Rebate Tips

A few of you had left comments and concerns regarding a couple of rebate offers I recently wrote about. I think it is understandable to be concerned about certain rebate offers, especially when the company offering the rebate has declared bankruptcy.

I received an email form a reader sharing this article by Consumer Reports. The article explains a few things you can do to make sure your get your rebate money. Among some of the tips mentions are:

  • Read and understand rebate requirements.
  • Make copies of all rebate materials.
  • Get the paperwork in right away.

Make sure to read the rest of the article so you can learn how to protect yourself.

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  • Claire

    I also think this tip in the article is very true: “Keep a careful eye out for your rebate check, as it sometimes resembles junk mail.”

    Granted, us frugal types often *love* to find treasures in junk mail, but definitely something to watch out for!

  • Mercedes

    You are right Claire,
    I have seen that complain very often on HCW, about people trashing their check because they thought it was junk mail.