Readers Shopping Hauls: Walgreens, Rite Aid and Frys

I recently asked my readers and those who follow Common Sense with Money on Facebook to share their shopping hauls with the rest of us. I always enjoy the emails you send me sharing your hauls and it occurred to me that you can use the CSWM Facebook page as a forum to share your hauls.

If you are inclined to take photos of your hauls and share with us on the CSWM page it is very easy. Just take a pic on your haul and upload to the Wall. To view what others have shared, check out the “Photos” link on the left of the page to see what has been already uploaded. Here are a couple of submissions:

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Sara’s Haul at Walgreens:

2 X NasoGel,
Always Pads,
2 X Glade Lasting Impressions,
2 X Glade Sense & Spray,
2 X PoliGrip,
2 X Gillette Razors,
5 X Colgate,
4 X Baby Magic,
4 X Nivea Lip,
2 X Aquaphor Lip,
3 X Vicks VapoDrops,
2 X NatureMade vitamins,
pack of Dentyne
Spent $34.46 out of pocket and walked away with $49 Register Rewards!

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Christy’s Haul at her local Grocery Store:

14 Totinos pizzas
4 Totino pizza rolls
6 Butter
2 liters Kalil soda
2 gallons milk
2 toilet cleaners
3 Ragu
3 Pkg popsicles
4 Pillbury biscuits
2 Colgate toothpaste
3 Nyquil travel size
10 brown and serve sausage
3 Betty crocker cookie mix
6 Hefty ziploc bags
1 Dannon lite & fit yogurt
1 Purex laundry detergent
Christy Spend $4.06 out of pocket and walked away with $12 in OYNO catalinas.

You guys are doing an awesome job!!  Feel free to upload a photo of your own haul to our Facebook page, and check even more shopping hauls here.

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  • Christy Lechman

    Ahhhhh….it’s me Christy, I belong to the picture above…I paid $4.06 OOP but ended up going to customer service to get a refund for 6 Qs that did not get redeemed at $1 (all Qs worth $1 this week at my store)…..soooo….in the long haul, after I got my refund for those Q’s…I actually made a profit of $1.04 cash back plus the $12.00 OYNO cats! First time I have ever made out to the point where the store owed me money!

    • Raelynn

      Christy, What store was this?? Great Job!!!

      • Christy Lechman

        Frys Food in Tucson, Arizona…it’s a Kroger affiliate and thank you very much! I was quite proud!!! I think my husband is tired of hearing me talk about it…lol

  • Emily

    My tiny victory was with the .45 cent Hunts Spaghetti Sauce coupon where my grocery store had it for $75 cents on sale and even though supposedly it says not to be doubled my store does anyway they paid me 15 cents to buy it!