips you have recently shared with me via email or in the comments:

  • Danielle says regarding the register reward deal going on at Walgreens this week on allergy and cold products:  “Watch out on the Tylenol, Benadryl, Sudafed deal if you use the $5/2 coupon. I’ve heard it will conflict with you getting the RR as they are coded similarly. I have not tried it but I have read elsewhere that people have not been getting the RR
  • If you bought John Frieda products and are not happy with them, check out this tip shared by Sue: “Go to main John Frieda site. Check out the root awakenings promo. After trying 3 products for 1 week if not satisfied they will send coupons for 3 different full size products”
  • Lisette shares the following email she got from Marcal: “Thank you so much for contacting Marcal. We will be offering a special Earth Day coupon starting in 2 weeks that you will be able to download from our website

Note: if you already did the Benadryl/Sudafed deal you should still be able to get your $5 Register reward directly from the Catalina Company.  Call them at 1-888-8coupons and explain what happened.

Note 2:  I am looking for UPCs of Biore products you bought and got the $5 RR back.  Some of you have mentioned not getting the $5 RR when you buy tw Biore products.  It seems not all cleansers are included.  If you bought the products and got the RR please share the UPC so we can avoid not getting our RR.

Thank you so much for your email and comments. Keep ’em coming!

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  • Diana

    I didn’t get the $5RR this morning for the Sudafed deal because of the $5/2 coupon. The manager was great and pushed it through for me, though.

  • These are the 3 Biore items I’ve bought so far:

    Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (6 count) – 0 19100 03109
    Pore Unclogging Scrub (5 oz) -0 19100 03059
    Detoxify Daily Scrub (5 oz) – 0 19100 13255

    These were the only ones tagged at my store, but my store is notorious for not tagging things properly, so there may be other Biore products included.

  • Judy

    I did the deal this morning. The RR did not print, but it was my favorite cashier who loves coupons and deals. She immediately saw that the RR did not print and called the manager who issued a $5 Walgreens gift card. What a great experience to start the day! (P.S. They don’t always go like this! )

  • Meg

    The steam activated cleanser does not work (0 19100 14758).

  • Lisa

    Just about all the Biore were tagged for this deal at my store. I did three different transactions, but didn’t get the RR for any of them. So, the manager checked the tag. He scanned different combinations of products. Finally when he scanned JUST THE STRIPS (6 count), the RR printed. He went ahead and printed three for me because the tag specifies that the cleansers are included.

  • I didn’t get my RR for Benadry/Tylenol, and walked out without thinking about it. I just called the number above, and they (answering service) seemed surprised to hear from me, she said usually the store calls… but they’re going to call me back tomorrow. Hopefully it will get remedied.

  • I didn’t get the RR on my Benadryl this morning. First she thought it was because I’d bought Perfect Measures (no, they do qualify), then we looked at the RR I’d used to pay (no, all different companies), and then the manager came over and said it was because of the coupon. I was flabbergasted as I’ve never had a manufacturer’s coupon interfere with printing RR before. He wouldn’t even let me have the RR that printed when they did a fake transaction to confirm it really was the coupon that did it. 🙁 Maybe I’ll try the 800#, but I’m not too good with phone calls.

  • Thank you for posting this! I didn’t get the RR with the coupon this morning and I was so confused as to why. I see a phone call in my future tomorrow!

  • Dawn

    I purchased the 6ct strips (0 19100 03109) and scrub(0 19100 03059), used the BOGO fine, but the $2/2 peelie beeped. I cut my losses on that but got the $5 RR. Yeah! Then my next transaction, did the EXACT same items, no RR. What the? The silly mgr on duty said I must have gotten the first in error. She couldn’t take it back because my hand was clenched pretty tightly already 🙂
    Why would it print the first time, and not the second? And I was using the Dove RR from two weeks ago for both. Ahh the mystry of Wags…

  • Sarah

    Yeah, it’s being really weird. My cashier wouldn’t let me use the BOGO and the $1/1 on the Biore. She tried really hard to explain it to me but I just don’t believe her. So I just took my $1/1 back. Then the RR didn’t print! I bought 14 face/nose strips and the Pore Unclogging Scrub. The cashier tried to tell me it was because I’d paid with RR (not so!), so I went to the manager and he tried it again and finally just ended up giving me a $5 refund. On top of that, the cashier wouldn’t let me use more than one Stouffer’s coupon! What?! Sigh. Rough day at WAGS. At least the manager helped a little. Hopefully CVS and Target will be a little more forgiving this week.

  • Diana

    Maybe the $5RR didn’t work because you bought the larger (14 cut) box of Biore? I bought the 8 ct with the scrub and that worked for me and I did the deal twice. Just a thought.

  • themagicofcoupons

    I didn’t get the $5 rr for the Sudafed deal. Manager wouldn’t give me the $5rr that he manually got. He told me to come back tomorrow.

    • I went back to Walgreens to get my $5 rr for the Sudafed deal. The Manager said I could not get the one the asst manager had manually printed last night. The reason was since I used rr to pay for it no rr will come out. I got the $3 rr for the gel on the same transaction using the same rr. I let it go I was not in the mood for that today. Last week they had $5,000 worth of coupons when they closed out one register, you would think they should know the ends and out of coupons. Unless, its like one cashier told me they pretend they don’t know to discourage couponers.

  • Michelle

    I bought the 8 ct pore strips (nose strips) UPC# 0 19100 03108 1 and the revitalize 4-in-1 self foaming cleanser UPC# 0 19100 13254 2, used the BOGOF and received the $5 RR.

  • Michelle

    With so many of you having troubles with these RRs and the cashiers and managers, I just HAVE to leave the link to this clip of a Saturday Night Live skit from this weekend. The funny and applicable part is at about 1:15 in the video! Made me chuckle.