Resolutions to Keep in 2011

I have to tell you that I love ringing in a New Year.  I just love the feeling of starting over and of renewed hope and dreams.  It is my favorite “holiday.” I am not one to draw a long list of new years resolutions though.  Mostly because I like to continually challenge myself.  But in the spirit of feeling like I have a clean slate, I want to share with you, some of my goals for 2010:

Save Money by Clipping Coupons I Will Use:  In 2011 I want to print and clip coupons for those items that my family uses.  In 2010 I found myself printing a LOT of coupons that I ended up not using.  This caused me to lose money since I wasted ink and paper on those coupons.  If it is not something my family will consume, or I can donate, I will not print a coupon.

Be Frugal with My Time:  One of my main goals of this year is to be more efficient with the use of my time.  I want to invest my time the same way I invest my money: on worthwhile activities that provide me the most return.  Spending an hour to save $2 is hardly a good use of my time.  This is the reason I don’t do canning.

Maintain a reasonable stockpile for my family:  This is hard for me to confess, but in the past I have wasted time and money buying products that my family won’t eat.  Or maybe I have bought more than we can possible consume before the product expires.  In most cases I have been able to donate items that are expiring soon.  But for 2011 I want to eliminate the possibility of wasting food.

Translate more of the savings on my receipt to savings in my bank account.  I find that I work so hard on clipping coupon or hunting  a deal but sometimes those savings are not showing on our bank account. Automatic savings is a great way to take any savings at the store and put them in your bank account.    I will start small and continue increasing as I create more room in your budget.

Use creative ways to save money buying organic food.  Over the past year my family has started consuming more organic and natural products.  I have found that warehouse stores, like BJ’s or Costco, are great places to find organic staples for less.  I can get a 5lb bag of organic apples for $6.99 or a gallon of organic apple juice for $3.98.  I also plan on using Amazon or other online retailers to buy organic non-perishable items for less.  Would you be interested in me sharing more deals on organic items?

These are what I would consider some of my personal household/financial goals for this year.  Life is a work in process so I am sure as the year progresses some of these may change.

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  • What an awesome list of goals for 2011! Good Luck!!!

  • Sarah K

    A couple of thoughts on your goals:

    First, canning– it’s worth more than a couple bucks! I made a boatload of salsa for my husband this summer, and it does save us a bit of money, but I also know exactly what went into that salsa (from our chemical-free garden), plus he says it tastes better than anything I can buy. Anyway, if it’s not for you, then it’s not for you, but I love it!

    Also, I would love to see more organic deals, including bulk from and other online deals. It’s something I’m planning to look into more in 2011 as well.

    Thanks for all that you do, and good luck with your goals!!

  • Anne

    I agree, especially with your first goal. I have cut way back on what I print and clip.

  • Carrie

    Yes! Please share organic and natural foods deals! I’ve just started following your site in the beginning of December, and I’ve already gotten lots of ideas, deals, etc! I have access to Cub Foods, Hy-Vee, (barf, Walmart if I have to) and Aldi. I know you shop at Aldi, so I’ll keep an eye on those posts!

    • tammy

      What are good things to buy at Aldi’s? I am also interested in saving more money this year.. I usually shop at Pick and save and walmart..

  • Trenda Poulter

    Yes on the organic deals! Where can a find a warehouse to get organic foods? Very interesting!

    • Hi Trenda,
      I meant stores like BJ’s or Costco. If you have a membership it is worth checking our their selection. It is not very big at either store but some of the items they have a great values fr organic products.


      • tammy

        I know that you have to pay for a membership card.. Is it worth it if you never been there.. Or if you don’t buy anything in bulks?

        • Hey guys,
          Since so many of you are interested in this, I will make a trip to Costco and BJ’s and create a price book for the organic items they sell.
          what do you think?


          • Greg

            Hi Mercedes,

            Coming from parents that penny pinched to a fault, I developed a mindset of quality and disregard for price. “Champagne taste on a beer pocketbook” as my dad used to say. I never wanted to sacrifice quality to save money and try to buy as much organic as we can afford. This year I stumbled on a book at the library that that showed you can save money on what you already buy. (as well as many other techniques that you and your readers probably already knew about) We’ve been able to save a substantial amount of money and I’ve only employed a few of the techniques. If I can think of the title of the book I’ll post it; it was a good one written by two stay at home moms who wanted to save money but still eat organic. If anyone knows about it, I’d love a memory jogger right now!

            I am definitely interested in as much advice on organic & natural savings as you can post. I would also love to hear which membership would be most advantagious for a family of four eating naturally: Sam’s, BJ’s or Costco.

            I’m new to this, but I’ve found your site to be one of the most helpful, time saving sites I’ve found. Keep up the good work and thanks for making a difference in our financial situation.


  • Mary

    I would personally love if you could provide information on organic and natural food deals/buys. I use my earnings from Swagbucks almost exclusively on organic and natural foods on Amazon. I buy from other sources, too, but this has helped me to get raw organic honey, more nuts, healthy grains, etc., in our family’s diet. You need to know what is a good price, but you can find good buys online. I haven’t figured out if my savings at Costco would be worth the membership cost. My nearest Costco is also always so crowded that it scares me off a bit.

  • Julie

    definitely interested in more organic/natural food deals.

  • Defintely more info on organic/natural foods. Esp. bargains on Amazon.

  • Mandy

    Yes, yes! Please more organic deals! I buy mostly organic, but cringe at some of the prices. Any extra help would be very, very useful!

  • Dean

    We really increased our use of organic foods this year by joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It’s kind of like a co-op but you buy a membership in the farm and make a one time or regular payment to them. We joined Two Onion Farm in Wisconsin and for about $20 a week we received a box of fresh from the garden, organic vegetables delivered to a location near our home. Great stuff!

    • Dean,

      That is something that I will try this year. We moved mid-year so we were too late join a CSA. But not this year.


  • Jeanie

    Yes! I would love to see more deals on organic and all natural items!

  • Jen

    I would love to find more ways to save on organic & fresh foods. Thanks!

  • Amy

    Sounds like some good resolutions. As a canner, I submit that it’s not just about saving money. It’s about health. The tomatoes I can are fresh and much healthier than the ones you can buy in the store. And I’m saving more than $2 for my time. Much more! For me, it’s worth the time.

    • Julie

      I know canning for me is about more than just the money saved, although that’s nice, too. I don’t have to worry about BPA in my home-canned tomatoes, and my home-canned peaches taste so much fresher and have a firmer texture than ones I buy in the store. And I think I get a mild endorphin rush listening to my jar lids go pop-pop-pop!

  • Tracy Zabel

    I loved hearing about your goals. last year I was very new to the couponing thing and just resolved to follow through with my rebates. I have done really well this past year and have a pile of copies(because I copied them before I sent them out, like you’re supposed to) to prove it. I just love getting my money back in the mail. What a kick!!
    I’ve been trying to pick one or two things for this year because I loved being successful at my resolution that I want to do that again. All of yours are the things that I want to work on as well.
    It will be hard to pick just one.
    I think that I will try to always have my Sunday coupons put away by Monday. I am known to get behind by 3 weeks or more. By then I’ve missed out on lots of great finds.
    You inspire me. Thanks

  • Looks like a really great plan for the 2011 Mercedes. How about making more money? I wish my wife is more into coupons..the only coupons she uses are Costco coupons. Now. with regards to organic foods, we usually buy our stuffs from a nearby Whole Foods store. We like going over there but not too crazy about their price.

  • My biggest goals for 2011 are to fully fund my emergency fund and to add another $500/month toward the principle of our home loan. I want to use ‘money saved’ for the majority and any new money to go along with it.