Recycle Bank: up to 70 Free Points

It’s Earth Month and I have a good feeling that Recycle Bank is going to crank up some great promotions this month.  To start they are offering a way to get up to 70 points:

  • Earn 25 points when you take the “Partners in Purpose” quiz.  You do not have to get all the answers right, just complete the questionnaire.  You will find this quiz under “Earn points” after you login or sign up.
  • You can get an additional 45 points when you take the green your home challenge.  You need to click around the different areas of the home floor plan on this website and you will earn points as you do that.  Make sure you are logged in to Recycle Bank to get credit.

So, why do you want to add up these free points to your account?  Because not only will you be learning how to green your life, but also because Recycle bank offers some awesome high value grocery coupons.  You need to accumulate these points to redeem them for coupons.

Thanks, Mashup Mom!

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  • Brooklyn

    Not a big deal, but you can only earn 70 points–the quiz is included in the “green your home” challenge. I was confused because I’d only earned 70, but then I realized! Just a head’s up! 🙂

  • Stacey D.

    Greetings, Mercedes! Thanks for passing along the new info from RecycleBank! I am sure it is in my e-mail somewhere, but as overflowing as my inbox is, I am sure it would have been a few days before I got to it! LOL!
    I was wondering, if as members of your reader “community” we could post our unique referral links for any of the folks who haven’t yet already signed up? It would be a great way to “share the rewards” and spread a little sunshine! I did not want to post without inquiring first! 🙂