Refer Friends to Groupon, Get $20 Credit

Holy Smokes!  Groupon has upped the ante and it is now offering twice the referral bonus it usually offers.  Refer Friends to Groupon and if they make a purchase before March 21st, you get a $20 credit added to it.  This promotion is by invitation only.  So, if you have a Groupon account already check for an email with the subject title: How does $20 Groupon Bucks sound?.

Here is a little snippet about how this promo works:

For a limited time, we’re offering select customers the opportunity to refer a friend to Groupon and earn a total of $20 Groupon Bucks when that friend signs up for Groupon (within 72 hours of clicking your personal referral link) and makes his or her first purchase by March 21, 2011. This is twice the normal reward! It’s our way of saying “thanks” for spreading the word about Groupon. And with no limit on how many friends you can refer, there’s no telling how many Groupon Bucks you may earn. But act quickly: each friend that uses your unique link needs to sign up within 72 hours of clicking your link and make his/her first purchase by March 21, 2011, in order for you to earn $20 Groupon Bucks.

A great way to make this promotion work for you is by sharing with your Facebook friends any deals that Groupon may have available.  You can also email them.  Of course, you don’t want to spam your friends but if you see something that you really think it’s a great deal then maybe they will be grateful you shared it.

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  • Just wanted to let you know something else about this credit. I earned one today, but it only showed up as $10. So I contacted CS and here is what they said about the credits:

    The $20 promo is a little wonky because if the referral is done correctly, you will get $10 within 24 hours (as well as an email confirming that the bucks were issued) and another $10 within 72 hours (along with a second email). If you’ve already gotten $10 on the $20 referral, you should get the remaining $10 in a few more days.


    • Thanks Mary for letting us know!