Rebate Alert: Johnson & Johnson $30 Rebate

I am very distressed to bring this set of news to you.  But many of Jenny’s readers, over at Southern Savers, have contacted Johnson&Johnson over this rebate (Spend $30 and get $10 back). And it seems that J&J is telling everyone that the $30 is AFTER coupons!  It seems though that what they want is for your receipt to be over $30 so if you add other things to your order to bring your order up to $30 then you may be OK.  I know someone else also asked if it had to be one rebate or could be more and it seems it can be more than one receipt.

Anyways, I just wanted to bring this up.  I know probably many of yu have probably mailed in your rebate already.  If you have not then maybe try calling J&J too and well, I hope they change their mind or this is just a misinformed customer service rep saying this.  In general most rebates are calculated after coupon which is why this situation is so rare.  Check Jenny’s post here.

Thanks Kathy for bringing this up to my attention.

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  • Rae

    I used nearly $20 in Register Rewards at Walgreens to purchase the my total on all my receipts are all under $2.00…urggh…I purchased nearly $80 worth of product…but..I only have like $3.50 after all my receipts are totaled…I’ll figure something out. Maybe if we all call them they’ll change their mind…does anyone have the number????

    • Carol

      I have searched everywhere and can’t come up with a number. Apparently somebody has it. Hopefully someone will post it soon. I am like the rest of you. I used coupons and register receipts. I won’t be buying these products in the future if this is the way they play the game. They posted coupons on the same website at the same time as the rebate post. If they didn’t want us to use the coupons for the $30 they should have made that clear. Seems like they are trying to irritate me. It worked.

  • Lisa

    I hope I get mine too. I used my $20 GOS at Rite Aid so my out of pocket was only a few dollars.

  • Lisa

    Also adding I think I will wait to call until it is past the time to expect the rebate. Just wanted to add that the rebate was in last week’s inserts with coupons right next to the rebate form. Nowhere on the rebate did it say that $30 is before coupons. (I’ve seen other rebates next to coupons where they specifically say they will deduct the value of the coupon for the rebate.) So if they don’t honor it, we should file complaints for misleading advertising.

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  • Maureen

    I agree with Lisa’s comments–this is very misleading to place the rebate form next to some many coupons for the products without listing that the value would after the coupons. And $30 is quite a lot to spend at one time after coupons. Had I known I probably would have skipped the rebate because I can get many of these products cheaper combined with an ECB/coupon deal.

  • dawn

    They will definitely hear from me if this is true. I have never heard that before especially after releasing so many coupons. I can’t imagine the amount of bad company PR this will generate. Can’t be worth THAT for them!

  • Mary

    I have already mailed in my rebate last week and my receipt was under $20.00. I did not see anywhere on the rebate form that the price had to be over $30.00 after coupons, etc. I hope that this is just a misinformed error. I guess I will have to wait and see.

  • sally

    I too sent mine in this week. I am looking at the rebate form & it clearly says ; you must purchase $30 in these products etc.etc. It does not address coupons at all. Hope I didn’t do all this for nothing.

  • Roni

    I also agree with Lisa. You know I highly doubt this is true, no where in the ad did it state that. It would be very bad for PR if it is. My receipt was under $2.00 and I already submitted it….we’ll see what happens.

  • angie

    is the number to johnson and johnsons. I have been trying all morning after reading the posts this weekend and they are having unusually high call volumes…go figure! If someone gets through PLEASE post what they are stating. I’m returning all my items to the store if they don’t honor and Im filing a complaint with the BBB and the attorney general’s office in their state. They won’t like the attorney general’s complaint…they are worse than the BBB.
    and I’ll never do a rebate deal with Johnson and Johnson’s again. Stinks for me since I just had a baby and use their products.

  • angie

    I hope enough people complain they will do right by their rebate! I have read it and I clearly followed it. It states nothing about your total being a certain amount. Only $30 WORTH of products and to circle those amounts on the receipt. Not the total of your receipt!

  • lucky

    i returned all my items atwags but they took of the manufac Q from the receipt even though they will get reimbursed for these why is that so they just gave me in total what i paid but not the coupon value even though i didnt use any rr can someone explain why??

    • kristi

      i just returned 3 of the 6 products i bought b/c i didnt want to take the chance of maybe/maybe not getting the rebate…a manager did my return and he said he would give me back the full price before coupons, but that he would have to go back and look up the coupons used to void them…he said it was coupon fraud otherwise b/c i was coming out on top (he wasnt rude or anything, just informing me) ive never had to return anything i bought using a coupon before…i asked him about their reimbursement and he said the company would consider them doing coupon fraud if they turned in the coupons w/out selling the items…this was new to me, hope this helps.

  • Jennifer

    I called last week to verify details of the rebate … the rep I spoke with informed the OOP does not matter, just that we’d need to spend $30 before tax and coupons. If you have questions about this, see: or call 1-888-638-5242 from 8am to 8pm EST, Monday to Friday.

  • I just called customer service and they verified this. I complained and the rep assured me that she will process the complaint. I encourage all of you to call or email…that is the only hope we have of them standing by their rebate.

    Here is link for the phone # and email form:

  • angie

    Im confused, 2 different people called and one was told yes $30 after coupons and one was told no out of pocket did not matter. Does anyone really know what the correct answer is on this? I am holding my rebate until I get a definate answer otherwise I’m returning all the products to the store I purchased them from.

  • Katie

    I just got off the phone with J&J. The customer service rep informed me that his supervisior was saying that the $30 has to be after coupons and could be complied by using many different reciepts. I then infomed him the meaning of the words “reciept, worth, and purchase price.” I informed him that I had purchased 41 dollars worth of their product and because I was wise with my money and used coupons and rewards, their company is punishing those who think before purchases. He informed me that he would be processing my complaint and also said that if there were many others who used coupons and other rewards to bring down their price that the company may send out the rebate checks. I recommed that anyone who is mad, call this company and make a complaint. I think I will be sending in my reciept and seeing what happens. I have already given some of the items away, so returns in not an option.

    I have not been this disappointed with a company in a long time. I feel like they have misleaded many consumers and have decided to make up their own rules as they feel fit. If they do not honor their rebate, I will be contacting the BBB and the A.G. for their state.

    • Rae

      What is the phone number

      • angie

        I posted this previously. Make sure you hit 0 for the operator. the options aren’t working and will disconnect you.

        is the number to johnson and johnsons

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  • Maureen

    I really can’t believe they’re taking this position. If you do what they suggest and the $30 is after coupons and sale prices just think how much product you have to buy to do this–it doesn’t make sense to me.

  • angie

    I too called and they verified this. I’m very, very disappointed with this company. Absolutely misleading!!!!!!

  • Rae

    I just called was told that its the total before coupons….I am so confused. I explained in detail that I have a total of $107.64 of product..but because of WAGS good BOGO deal last week and all my manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards ($25 worth)that my 4 receipts totaled up on my visa was $3.49. He even ask a supervisor…he reassured me that I am fine and well qualify for the rebate. I guess I’ll send it in and see. I did get his name and reference call number just in case I do not get the rebate. I guess if everyone keeps calling they will get it figured out! Good Luck! 1-888-638-5242

    • angie

      that’s good to know, maybe they are confused and are telling different stories to different people. Sounds like possibly they are misinformed? I sure hope this is the case and they get this straighted out. I’m sending mine in also…

  • Carol

    I called and was on hold for 10 or 15 minutes. The woman I spoke to said that I had to spend OOP $30 and she was soooo indignant that I wouldn’t think that was reasonable. She saw no problem with the fact that they had put the rebate and the coupons on at the same time without making it clear that the $30 had to be after coupons. She said, “that is the way it always is with a rebate.” I told her, “no it isn’t.” Anyway, she got fairly nasty and said she had had nobody else complain about the policy! I say, we need to burn up the phone lines!

  • Lisa

    Just following up to say that I received my rebate check today. My purchase was $30 before coupons.

    • Hi Lisa,

      That’s great! I am glad they decided to honor even if what you paid was less than $30 because of coupons.