Reader Question: Buy It Diaper Prices

Reader Jaime left me the following question in the comments section of a post:

Mercedes, since you have a growing family (and new baby), what do you consider “buy it” prices for diapers?

Jaime I believe that there are a couple of scenarios to consider before establishing your own buy it price for diapers:

1) You do not have a stockpile of diapers and need the diapers ASAP.  When you have not built up a stockpile of diapers and are in need of diapers right now, your price to pay for diapers is a bit higher.  Angie at Baby Cheapskate who has been tracking diaper prices for a few years has determined her price to buy for diapers size 3 at $0.22 per diaper.  This is just a standard pricing she has established to be able to make comparisons among pack sizes.  This price roughly translate into paying a bit over $7 per pack.  I believe that’s a fair price to pay IF you do not have a diaper stockpile and need diapers ASAP.

2)  You would like to start building a stockpile and have time to build one, as in you are currently pregnant and have months until you need the diapers.  In this case you have the time to build up your stockpile and can work the diaper sales to your advantage.  In this case I think that paying a price of between $4-$5 per jumbo pack of diaper to build your stockpile is a pretty good deal.  Do these sales come around often?  yes, they do.  For example, right now you can get Pampers diapers for around this price at Rite Aid.  Next week you will be able to get Huggies at this price at Walgreens and some grocery stores have been running catalina promotions on Pampers products as well (Spend $20 get a $5 catalina back).  You just need to keep an eye for these sales and that’s why I am here for you.

A couple of things to remember about getting a good diaper bargain:

1)  The first thing to know is that brand loyalty goes out the window.  You buy the best deal available at the moment.  If you must remain brand loyal then also be willing to pay a bit more sometimes or rock every diaper deal for the brand of your preference.  This brings me to the next point.

2)  When the bargain deal is available you need to take advantage of it.  That means that you will probably have to have the resources to buy more than a couple of packs.  But at a bargain price you may spend on two packs what you would normally spend on one.  You need to have on hand more than one like manufacturer diaper coupon.  In this case turn to Coupon Clipping services to get multiples of the coupons you need.

I have been buying diapers at rock bottom prices for three years now.  What I am sharing is what I have experienced in that time period.  I am also sharing my experience in tracking the sales and sharing them on this blog.  But ultimately you need to determine what your rock bottom price is with the variables that apply to your  particular case.

So, those are my thoughts on buy it diaper prices.  How and where have you found you get the best diaper deals?

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  • Trey

    The best deal I have found was getting ahold of a small stack of $3 off Huggies manufacturer coupons at my pediatrician’s office. They were inside of a magazine in the lobby and they were tossing out the old issues so I cleaned out the coupons from the old issues. Combined with CVS and Publix store coupons and sale pricing, I have scored some amazing deals lately. Keep your eyes out when you take the little ones in for checkups. These coupons (not the magazine itself) were entirely Spanish language. $.20/diaper has been my rough guideline while we have been in size 3s.

    • This is so true! ALWAYS keep your eyes peeled for high value coupons at the pediatrician’s office.


  • Teresa Schilling

    I try to never pay more than $4.50 for a jumbo pack. I make sure to get all he coupons from my mother-in-law, and sister and wait for the best deal. Then I buy as much as they let me. I am having baby number 5 in 4 months and already have 10 size 1 packs and 5 size 2 packs ready. Plus I have a son in size 4-5, so I have at least 3 packs for him yet. I also have 10 packs of pull-ups for when he is ready. Most of these I got before Christmas when K-mart was doubling. I would go three times a week and have each kid have there own cart to checkout with. This maxamized the $50.00 sale and Huggies deals. I have picked up a few others when Target had a store coupon and I had a good manufacture one.

  • Delores

    Well, we don’t have a lot of the deals around where I live that others do. But, I pay pretty much $4.50 to $5.50 a jumbo pack. I have signed up for various rewards and baby programs so get great coupons mailed to me for Huggies and Luvs. Pampers are just about never that cheap even with the coupons, so I don’t get them. Fine with me. I am thinking it is time to start looking out for pull-ups as well and stockpiling them. It is hard to get a stockpile, but one good sale and then it is a lot easier to maintain it.

  • Chriscia C.

    I have found Rite Aid is the best place to stock up. I generally combine diapers with FAR items to be able to use the $5/25 coupon. In my mind this is taking an extra $5 off each pack. Combine this with Manus and VV coupons for a great deal.

  • Nicole

    I am stockpiling now for my sister (baby due in April) and I have never paid more than 4.50 for a jumbo pack,I have 10 packs already. I usually get them at target/walgreens where I can combine the coupons.

  • JMo

    I have a related question … I am new to couponing (a NY resolution). In last week’s (1/10) coupons there was a $7 off Pampers w/ the purchase of Pampers wipes. I cut it out b/c $7 off diapers and wipies seemed like a good deal. But none of the coupon/savings blogs have mentioned this coupon. Is it not a good deal?

    Love your site … I am learning so much!!

    • JMo,

      That is a very nice value coupon, however it is good for the big boxes which can sometimes be not as economical. The pressing issue here is to always compare diaper prices per unit. If you can get a better deal using that target coupon plus a manufacturer coupon and buying that big box than buying a smaller pack with only a manufacturer coupon then take advantage of that deal.

      The takeaway from all of this is to always calculate per diaper price.


  • Nicole

    Also Kroger/Randalls sometimes runs great sales and you can load coupons on cellfire and use another coupons on top of that one.

  • Molly

    My price to aim for is actually $.14/diaper. I can get Target Brand Up & Up for this price and have never had a leakage problem. When there are good Huggies coupons and then Target has store coupons, as well, I stock up on Huggies, as I prefer them and can get (the size 3) diapers at $.14/diaper, as well.

    • sam

      Taht is exactly what I do too — the Up & Up have never been a problem for me!

  • Michelle B.

    I’m a little different. I’m new to couponing and do not have a stockpile of diapers. I’m working on that. I kindof have to be picky. It seems that my 2 yr old son can only wear Pampers. The other ones are ok for daytime, but the minute he goes to sleep, he wakes up with a soaked through diaper. Not sure why this happens. I’m limited on where I can shop and the coupons we get in the mail are not as good as other areas. I’ve been buying Pampers coupons on line. This week, I stocked up on the Walgreens deal. With my coupons and RR I got size 5s for 6.50 a package. Probably not the best deal, but it works for me.
    Does anyone know how many size 5s come in the box of Pampers?

    • Laurie

      you may want to try overnight diapers. our 2 yo was doing the same thing, and i saw a coupon for Huggies Overnights (didn’t even know they made such a thing before that) tried them during the KMart double coupon/catalina event and we LOVED them. also, we simply started limiting her fluids after dinner. HTH

    • Heather

      I agree, pampers and huggies both have an overnight diaper that has worked wonderfully when my son started soaking thru his diaper at night. I also tried them during the kmart doubles/cat deal. They didn’t have enough regulars for me to do another deal, so I grabbed a couple overnights. Now I grab them whenever I can get them cheap not all the stores carry them.

      • Michelle B.

        Thanks! I’ve seen them but wasn’t sure if they were worth buying seperate diapers for. I’ll def pick some up next time I can find a deal.

        • For me what has worked as well is moving on to the next size diaper for the evening. That and making sure my son doesn’t have a lot of liquids right before going to bed.


        • Michelle B.

          That’s what I did this time. I went to walgreens the other day. Instead of buying 4’s which fit him fine, I went up to the fives.

  • Lora

    I didnt get that coupon JMo. You are very lucky! Sounds like a good one to me.

  • Andrea

    JMo –
    That’s actually a great coupon to have! I saw it as well, and thought about making a run to Target sometime soon. A scenario I’d see is: (and this is hypothetical…going off of memory..)

    A pack of Pampers – $19.99
    A pack of wipes – $5.99
    -$.2.00 off Manu Q for diapers
    -.50 for wipes
    -$7.00 Target Q
    $16.48 plus tax, roughly…

    So I guess you’d have to decide if that is a good price for you or not. Personally, I don’t think it is terrible, but it isn’t GREAT, rock bottom price either. Honestly. I shoot for $2.50-$3 a jumbo pack (the smaller size) and no more than $15 for a box of diapers. I haven’t paid for wipes in eons. I guess $16.48 could be pretty darn good, depending on the actual prices in your store. Good luck!

    Ooh, and also…everyone, dont’ forget Caregivers’ Marketplace if you buy Huggies brand diapers!

    • Huggies is no longer participating in the Caregiver’s Marketplace rebate 🙁

      • Andrea

        WHAT!? That CAN’T be true….can it?


  • MJ

    I aim for no more than $4 for a package of Huggies size 3. I’ll go up to $5 or $6 for Pampers, as we really prefer them. I also save a ton by using cloth during the day (3rd kid and they are still in good shape) and only using disposables at night or when we’re traveling. Since one package of diapers typically lasts me 5 weeks, I don’t like to buy the boxes, as she might change size before I can get through the diapers.

  • EmmaK

    I usually by my diapers at Rite Aid or Walgreens unless Target has a really good deal. I will buy at RiteAid especially when they have the buy 5 diapers and they mail you a coupon for a free diaper. I try to aim for about $5 a pack of diapers after manufacturers, instore coupons, and rebates.

    • It’s been a really long time since Target has had a good diaper deal. CVS and Walgreens are more consistent I find.


      • EmmaK

        We don’t have a CVS so I usually stick to Walgreens, I actually get excited when they have RR for Huggies diapers 🙂

        I think the last time I bought diapers at Target was over the summer when they had a gift card deal for buying diapers and I had a lot of good coupons, but you are right they deals there aren’t usually as good.

  • Anna D.

    I got lucky at Target the other day and paid $11 for a box of 100! Target clearanced down the box from $29.99 to $14.98. The Pampers box was a promotional where they also had P&G coupons thrown in there too. I had $2 manufacturer coupon AND a $2 Target store coupon on hand.
    This has never happened to me before, but I have seen the big promotional boxes clearanced at Target in the past. Check those hidden endcaps!

  • Karen

    I have a two year old who has been in size 4’s for geez, almost 6 months now and I found the best deal to be a BJ’s Wholesale club – I live outside Philadelphia in NJ. The LUVS pack there is $29.99 for 176 size 4’s. BJ’s sends out a coupon book every month and almost every time there is a coupon for $5 off. This works out to .15 per diaper.

    The membership is $40 per year and even adding that cost ($3 roughly per month) keeps the cost down to .17 per diaper.

    I have found it tough (given my 2 year old and current 8 month pregnancy status) to make more than one grocery/shopping trip a week.

    Hope this helps.

  • Heather

    I try to buy at $4 per pkg. I’ll buy a few at $5 if my stocks is starting to get low in order to try and get to the next “$4” sale. We stick with Huggies and Pampers becasue my children have extremely sensitive skin. I’ve tried a couple other brands with disasterous results, so I don’t bother trying anymore. So when there’s a deal, I get about as many as I can get my hands on. It’s not uncommon for me to spend $50-80 on diapers, but then I don’t buy them again for a long time.

  • Lisa

    The Kroger in my area has had boxes of Huggies for 19.99 since the begining of the summer. It’s not a sale, it seems to be a “new lower price”. I’m buying size 3 with 96 in the box, which puts the price at .20 per diaper but then I usually have a $1.50 or $2 coupon and over the summer had a Cellfire coupon or Shortcuts coupon on top of that. While I had been trying to do Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS deals, I decided as long as the price was this low at Kroger I really couldn’t do any better anywhere else.
    So, check your Kroger (or Randalls, Dillon’s, or Safeway).

  • Lori

    stupid question… but I am new to this. How do you know what size to buy/stock up on? I am due next month and would love to stockpile, but afraid I will have too many of the wrong size… help!

    • EmmaK

      If you get too many of the wrong size, just take them back to a store and exchange them for a different size! I have 3 bags of size 2 diapers that I didn’t use because my daughter outgrew them, so I am going to take them to Walgreens and exchange them.
      When I was stockpiling for her I didn’t buy many newborn or size 1s because when people gave me gifts they give those sizes, so I bought a few 1s, and more size 2s.

    • Lori,

      not a stupid question at all and one often asked. I will do a follow up post on that.


  • Jaime

    Wow, thanks Mercedes!!! I didn’t expect the question to be so popular! Everyone has great ideas, and since there is ample time to stock up, I think I’ll start now. Another question….how long will the Newborn size last? Should I concentrate more on the size 1 and 2’s, and only get a few NB packages? You guys are great!

    • Heather

      So glad this question was asked. I’m not due until July but was beginning to wonder about when I should (and how I should) start stockpiling. Glad I’m not the only one out there who feels a little lost in diaper land!

    • kristi

      i have a 3 month old…i had a box of pampers newborns (96 diapers), a soft pack of pampers newborns (40-50), and a pack of huggies new born (40-50),(cant remember how many were in the soft packs exactly =)) a few samples (maybe a dozen), i was using size 1s by 6 weeks, and now i am using pampers size 1/2 (got 2 boxes as shower/and christmas gifts) when i run out of the 1/2 box (216 diapers) i am starting on size 2 i buy the pamper swaddlers @ sams for around 37 making them about .17c/diaper (not a great deal but its what i like)

      hope this helps on stocking up (i was lucky enough to get diapers as gifts through feb.!!)

      • kristi

        i rechecked…the 1/2 box has 234…so .15c/diaper =)

    • peter

      Jaime — our son was born @ 8lbs and he was out of NB size by maybe two months. But really I’d be shocked if you ever have to buy NB sizes because while you’re in the hospital you’ll have more than enough opportunies to score NB diapers for free. When my wife was in the hospital every time they brought him back to our room he’d have a fresh pack of diapers and we’d put them in our bags. Then when the next nurse came we’d say “oh, we’re out of diapers”. I’d say we easily came home with five or six packs of NB diapers.

    • Sarah

      NBs didn’t last long for my 2 girls (both about 7 1/2 lbs at birth)…maybe a month at most. I have friends who had to use 1’s at the hospital! Most hospitals also let you take whatever is left of the NB pack in your room when you go home.

    • Sunny

      My little one never fit in NB. She was nearly 9.5 lbs. My older daughter was over 8 lbs and I don’t think we really did NB either. (She wouldn’t even fit in the NB clothes, too long.)

      I stocked up on size 1 while pregnant this time and ended up with waaaaaaaaay too many, so I used my receipts to exchange them for the size 2s and I ended up with too many of those and had to exchange them for bigger sizes. I never expected to be out of 1 & 2s so soon, but she is over 19 lbs and just over 4 months old. I had a point here somewhere… you can always exchange if you need to.

      • EmmaK

        I would also say exchange. Both of my kids only wore newborns for a few weeks, then size 1s for a few weeks and 2s for a bit longer. By the time mine were about 4 months old they were in size 3s and they seemed to stay in size 3 for awhile.

  • Kristina L.

    I just had to go buy pull ups for the first time in a long time. My daughter still needs them at night and I was really upset that I almost paid full price. I never pay more than 4.00 and sometimes free with RR at Walgreens.

  • Kim

    Like Karen mentioned, I’ve been able to get great deals on diapers at BJ’s Wholesale Club. I love the fact that they send out coupons every month and you can stack them with manufacturer’s coupons. I tend to be brand loyal when it comes to diapers. I prefer to use Luvs at daycare (they are a lot cheaper) and pampers at home. I stocked up on Huggies recently when they were really cheap at Food Lion. I hate them! I’m not so brand loyal when it comes to wipes. I use so many, that I prefer to buy in bulk, so I get the BJ’s brand.

  • My husband and I recently did a price comparison for Target’s brand diapers (Up & Up) and found that size 4 diapers were $0.17 each and size 3 diapers were $0.14. I’m pretty sure that was the normal price as well. We’ve been happy with this brand. So now I look for sales where diapers are cheaper than that. 🙂

  • Cricket

    I use Target most of the time also. They have been great for my son and the new Up & Up are even better. Usually the sales/coupon deals I find on other brands will only beat this by less than half a cent per diaper, so it’s not worth my effort. Often I have a 1.00 off coupon from the Target mailers or from the bottom of the box so it’s actually hard to find it worth my while to print coupons and save RR etc just to save maybe a dollar on a month’s diapers. Kroger diapers work pretty good too, although I don’t prefer them, but my mother watches for then on clearance at 2.99 and I’ll send them to the daycare so that I still benefit from the price, but still use the ones I prefer when he’s home.

  • Star

    My get-it-now!!!! price is actually $0.10/diaper, and I have never never paid more than $0.14/diaper, and my daughter is nearly turning 2. Granted, some of those deals were ones where I got a giftcard back, but that was okay since I just used the giftcard on the next diaper deal. And sometimes I even went lower than $0.10, especially when there are RRs or ECBs in play. Once it gets down to below $0.14/diaper…I don’t go crazy over my math about how much exactly OOP I’m spending…either way it’s still a deal. I can’t imagine paying $0.17/diaper or even $0.22/diaper…!

  • Michelle

    Just make sure you save all your receipts if you stockpile ahead of time. My first child was allergic to all diaper brands except huggies so I had alot of returning and exchanging to do which many of the stores flat out won’t do without a receipt. It’s not a great price if it’s something that you can’t use :).
    With our second and third children I taped all the recipts right to the packages until I opened them to use them and it was very helpful since babies seem to go thru growth spurts overnight in those smaller sizes.

  • Emily C

    With two kids in diapers, I just turned to Wal-Mart, Parent’s Choice brand. You have to make sure you don’t leave a kid in the diaper for hours and hours, but they work well enough and save me the hassle of couponing.

  • Kristin

    Hey! I am lucky in that I only buy disposables for night time use and long trips. We use cloth – very economical. They are so easy! If anyone is interested they make all in one (no need to use a diaper and then rubber pants or a cover) that is a grow with your baby type of deal. Check out bumgenius diapers, gro baby diapers, and flip diapers. Believe me, we have saved sooo much money and they potty train faster! Hope this helps anyone thinking about cloth diapering.

  • Me

    I purchase size 3 diapers from Costco, their Kirkland Signature brand which provided 208 diapers is close to the pampers size 2-3 weight. Based on the baby cheapskate spreadsheet I am doing just fine as I pay about 22 cents per diaper, where a buy is listed at 22 cents as well.

    Buying in bulk and not running to the store all of the time for diapers is worth it for me. I too like not having the hassling of couponing.

  • lucky

    i usually stock more in size 3 as i know they are used the longest even my 2 yr old dd still is on no 3 and no newborns, as for no 1 stockpiling stock only 3 jumbo packs not the big box as they outgrew it by 3rd month, no 2 you can stock 3 big box or 6 jumbo as they tend to wear it till they are 1. after that i dont buy no 4 i just buy pull ups or overnites.

  • I refuse to pay more than $4 a pack. My best find was the New Year’s Day diaper deal at BRU. I definitely rocked that one.

    There was the $1.50/1 Earth’s Best Printable as well as the BRU $2/1, making them $1.50 a pack. Which allowed me to stay true to remaining green while still using disposables. I rounded up everyone, printed at the library and got my mom involved, at the end of that weekend I had 21 packs of diapers (mostly 3’s and 4’s) for only $25.20!

    And they are the best diapers we’ve ever used, not only for the price, but because they incrediby absorbant and she’s had th clearest little tush in the natural dipes!

  • Gina

    Because of allergies, we can’t use Pampers. We’ve not had an issue with other brands – so I cruise whatever is the best deal I can get. My favorite deal has been when Kroger has their Comforts for Baby diapers on sale for $6.49/pack and I have a mess of $3/1 coupons for them. I also love when Walgreens does RRs for Huggies (which are my favorite).

  • This week, SuperFresh had Pampers jumbo packs on sale for $12.99. I used a $2 manuf + a $1.50 store catalina to get a pack for $8.xx Pampers are my favorite, but Huggies seem to be easier to come up with deals. We are expecting baby #3 in Aug, so I’m trying to begin a stockpile for the new baby plus maintain a small one for DD who is just beginning to PT.

  • katrina

    i totally missed out on the earths best deal. 🙁 but i NEVER pay more than 10c/diaper. its always great to stock up when there are deals and sales. when you combine coupons with sales/deals name brands like huggies and pampers are often cheaper than generic store brands. 🙂 i hope earths best and babies r us has another deal like that soon because we really want to try them.