Rebate Updates: Neutrogena Clinical, Listerine and World’s Best Cat Litter

I’ve updated the information on these three rebates based on my readers’ comments and experiences:

Neutrogena Clinical Free after Rebate: It appears that at first, rebates submitted for this product were only getting back what they actually paid out of pocket (amount after coupons, ECB’s, RR etc).  Obviously, this is not beneficial for couponers, since most of you would have used rewards to pay for the product.  However, it appears that the rebates submitted later ARE being processed correctly.  A couple of you have also commented saying that you haven’t received your rebate yet.  Here is the Neutrogena Customer Care number to call: 1-800-582-4048 Monday through Friday between 8 am to 8 pm (EST) to speak with an information specialist.  I’d highly recommend calling to find out the status of your rebate or if you have questions regarding your received rebate.

Listerine Whitening Rebate: Many are reporting that the limited number of $10 prepaid debit cards have been given out, so they are not fulfilling the rebates.  However, several have called the Listerine Customer Service at 1-800-223-0182 and have received high value coupons and/or checks (for smaller amounts) to compensate.  Might be worth trying.  Be sure to have the rebate information handy when you call, you can use the link to my original post for the exact wording.

Free World’s Best Cat Litter After Rebate: Several readers have commented that their rebate submission has been denied because the UPC did not identify the product purchased as the correct product for the rebate or their receipt was not itemized etc.  Here is their customer service number to call if you are having problems or want to complain about faulty rebates(!!!): 1-877-367-9225

Please let us know your experience with any of these three rebates in the comments below.  If enough people call to question and/or complain, then hopefully these companies will change their policies, be more customer friendly, and follow through with their advertisements!  Thank you to all my readers who have commented on these rebates…I appreciate you helping others out with tips and advice!  🙂

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  • Michelle M

    I received my $10 prepaid card for buying the Listerine Whitening. It was a great deal! I paid around $1 for the Listerine after coupons. I mailed my form in on June 1st, and I got my card in the mail on August 4th (I keep diligent records), so it took two months to come back to me.

  • christine

    I did the neutrogena rebate, mailed it in on july 17th and when i called was told they are backed up but if I haven’t received my rebate by oct. 7th to call back and get my case escalated.

  • Laura K.

    I am new to rebates, having only done a few…but the Neutrogena one was one that I did. And I too have not yet received the rebate. If you mail off a rebate, do you usually add delivery confirmation so you know it made it? Do you have a leg to stand on if you didn’t do delivery confirmation? I did make copies of everything, but how am I to prove they received my rebate submission?

  • Tracy

    I did the Neutrogena Clinical rebate and I received it approximately a month ago for the full amount, not the amount after coupons. I had no issues.

  • fairy

    I have not recd the neutrogena rebate, thanks for bringing it up coz i was worried and wondering what to do, it’s a big amount.

  • Erin

    I did the World’s Best Cat Litter one and got a postcard from them the other day saying there was no date on my receipt. Of course there was. I sent them a letter asking them to return all my paperwork so I could highlight the date for them and send it back.

  • CJ

    I did the Neutrogena and Worlds Best rebates, both without any problems.

  • kelly r

    I received my Neutrogena rebate for an amount less register rewards, not the full amount of the product. I was very disappointed. Thanks for posting this, I will call them today and let you know what I find out.

  • sherry

    I mailed mine on 7/12. Got rebate last week for only $15. Called this morning. Rep wants me to re-submit info as she’s not sure why I only received $15. She did say that I wouldn’t receive full amount if I used coupons. I used coupons but still paid $27.39. So…we shall see how they handle this…will keep you posted.

  • Cathy

    Thanks for the posting. I did call re: the Listerine rebate and they will be sending me two $5 Qs which is fine since I buy the product on a regular basis.

  • Rachel

    I only received my out of pocket (after UP rewards) for the Neutrogena. I called and they said their rebate processing company messed up and they would send out the difference. I have not received it yet, so I will probably call again soon.

  • Deanna Z

    I just called about the Listerine. They are going to mail me an $8 coupon for Rembrandt. I had 3 or 4 coupons choices to choose from. At least they are doing something.

  • Kristen

    I just called Listerine and they are sending me a $6 coupon…

  • I called on the status of my Listerine rebate. They offered me the coupon but I didn’t need more Listerine so they are sending me a check for the amount of the coupon. Yipee!

  • Nancy

    Thanks for the info on the Neutrogena rebate. I called today and they are going to send me 11.99 more which were the ECBs I used. Thanks again for helping me get the rest of what I actually paid.

  • Tanya

    Thanks for the information. I called listerine and they said they will send me a check for $10. I still haven’t received my Neutrogena rebate and am getting concerned. When I called, they said give it a couple more weeks. The World’s Best Cat Litter rebate is the only one I received so far!

  • Diana

    I did the Listerine and Neutrogena but haven’t received either. Thanks for the phone numbers–I will call today.

  • Narmin

    I got my Neutrogena rebate long time ago. And it was the full value. $39.99. 🙂
    But I never got time to do the Listerine rebate. 🙁 Next time!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your interest in World’s Best Cat Litter™ . We are happy to provide a rebate for a 7lb. bag of our litter and hope as many first-time customers can take advantage of it as possible. Here are some tips and guidelines we have shared on our blog to help ensure that each rebate is fulfilled . Thank you so much!

    -World’s Best Cat Litter™

  • yoko

    hi everyone

    I called to neutrogena today and they told me that I will receive my rebate by end of october but If I won’t receive it, then call them again. Hope fully I receive it because I don’t have receipt for proving I bought….

  • Bernetta

    Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for posting this info. Neutrogena no problem full value check will be on the way. Listerine no more debit cards left, only high value $6.00 coupon. I had to call on both!!!

  • Beth

    Still waiting on my Neutrogena rebate. Called 9-28 and she said I should be receiving it w/in 2 wks–blamed the slowness on the amount of rebates submitted. Called today 10-19 and was told that they were reevaluating the rebates and to give it a couple more weeks. Lovely.

    • erika

      Ditto, its nice that i called today also and got a different story then you did. She apologized and said the rebates were sent to a third party company to handle and they dont have access to the rebates. and that since there was another clinical rebate they got overwhelmed, but that as far as she knew the checks were getting sent out, so another couple weeks!! She did ask me if i rembered how much i paid and which product i bought and she wroe it in my file.