Reminder: Three Redbox Rentals for $1 + Up to 395 Swagbucks Ends Today

Get Three Redbox movie rentals for just $1. These are regularly $1 each so this is 66% off. These come in the way of three separate codes. you can buy one for you and two more to gift. This deal is available through the end of Tuesday 3/1.

You can get 315 swagbucks by purchasing this deal through Swagbucks.

If you are new to Swagbucks, follow these steps to rack up 395 Swagbucks at once. The bonus 50 Swagbucks code expires today, so do this soon:

You need 450 swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift card and after these steps, you have 395 swagbucks so you are almost there.

  • CJ

    Still waiting for my 315 Swagbucks, 22 hours after I bought the Groupon. I sent an email to Trial Pay but it will take them forever to respond, if ever.

  • S. Wade

    I’m still waiting on the 315 swagbucks from TrialPay too. Some people are reporting that Trial Pay won’t be crediting the 315 because it pops open a new window and doesn’t have the Trial Pay wording at the top.

  • C Simpson Hall

    It didn’t list groupon under my earn daily deals but I’m new to this swag thing so maybe i’m missing something?

  • Alison

    I have not gotten mine either. =(

  • Melissa W

    I am still waiting to see if my account gets credited. If you click Support it says it can take 30 minutes to one business day. I did notice that the Groupon deals are only for 160 SwagBucks now instead of 315.

  • Kim

    My Swagbucks doesn’t show this one as a Daily Deal – lots of other deals, but not this one :(

  • sherry

    I’m waiting-as well. Also, I didn’t receive anything from Groupon yet for purchase. Maybe they’re swamped.

  • Laura Miller

    I can’t figure out how to buy it through Swagbucks. Where is it at on the page?

  • Deanna

    Hi Mercedes, I am so sorry to bother you but I have used the swag site search engine 6 different times and have spent 2 hrs researching how to do this: how in the world does one go about changing the city for daily deals under the earn banner, to daily deals. I am in Dallas area or Dallas/Ft Worth. There are a total of 15 offers and 0 for redbox rentals. Also, what are we to do when we spend literally all day long watching those stupid videos and clicking on the banner yes I am still here all day long to end up with computer freezing and not getting 1 swagbuck for 8 hrs of watching ok not literally 8 but 5 solid hrs. I was sick in bed and nothing better to do. Thank you so much for responding when you have the time. Sincerely, Deanna at

  • amy

    Hi, I just went to Swagbucks homepage and right there at the top of the page is a box that says “Rent & Earn…” with details about the Groupon deal, BUT they’re only giving out 80 Swagbucks for this particular deal.

    • Val

      I saw this too! I guess that since this is such a cheap offer ($1!!) they’re not offering the full 315SB. But I got it yesterday before the 80SB offer popped up, so I guess I’m stuck earning nothing :(

  • Kristina Pena

    Mine also says only 80 swagbucks… you know anything about this?

  • Angela

    I see that you can earn 80 swagbucks but not the 315 :( for those that are looking for the link, its on Swagbucks main page up as one of the sliding bulletins). If anyone finds out how to get the 315 please post, Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    I got the groupon for the redbox deal but only received 80 swagbucks for it….are they not giving 315 swagbucks anymore…..?

  • krissy

    I did it yesterday but haven’t gotten 315, or 80 swagbucks. :(

  • Natalie

    FYI – I bougtht his deal over the weekend when the SB bonus was 315. I also had the problem of a new page opening when I clicked on the Redbox deal after I got to the Groupon page from Swagbucks.I didn’t receive the SBs so I emailed TrialPay on Sunday, I think. This morning I received the 315 points.

  • CJ

    I also received my 315 SB this morning. Just had to contact Trial Pay Support and then email them my Groupon confirmation. They were very easy to deal with.