Review and Giveaway: Eureka AirSpeed Vaccum

I have shared many time s here on this blog that a clean floor makes me very happy. That makes dog hair my nemesis and we have a shedding dog. That means that I am often cleaning the dog hair off my floors and carpets off dog hair.

Eureka recently released to the market the Eureka AirSpeed. This vacuum sells exclusively to Walmart for $119.96. This is a bag less vacuum with the following features:

* HEPA filter removes up to 99.97 percent of all allergens for cleaner home
* Turbo powered stair and upholstery brush removes dust, allergens and pet dander from upholstery backs and stair risers
* No tools required for assembly
* Upholstery and dusting brush, extension wand and crevice tool
* 27′ power cord with easy cord release
* Flip bottom dust cup for easy emptying

So, what did I like about this vacuum?  This vacuum has a strong suction power.  It is hard to believe that a vacuum this cheap would do the same job the Kenmore vacuum we bought just six weeks ago.   The Eureka AirSpeed vacuum picked up all of the dog hair from the carpet and the easy to use attachments made it easy to pick up all the hair from the sofa as well.  Plus when I was done, it was very easy to take the canister off to empty it.  On top of that, the vacuum comes with a brush to help clean the canister and filter clean to make them last longer.  The vacuum weighs 19 lbs that is very good for a vacuum.  I hate to keep mentioning the Kenmore Canister vacuum that we just bought but that one weighs 27 pounds.  Plus it is a canister which I thought would make it easier to carry around and maneuver but it doesn’t.  I hate to say we spent double the cost of this one.  I don’t know what we were thinking.  Oh well, live and learn I guess.

The only drawback that I was going to mention is that the vacuum is just a little stiff to maneuver.  But since the vacuum is lightweight it helps a lot.  You can read other customer reviews here.

Win it!

One lucky Common Sense with Money reader will win a Eureka Air Speed vacuum courtesy of Eureka.

To enter this giveaway just drop me a comment.

This giveaway ends on 10/8 at 9PM EST. This giveaway is open to U.S residents 18 years and older.  Emailing me is not a valid way to enter this giveaway.  If you are reading this in an email click here to enter this gveaway.

This giveaway is sponsored by Eureka. I received an Air speed Vacuum to facilitate this review and another one to giveaway.  All statements are 100% my own opinion.  This post has not been edited or reviewed by Eureka.

  • Jaimie

    I would love to win!

  • Julie F

    I would love to win…

  • Miriam T.

    Thanks for the review! Finding a good vacuum is surprisingly hard….Some of them look great in the box but perform terribly when faced with pet hair or stairs.

  • Stephanie

    Would love to win one! Thanks!

  • julie

    winning would sure make my day!

  • Jackie

    My vacuum is making a really funny noise and we think is about to blow. Me and my husband have been looking for a good vacuum. This would be perfect to win!

  • Tia H

    I too hate dog hair on the floor! I would love to give this a try! thanks!

  • Pam

    Awesome would love to have a new vacume…Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    What a great giveaway! My vacuum is always on the fritz….I don’t know how many times I’ve taken that thing apart to “fix” it!!

  • Janna

    Vacuuming is not one of my favorite chores. But this would certainly make it easier!


    i really need new vacuum , love to win . thanks

  • nilu

    wow…a great giceaway….! I would love to win this one….

  • Tanya

    This would be so great to win! I have had the same vacuum for 15 years and it is falling apart! Thanks!

  • Laura L.

    We could really use a new vacuum; ours is about worn out!

  • Stacey

    If I win this I will give it to my son for his place. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    We have a large dog that sheds, so this would definitely be a wonderful addition to our household.

  • Kristin

    My house needs this!

  • Lani

    I’m so excited for this opportunity! I love your website so much! We just moved and boy, what a workout my vacuum has had! This would make a perfect anniversary gift for my husband, heehee!

  • Kristin

    Thanks for the chance!

  • sam

    please please i need to win this one. Mine was very old and time for a new vacuume. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!!

  • amber g

    I would love to win this!

  • Cathy

    Boy do I need this vaccum!!!! My vaccum of many many years was lost in cleaning combat about a week ago and I have not replaced it. My carpets are screaming for help:) Thanks for this offer.

  • Laura

    I think I need this vacuum. I have cat hair on the carpets and furniture.

  • asmith

    Just picking upby hand from carpet knowing I need to vacuum desperately.
    Definitely could use a a new vacuum.

  • Jen Young

    Thanks for the chance to win! Our vacuum is hanging on by a string right now- darn cord is chewed through- and we dont have dogs! I have been itching for a new one, but the hubby seems to think that what we have is just fine! If we WIN one, then we have no choice!!! Thanks for the review!

  • Zoe

    Nothing would make my husband happier than having a new vacuum.

  • Stephanie

    I agree, the Kenmore is heavy!

  • suzanne

    Awesome promotion and awesome blog!

    I would love a chance to win!

  • Oanh

    Great giveaway prize.

  • Kristie

    Awesome giveaway!!! Light weight is the most important feature to me. Maybe a new “toy” in the house will get someone else excited about vaccuming so I can have a break. Wishful thinking! :)

  • Cindy

    Would love to win this vacuum. Thanks for the review.

  • Whitney

    My parents just put down new carpet last week, so this would be great for them.

  • Sherry

    A new vacuum would be awesome!!!

  • Lindsay

    I’d love to win! With 2 cats, a dog, and two kids, a vacuum like this is SO needed!

  • Mike

    I would love to win this.

  • Christina

    I’d love to win!

  • Bonnie Cheatham

    What a great giveaway!

    I’d love to be able to try this out, I also have to sweep often due to dog and cat hair!


  • Mickey

    love to win this. I have 2 shedding dogs and just can’t seem to get caught up with the hair

  • Tessy

    I could use this!

  • Toby

    I sure hope I win!

  • Allie Zirkle

    count me in to win!

  • Julie

    I would love to win this! I really need a new vacuum.

  • Bethany

    Would love to win one to help control our endlessly-shedding cats!

  • Susan Lee

    I would love this vacuum. We rescued 2 dogs and one of them sheds like crazy!! This would be such a blessing! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Good luck to everyone!!

  • Denise Edstrom

    I would love to win this…I have two dogs at home and am constantly vacuuming up their hair. I need a vacuum that actually works!

  • Anna B.

    I am in dire need of a new vacuum and would *love* to win this one! I have 2 cats and 1 dog, all of which seem to shed at an unbelievable rate. I swear, they should be bald! 😉

  • Lynn

    i would love to win this vacuum. I have a 4yr old golden retriever that sheds a ton and we have just added a golden retriever puppy to the mix. so we will now have twice the hair and twice the pick up. This would work wonderfully.

  • Dodi

    With a dog that sheds…i go thru sweepers!! Would love to win it!

  • Lori

    I would love to win this! My other vacuum broke a few weeks ago and we can’t afford a new one. This would be such a blessing.

  • Lisa Abernathy

    I would love to win this! Great Site !!

  • Bree

    I’d love to win!

  • Heather

    Would love to win- our pet hair is a full time project! =)

  • Estie

    I’d love to win a new vacuum!

  • Liza Dore

    I hope to win this wonderful vacuum. thanks for the opportunity .

  • Elaine

    I would love to win! I have pets that have pet fur!

  • Rei

    Great giveaway…Thanks for a chance :)

  • Patti Corsaletti

    OK, I am in so need of a new vaccum. My electrolux is on it’s way out , this would be perfect. LOVE TO win it 😉

  • Sharon

    This would be a Dream come true to win this vacuum cleaner.

  • Sheri Lazare

    You summed up my life with your review. I have three dogs going through the shedding process too, and can’t stand to have dog hair on EVERYTHING! To win this vacuum would free up so much time and, according to your review, cut my dog hair cleaning in half! Thanks for the chance to win and for the review! Sheri

  • janet

    I have a residential cleaning business. This would be especially good to have in homes that have pets and I have several of them.

  • flyn

    Dog hair on the floors and furniture makes me crazy! This vacuum sounds like it would do the job. Thanks for the review and for offering this giveaway.

  • Michelle P.

    Pick me!!! I love to vaccum!

  • Donna

    Oh I would LOVE to win a new vacuum!

  • Alana

    HEY! Great giveaway! I would love a new vacuum!

  • bo

    Loved my Kenmore, but it just gave up the ghost. And I know that Eurekas are good. Plus, we just got a dog last week. If it will pick up the dog hair that well, I’m all for it!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Sue Phillips

    so tired of buying sweepers with no suction!! Just want it to pick up the dirt in my carpet! Is that to much to ask for?

  • Michelle P.

    I would love to win!! :)

  • Bev

    having two shedding dogs makes me want to win this!

  • Maria

    I’d really love to win this vacuum… Our apartment is fully-carpeted and the vacuum that we have doesn’t really do its job. I have to run the vacuum many times before it suctions the dirt…

  • Corrie

    This would be perfect! Our vacuum has been slowly dying over the past month and we’ve been trying to look for a new one at low cost. I can’t believe how expensive good vacuums are! I hope I win!

    • Corrie

      Oh, and the fact that I have four dogs (one is a Husky and the other a German Shepherd. You can’t imagine the hair) makes vacuuming at least a daily chore.

  • Kelly

    I have four kids ages 3,2,1,and 4 months. I really need a new vacuum; especially since number 4 will be brawling real soon.

  • Anslee

    Would love to win this for my family, we need a vacuum so bad!

  • Tracy

    looks fantastic! Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Andrea Bell

    Love your site! Would love to have to have this for: dog hair, grass, dirty footprints, cracker crumbs, smooshed grapes…basically all the things that bring me joy (and mess) :)

  • Kevin

    Boy do I need this!!!

  • erin

    This would be a great thing to win! I love freshly vacuumed carpets!

  • Laurie Brown

    would love to win!

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  • Donna Y

    I would love to win! We also have a Kenmore canister vac, thinking it would be good for the same reasons! I like it sort of, but my husband HATES it. Since the vacuuming falls to him due to my back problems, I’d love to have a vac for him that would make the job less “sucky”. Haha. 😉

  • Earlena Wheeler

    Thanks to you and Eureka for this chance!

  • Jennifer

    I would love to win this since mine just bit the dust!! Thanks!

  • Renee

    I would love to win! With a toddler who seems to track food all over the house and a cat that sheds, our floors are needing to be vacuumed everyday, and mine right now just doesn’t measure up anymore!

  • Sarah

    this would be great to win. thanks for all you do.

  • Durinda Wilkinson

    I have a Eureka that is on its last legs. I would LOVE to win this one. We have 2 dogs & 2 cats & have lots of pet hair to round up!! I love the new Eurekas that they have now. Affordable & very efficent! Thanks

  • kate

    Eureka vacuums are the best! I’m in desperate need of a new vacuum.

  • Tanya N

    I love it when my floors are clean as well!

  • lisa

    I NEED a new vacuum!!

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the chance! We need a new vacuum!

  • Carey S

    I need a powerful new vacuum! Glad you found one that works on dog hair :)

  • Michelle

    Great giveaway!

  • Brandi

    I need a new vacuum badly and would love to win!

  • Jackie

    please let it be my lucky day….

  • Kelley Wieland

    I would love to win a new vac!! Pick me please!!

  • Erin

    What a wonderful giveaway! Our vacuum just broke yesterday so I am now in the market for a new vacuum. Will definitely want to give some consideration to this model!

  • Daisy

    I would love to win it!! :)

  • Stephanie Phelps

    Oh my goodness I have been praying someone would have this kind of giveway. I am with you on the dog hair and how it drives me nuts! I really hope I win. Thank you

  • April Hawkes

    I would love a new vaccum!!

  • Melody

    What a blessing a new vacuum would be a great blessing. Thanks for letting us know. :)

  • Amanda Headrick

    I would love to win this vaccum!

  • mary

    i hope i win! =)

  • Sarah Franke

    I would love a new vacuum cleaner! Mine is just about worn out and with Baby# 5 due in just a few weeks, it would make my life easier :0)

  • Melissa

    I was just saying this weekend how I really need to break down and buy a new vaccuum! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • Talia

    I really need a new vacuum. Maybe even my husband would use it…..

  • Pat

    Oh I’ve been wanting a bagless vacuum!!!! We have an old smelly orek, and I’d rather have a dirty floor than smell that thing run.

  • Pamela

    This would be awesome to help keep up after 3 cats, 3 kids and 1 husband!

  • Jeff

    I need a new vac!

  • Nikki G

    I need a new vaccum desperately!

  • Becky B

    I would also love to win the vacuum. It sounds great!

  • Breanne Blanchard

    I would love to win this! Thanks so much for the chance! :)

  • Kathy

    Wow, I would love this. Our vaccum (sweeper-we call it that) is about to die.

  • Kelly K

    Thanks so much for the review and all you do. I have several pets, and no luck with vaccuums.

  • Shannon G.

    With two kids…I would love that vacuum!

  • Nikki

    what an awesome giveaway. We need a new vacuum BAD! thanks :)

  • Christina P.

    This would be perfect…I’m actually in need of a new GOOD vacuum! :) :) :)

  • Joan P

    would love to win this. yay.

  • KJ

    What a great giveaway!

  • Patricia Gomez

    Pick me, Pick me!!! Could definitely use a new vacuum! With a 2 yr old, 6 & 7 yr. old … have lots of daily vacuuming going on over here :)

  • Gina

    Would love to win.

  • Lois

    Could always use a new vacuum.

  • Sarah Ulfers

    One question. Does this have an automatic rewind for the power cord?

  • Kim


  • Judy

    Our Dyson had an unfortunate accident of some sort and no longer has great suction. With 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog I could use a vacuum with great suction.

  • Stephanie

    I would love to win! Have lots of cat hair that needs to be vacuumed up! 😉

  • Ronda

    Let’s just say my husband picked out our last vacuum. Isn’t that enough. He is not the one that cleans our house. It’s a beast, it’s heavier than my 4 year old and we have 3 flights of steps. Ouch. I’d love to give those one a try.

  • Paula

    I would love to win this vacuum!!

  • Allyson T

    would love to win.. my vaccuum is on its last leg!

  • shiny

    i sure wanna win !

  • Danielle

    Pick me, Pick me!! I NNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD a new vacuum :)

  • Sandy

    would love to win this.

  • Andrea Watts

    Wow, what a great giveaway!!!

  • Pat

    I would love- love to win this!!
    pavanco1 at embarqmail dot com

  • christy Black

    I find it amazing how much a yellow lab can shed! I would buy two of these vacuums judging by your review :)

  • Becky

    I would love to win this!

  • Debbie

    My 2 dogs shed like crazy and I would love to not find their hair in my crawling son’s mouth all the time!

  • Mindy

    Our old one broke 2 weeks ago and we’ve been borrowing our neighbor’s while we research vacuums. This one sounds great!

  • tammie

    Sounds like a great gadget!

  • Sarah

    I would love to win!! :)

  • Janet

    Please enter my name in the drawing for the vacuum…it would be great to win one!

  • B Andersen

    This sounds like just what we need.

  • Michael

    I would love to win this.

  • stephanie h

    i would love this!

  • Shaunna

    Thank you!!

  • Kelli

    I would love this!

  • Mark Schuetze

    My dog sheds as well, so I could use the help!

  • samantha

    I really need a good vacuum, we always end up with a crappy one thinking its going to be a good one.

  • Carissa

    Oh Oh Oh! My 2 year old son is obsessed with vacuums!! So much that our on/off switch is stuck in the on position…he would loooove this! And mommy too!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Kim

    I own a dalmatian (need I say more :)) and have killed multiple vacuum cleaners – please enter me – my floors would love it!

  • JEN C

    I would love to win a new vaccum so that I don’t have to drag mine up and down the stairs all the time.

  • Melissa Hiday

    A new vacuum would absolutely make my year! Unemployment really stinks, but I am doing everything I can to economize..this site helps so much!!

  • stuart h

    oh! we need a new vacuum!

  • colleen

    Wow! What a great prize!

  • Theresa

    We could also use a new vacuum. I love to vacuum the floors too!

  • Noel

    This would be awesome for us! We have an old hand me down vacuum that shrieks when I turn it on and is held together by a nail…that didn’t even come with the vacuum! Lol.

  • Kristen C

    I DESPERATELY need a new vacuum! Would LOVE to win this one! :)

  • Stasi

    this would be great! my vacuum in in dire need of replacement

  • Jeanie Hunt

    Would love to win this. Mine is on it’s last leg.

  • mary w

    I would love to win. My current sweeper it too heavy!

  • Stefanie

    I need a vaccum because mine started smoking and nearly caught on fire. I would love to win this one! Thanks! :)

  • Kendra

    With a shedding cat and friends allergic to pet dander, I would LOVE to win this vacuum!

  • Kristine K

    This sounds like a great vacuum – maybe it could fight the dog & bunny hair!

  • Tamara Graham

    I only have hardwood floors in my house and the vacuum I have is very heavy and doesn’t work well on my floors. Would love something that is lighter and has better suction on the hardwood.

  • Erin

    Great giveaway. Hope I win!

  • Berdie

    I would love to win……

  • Becky

    I would love to win this vacuum! My friend just got a new one and I’m very jealous!!

  • Emily

    Enter me!!

  • Marlene

    Would love a new Vacuum. Mine is taped together with electrical tape.

  • Kristy

    Oooh, fingers crossed for this one!

  • Angie

    My college freshman daughter and her roommate would LOVE it if I won. Two girls with long hair in one small dorm room…..great vacuum is a must

  • Dawn W

    Oh do I need a vaccum. My 3 y o Kenmore Upright is angry and refuses to vaccum…Thanks!

  • Pam

    Yeah! A new vacuum!

  • Tracey

    What a great giveaway!

  • Keela

    I would love to win this vaccuum. My daughter could use this in her dorm room.

  • Theresa G

    would love to win. Could so use a new vaccum.

  • Shauna

    Hey Mercedes! I could def. use a free vacuum to replace my ancient, icky one! :)

  • Michelle Wilson

    Would love to win, thanks!

  • Jen J

    I would love to win this!! Had a Eureka for a long time until our new puppy ate the cord off. With a baby in the house that crawls…winning a good vacuum would be AMAZING!!!

  • Kristen

    Oh man, I definitely need this vacuum!!

  • erin

    do you think I could just vacuum my dog with it? I would love to give you a review!! :o)

  • aswe

    I would love to win one

  • Lisa

    How did you know that I’m vacuuming shopping??!! I would love to win this!

  • amber k

    Is it my lucky day?

  • Kevin W

    Love this vacuum! So nice and so clean!

  • Jenna

    A new vacuum would be life-changing for me (and my 9-month old, who will eat anything he finds on the floor)! Thank you :)

  • Steve

    Fantastic giveaway–thanks!

  • melody

    I wouls love it too, my cat is driving me crazy, with all the hair.And I have yet to find a good vacum.

  • Patricia

    What a great giveaway. I love your site :)

  • Serina Zhang

    Wish I can get it this time.

  • Sonya

    I’d love to win this!

  • Vanessa

    Pick me! Pick me! :)

  • Heather R

    We have two labs and live on Sandhills Rd – need I say more? Would love to try this vacuum out!!!

  • sheri grennille

    i am vacuuming with a shop vac so this would be a great prize.

  • Tracy Hawk

    I would love to win this vacuum :)

  • Teri

    I could really use a new vacuum right now, this would be great!

  • Nancy

    What a great giveaway! Would love to try this and see if it can handle our two girls with long hair….our son who loves to eat while watching tv and seems to somehow always drops those crumbs and forgets to pick them up…and our two cats who seem to shed more and more! Thanks for the great website!

  • orli

    this looks like a really nice vacuum cleaner.

  • adele

    Please help! We have a 9 year old pug named Junior, who sheds like crazy! We’ve gone through at least 4 vacuums already, b/c the amount of shedding this little 25 pound dog does is bad. He’s a great dog, but the hair is everywhere. This would make our lives so much easier………..

  • Tanya

    Would love to win this vacuum. I have to long haired cats and a dog, so I know how hard it is to vacuum pet hair!

  • carrie

    Oh, I’d love to win this vacuum. My current one is falling apart.

  • Xylia Rueda

    19 pounds?! I would love a new vacuum that’s light.

  • lisa piq

    I must be getting old the idea of a new vac is exciting agggghh

  • Sarah K

    our vacuum is on the older side but has held up OK, and it was a Walmart cheapie. with three cats shedding all over the place we could use a new one that works well!

  • Galia

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. This vaccum seems so great!

  • Maren Lee

    I would love to win. thank you!

  • Kristen White

    Oh how I would love a new vacuum! Ours was a hand-me-down wedding present…

  • Tina Fink

    I have a dog & two cat who shed a great light weight vacuum would be great to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Brenda B.

    I would LOVE to win!!!!

  • Teresa

    Woohoo! This would be a fantastic gift for our 20 year old for Christmas! First Apt. & now vacume. He keeps borrowing ours on the week ends. :)

  • Sherry

    I would love a new vacuum cleaner!

  • Cheryl

    I would love to win. My current vaccuum is on it’s way out.

  • jeni

    sure would like to try it with my dog hair!

  • Pam

    I’d love to win a new bagless vacuum! We have a new home, and I am just not satisfied with the performance of my old vac.

  • Terry

    Great giveaway.

  • Amy

    I could totally use a new vacuum cleaner…for my hubby to use, of course!! :)

  • Heather


  • Mylia

    I hope I win! Exciting!

  • ShelleyB

    Pick me!!

  • sara

    Wow, do I ever have a lot of dog hair. I need this vacuum!

  • Amanda Spencer

    I would LOVE a new vacuum, as ours is over 10 years old!

  • Angelina

    this looks great!

  • Megan J

    Would love to have this – thanks!

  • Shawn M.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these. My vacuum is on it’s last leg!

  • Kristin H

    I need to buy a new vacuum but I’d love to win this and not have to purchase one!

  • haely

    I’d love to win :)

  • Sarah LaVigne

    I need a new vacuum soooo bad – this would be perfect :)

  • Anita

    Really need it!!

  • Danielle

    Love your site! Would love to win this vaccuum! I need one badly! :)

  • Angie

    I would LOVE to win a new vacuum!! Finances are tight right now, so I’ve been making due with a $20 vacuum I bought on a Black Friday. It is terrible — and does NOT remove my precious Buddy Joe’s hair from the couch. Grody!

  • xiaoxin

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  • David

    Looks like a great vacuum. I want it!

  • Debbie

    Thanks for the info. Also would love a new vacuum.

  • andy

    Could really use, as I clean my office weekly–and to try at home on cat hair.

  • Kara

    We recently adopted a cat and my current vac can’t seem to handle all of the hair very well…I could certainly put this vac to the test!

  • Debbie

    Thanks for the great info. I too would love a new vacuum.

  • Sarah

    We really need a new vacuum for the apartment!

  • Bethanny

    This looks awesome! Would love to win it!!

  • Patricia

    I would *love* to win this giveaway! I currently live with my boyfriend and 4 other boys so I could use a great quality floor cleaner! 😛

  • Staci

    Thanks for the run down. My vacuum is 10 years old and a new one would be heaven…

  • Elane Crum

    I have a dog that sheds and would LOVE to win this sweeper.

  • bryan

    Sounds like a great vacuum!

  • Diana

    This would be perfect. My vacuum just died this weekend!

  • Lisa Bailey

    Two shedding dogs, Two shedding cats, possibly a vacuum that picks up pet hair, priceless.

  • Kim Bowen

    Would love to win this. Would help with cleaning after a cat and 2 kids and a husband.

  • Donna

    Oh, I so need a new vacuum. Please please please!

  • Ginger

    Can I say thanks in advance lol, would love to have one

  • Bethany

    Considering my vacuum has officially bit the dust, this would be a wonderful blessing to me!

  • Diana

    My 10-year old vacuum is on its last legs and I’d love to win a new one! Sucking up cat hair is no fun….I’m pleased to hear that this one did a good job with dog hair….maybe I have a chance!

  • tinap

    This is so great! I could really use a new vaccum. Mine is almost 7 years old.

  • Laura W.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  • YOY

    looking at a kenmore canister also, lots of bare floors and a new dog ! I’d love a lightweight vac like this. Thanks for the opportunity (sounds like lots of us need new vacuums !)

  • Angela G

    Awesome giveaway. Can’t complain about cleaning if the vacuum is light!

  • Melissa

    My cat is our worst offender-this would be awesome to have!

  • meg

    would be nice to give it a try. I love a clean floor too. Thanks for chance to win.

  • Suzy B.

    I love my Eureka, but it’s getting old. So let me win!

  • Rachelle Anderson

    I have white floors with a black lab that sheds like crazy….I have to vacuum daily, and it seems like my vacuum doesn’t get it all. I would love this one!

  • Danyell

    My sister just moved into a new house and would love this! Thanks for the chance!

  • lyndsey S

    Just moved in and new a new one! Thanks

  • Ginger

    Would love to win.

  • Crystal L.

    My husband and I have three dogs and a baby on the way, this vacuum would be great! Thank you.

  • Sadie

    Hi I would love to win this vac! I have a finished basement under my 2 story house, so I am constantly lugging the vacuum around!

  • Brenda Adair

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win a new vacuum cleaner that I could move up and down the stairs without throwing my back out.

  • Heather

    I really would love to win this……mine is on its way out…..and my Husband is unemployed right now… it would be a blessing!!!!

  • Tina M

    Nice giveaway. We need a new vacuum, would love to win this.

  • chits

    I seriously need one right now…my old one is not working and infact was looking for deals since 3 days…i would def. love to win this one…. :)

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    great prize!

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    i would love to win

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    I would love a new vacuum, thanks for the chance.

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    We totally need a new one!

  • Whitney Treloar

    I am also happy with clean floors. Conversely, I feel CRAZY when my floors are dirty. And they are often a mess. I have three kids, three cats, a dog and a dusty yard. I have many tricks to cleaning the floors, but nothing seems foolproof or easy. I have a vacuum, but it doesn’t work well on bare floors. I sweep, then use the vacuum to suck up the pile of stuff. I use a broom, a swiffer, a steam mop, a conventional mop, the hand-and-knees method. Not thrilled with any of these. If only I were less of a perfectionist! Thanks for your hard work and for this opportunity!

  • Cynthia

    Great giveaway. Would be nice to win.

  • cathy

    Would love to win it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly

    Thanks for the contest and the great review. It sure helps to have good recommendations for large ticket items so as not to get the wrong one.

  • Geraldine T

    My dog sheds like crazy! We would love one!

  • Teri K

    My vacuum is ready to give up the ghost. Please enter me.

  • Alan

    I hope to win this cool vac!

  • Heather B.

    Great timing! I’m looking for a new vacuum cleaner! I have a baby that is crawling everywhere and it’s so hard to keep everything up off the floor, especially with a dog!

  • Kim Jones

    It is nice to get comments about sweepers..I am having a heck of a time finding one I really like..We also have a TON of dog hair and have to sweep asleast 2 -3 times a day..My husband bought me a dyson a few years ago and I will tell you for the money that he spent it is not worth it, dont get me wrong it works but definately not up to what they tell it will do, my girlfriends sweeper is from walmart and is just as good as my dyson..and parts keep breaking on it witch, as you can guess are not I would love to try this new sweeper..thank you

  • Andrea

    Awesome…would love to win this.

  • Pamela M.

    I really need a new vacuum, and this one sounds purrfect for my feline household. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! :)

  • Christy

    I would really love to replace my boat-anchor canister vacuum with this! Thanks!

  • Sarah

    A vacuum cleaner is something I always need, but hate to spend money on so this would be great!

  • Stacey B

    How great would it be to win a vacuum! With two dogs, three cats and two kids I go through a new vacuum at least once a year.

  • Allison G.

    What an awesome prize to get!

  • Kimberly

    Thanks for the review! Sounds like a good vacuum for a great price! Would love to win one!

  • Tracy

    I think it’s great that you are giving one of these away, I could really use it.

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    I would love to win this. I have a dog that sheds.

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    Help! My dogs’ hair ate the last two! I would love this.

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    i have 2 shedding dogs and my old vaccuum cleaner is near the end. would love to win this. thanks for the chance.

  • Sarah

    Dog hair is my nemesis too! Its everywhere in our house – we have three dogs(all from rescues). We need a better vacuum : ) Would love to win this one!

  • Loraleigh Anderson

    A new vacuum would be great!

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    I’d love to win this!!

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    Oh, oh, oh – pick me! Pick me! lol I’d love to win this beautiful new vaccum.

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    I SO NEED a new vacuum. I think our new house deserves a new one to go along with it!

  • Trish

    Thanks for the opportunity -it would be great to win :)

  • Shani Myers

    never entered anything like this before, but I REALLY need a new vac, so why not try….
    this looks awesome!!
    love your website, by the way-I’m on it several times a day…

  • sherry

    I would so love this. Thanks for all your work.

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    I could really use a new vacuum!

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    yay free vaccum!

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    I’m so excited for this awesome giveaway! I love your website so much! We have an old heavy noisy vacumn machine that scary my babies and my dog everytime we run it. We will love to have something this nice …
    Thank you very much.

  • Elle

    i would love to win this. my vaccuum has taken on a life (and odor) of its own (no matter how hard i scrub)!

  • Jennifer H.

    I would love to win!!

  • Chris

    My wife would love for me to win this to help keep the house clean.

  • Janet W.

    Desperately need to win this vaccuum!

  • Art

    My wife is in desperate need of a new vaccuum. Pick me!

  • Jessica

    My vacuum just broke and I have no idea what to buy because there are so many new vacuums out there. Your review is very helpful.(Especially is I don’t win!)

  • karen

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  • kathleen

    i would love to win!

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    I have the same dog hair issues! Would love to win this!

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    Eureka!!! I’d like to give it a try.

  • Jennifer D

    We have two dogs and would love to have a vacuum that effectively removes the dog hair from the rugs and carpet. Plus, the one we have is h-e-a-v-y!!!

  • HasturTorres

    I wonder how well it works on dog and cat hair? I think it would be fun to try.

  • rb

    I desperately need a new vacum!!!!!my old one is broken.

  • Cindy

    It could only be better if it vacuumed by itself!

  • Melissa Pizur

    I would love to win! I have 3 shedding dogs and 4 boys so I clean alot!

  • Kelly

    Would love to win!!

  • Kathleen Weber-Combs

    hello I have a rescue puppy that sheds black and we have a dark brown carpet and then we have about 15 cats most live outdoors but then we do have some that come in it’s starting to get cold out there would love to win a good vacuum thanks

  • Candace

    love a good vacuum!

  • Beth W.

    I am in desperate need of a new vacuum!! Mine has just about had it and this would be perfect timing to get ready for the upcoming holiday season!

  • Mary Susman

    I have always had hand me down vacuum cleaners, so this would be so nice to have in my home. I have 2 dogs that shed and this would really help out.

  • sara

    Would love to win one…

    thanks for the giveaway.

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    I do the majority of cleaning in our home, so this would be a wonderful present.

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    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this new vacuum cleaner for my home!! Great Giveaway!

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    Fabulous give away. Thanks!

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    My house would love to win this vaccum.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

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    Our vacuum is so clunky and heavy, this one sounds sooo much better. Would love to get my hands on this prize! Thanks

  • Karen

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    I love my current Eureka but would love to have a new one!

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    I could totally use this!

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    This is just the cleaning machine I need to motivate my boys to help me clean house!

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    I need a new vacuum!

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    This Eureka Vacuum Cleaner would be a welcome addition to our home and a good replacement for our old cleaner! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


    With twin girls going off to college next year, I sure could use an extra vaccum!! :0)

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    This would be great!

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    This looks nice 😀

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    I love your site and would love to win!!!

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    My daughter’s vacuum is about to die so this would be perfect to give her for her upcoming birthday!

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    I hope I win! I could use a new vacuum and this one sounds great!

  • Yolanda Alfaro

    I have 3 pitbulls and I have to vacuum a lot. This is a good information about this vacuum . I think that next time I will buy this vacuum and try it and hopefully it will do a good job vacuum dogs hair. I like to have my house clean but with dogs is really hard . It will be a good saving if I win the vacuum. Thank you again for your comments.

  • Marie

    I have been vacuumless for a month. I’m so frugal, that I’m still waiting for a good deal somewhere, so I can purchase one. Whoop, Whoop, I would love to win this.

  • angela

    Sounds wonderful!!

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    this is just what i need.

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    I would love to win this vaccum! My current vacuum is horrible, it doesn’t vacuum from the bottom so I have to alway use the hose to vacuum the entire house.

  • Jana

    I would love to win this!

  • TamiV

    A Great Giveaway! Thanks.

  • Karine

    With our growing-shedding Lab pup and the “I only work when I want” vacuum we have now, a new Eureka would be AMAZING!

  • Diane G

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  • Allison

    I would love to win!!! My vacuum isn’t doing too well, so this would be awesome!

  • Karina

    Would love to win this, would be able to have a vaccum on my first floor and second floor then. Would avoid having to lug it up and down the steps!

  • AngieJ

    I would love a new vacuum!

  • Bill Wilson

    Would love to win this…. my old vacumn does not pick up my pet hair well at all.

  • Annette

    I’m in desperate need of a new vacuum. My Riccar was ruined by a short in my wiring. I’ve been borrowing a friend’s while I decide which kind to buy.

  • Jennifer h

    Sweet! I’d love to win. Thanx for the chance.

  • sharon

    Thanks for all you do for us!

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    I would love to win this vaccum

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    I would love to win. :-)

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    I would love to win

  • Casey Dawson

    I would love to win!! We’ve been looking for a new one but don’t want to have to spend $500 on a Dyson to pick all the pet hair lying around this house!

  • Loura Caffey

    I would love to win!!!! I have 3 dogs and one cat. Talk about hair! I am constantly cleaning floors so a vacuum that can really get the job done would be a huge help.

  • Jennifer Bonner

    Vaccuming is my twin daughters chore one gets to vaccum and the other gets to clean the bathroom. Im so glad there at the age where the can pitch in it’s great! They help out and earn a allowance at the same time. This would make thier chore a lot easier because we just bought a cheep $50- vaccum from k-mart ! If you ask me you get what you pay for!!!!!!! Also their Brithday is Oct. 20th The’ ve never won anything in their life!!!!!!!;]

  • Chhaya

    Would love to win this one :)

  • Mary

    Good review. That:s the type of vacuum I am looking for . Would love to win

  • Amber

    I could definitely use a new vacuum…and this one sounds great!!

  • Michele

    I wanna win!! Please….please…with sugar on top! :-)

  • Jen

    I also have a dog that sheds. :)

  • Amber

    We are moving into a new house next month. I would LOVE a new vacuum to keep our carpet clean and looking new!

  • TJoi

    I would love to have this in my home. I hope I win!

  • Renee

    I would love to win this!

  • Crystal

    Would love to win this one! Thx for the giveaway.

  • *Amanda

    With 3 kids, a hubby and a dog the size of a horse- i vacuum way more often than i care to admit!

  • MB

    Woudl love to win

  • Maggie

    Would love to try this vacuum!

  • Jana Courville

    Wow that would be very useful at our house!

  • Heath

    Love your site and would love this vac for my three pets shedding

  • Carol

    This vacuum is a must with three growng boys, would love to win

  • Kim

    I so need a new vacuum!

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    I would love to win this!

  • Kelly

    With 3 bulldogs I can not own enough vacuums. Ha. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • janesmith

    Please let it be me!!! I really need to replace my old vacuum.


    **that vacuum is calling my name…I need a new one**

  • Noel

    Love the site, great giveaway

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    Would love to win this, my Eureka is about done!!!

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    What a great giveaway! Thanks for offering this.

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    This would be awesome to win!!!

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    Awesome prize!

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    Definitely love this cleaner, thank you so much for the chance to win

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    My vacuum is pretty heavy and always a chore to carry it upstairs and downstairs…I’d love to have a spare vacuum!!

  • Will

    Thank you

  • Marcie

    This would be amazing to win

  • Lauren K

    I want to win. I read your blog almost daily. Thank you for a the great information!

  • Pat L.

    Wow! I would love this Eureka! the hepa filter sounds wonderful.
    My vacuum isvery awkward and turns over so easily that I scar my walls when this happens!

  • Saralyn

    It would be so fun to win . . . maybe it would make cleaning more fun!

  • Leah

    I NEED a new vacuum that will pick up cat hair and scoopable litter crumbs! :) Please!

  • Michelle Phelps

    Oh this would be so amazing to win! My vacuum is from the 1960’s, literally! It weighs a ton but I cannot afford a new one. The new vacuums are like $300! That is outrageous! I’d be so blessed to win a new one.

  • Heather

    This would be so awesome! My current vacuum is a beast of burden Kirby.

  • Trisha Preece

    I am in need of a new vacuum, mine is not working so well these days. With four messy children, vacuuming often is a MUST. This would be awesome. Thanks

  • Susan

    What a great giveaway!

  • Apryl @ Christian Clippers

    I would love a new vacuum

  • Katherine

    I would love a new vaccuum! Ours is terrible. We foolishly bought a cheap one that just doesn’t have much get up and go to it’s sucking power. Eventually we’ll replace it with a more expensive, higher quality one, but no funds right now.

  • Deborah

    I would love to win this! the dog & cat i have at my house have destroyed my current vacuum!

  • Jeanette

    I would love to win this vac. I would leave it upstairs and my old one downstairs.

  • erika h.

    This vacuum looks great!!

  • Jen

    What a cool giveaway! Would love to win this!

  • Carol


  • MarilynsMoney

    I’d love to win, I stop by several times per day!

  • Tracy A

    Would love to win it!

  • Jamie

    I would love to win this vacuum in light of such a great review. I have just started researching vacuums as I am in need of a new machine. I also want to take this time to thank you for posting all the great deals. I have saved a lot of money with your help.

  • Mimi

    I would love to win this, have a long haired cat!

  • Lisa

    This could be my lucky day! I would love a new vaccuum.

  • Nancy

    I would love to finally have a great vacuum cleaner! Have used the Kenmores and the Hoovers and don’t want any more of those. A friend recommended a Dyson but I didn’t want to spend that much. Thanks for the opportunity of a giveaway.

  • Sarah B.

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Dawn

    I know how you feel about floors! We don’t even have a dog, so I’m sure it would be awesome!

  • Chris

    Gotta love a vacuum giveaway!

  • Karen

    I would love to win this vacuum! I too have a Kenmore and I hate it. Big, heavy and bulky. I don’t hardly vacuum because I hate to drag that thing out.
    Thanks a bunch for the giveaway!

  • Cindy

    I would love to win this.

  • April

    I would love to have this

  • Laura

    I would love to win it., but not for myself. For my 75 yr old mom who still uses a heavy , hard to manuever “bag” vacuum,,,,that she has trouble with changing the bags.

  • Joy


  • Sonya

    Oh, I can’t tell you how badly I need a new vaccuum! The wheel just broke off mine & I just can’t bring myself to buy one this close to Christmas… I’m using a terribly old smelly one that’s a spare in the meantime!!

  • Kristen


  • Stephanie

    This prize would calm my OCD personality.

  • Amy Lauren

    I would love to win this! I’m moving in with my fiance soon (we’re getting married early next year), and we could definitely use a new vacuum. Our current ones are both hand-me-downs from the parents. So we would totally love this!

    Amy Lauren

  • Pamela

    I have a family member who loves vacuums. Would love to win it for them.

  • marie

    This would be a wonderful win!

  • Brittani

    I would love to win this vacuum, mine is old and weighs a ton. Thanks for giving us this chance of winning one : )

  • Jackie in NC

    We have 4 cats and dark carpet. It’s a nightmare to keep the fur under control. The long cord is wonderful, too – no plugging and unplugging (we have a smallish house). This sounds like it would be solve several of my problems!

  • Elizabeth Neale

    I would love to win a new vaccum! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  • Amy

    Two dogs, three teenagers…need I say more…this would be a FANTASTIC win!!!

  • joe

    i would love to win this!

  • Ana

    I LOVE your giveaways!

  • Valerie

    I found a dust bunny stuck to the bottom of our toddler’s foot today. It would be great to have a vacuum with the power to send those bunnies a-hoppin’!

  • mila

    I could use a new vacuum :)

  • Amy Kim

    Would love this, thanks!

  • Michelle H

    Would love a new vacuum…

  • Jill

    Sounds like a great vacuum.

  • Jen

    Thanks for all your work and I’d love to win!

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    WOW<I would love to be counted for this giveaway!! PLEASE!!! Thanks so much,I could really use one.
    Have a lovely week

  • bbee

    wow, look out golden retriever hair!

  • diane

    I desperately need a new vacuum! Thanks for the chance! Mine exploded a cloud of dust over me!

  • krissy

    I miss having a bagless vaccuum!

  • Elizabeth

    My old Eureka canister still has great suction but disposal bags are not to be found. I need to move into the 21st century with a “dust cup”!

  • Amy Bolt

    Just walked in the door from 3 nights at Children’s Hospital with my little boy after a terrible asthma attack Saturday night. After learning of all of the triggers of asthma, this vacuum would be perfect for our household!!

  • nancy

    i would love to win this

  • Daphne

    I would love to win this. I have a heavy dute vacuum that is hard for me to use. It is a pain to take apart to use the hose on furniture. I need one like this to clean furniture, blinds, etc.

  • Catherine Coffman

    Dog hair is my worst ememy too. I would love to win this.

  • Shelley

    Would love this vacuum.

  • Tia

    I so need this! New baby + big dog + 2 cats PLUS broken vacuum = not good :)

  • Rene

    I would love a new vacuum cleaner! :)

  • Tracey

    With two Chow Chows I could sure use this!

  • conna smith

    I bought a new one xmass and I am already needing a new one!

  • Cecilia

    I was going to purchase one of these the other day, but they were out of stock!!

  • Chalette

    Vaccuming is the one chore I actually enjoy. Being able to see the dirt coming up is wonderful.

  • Ying Yang

    Christmas is near. This would be a nice Christmans present to someone in need. Thanks a bunch for a chance to win!

  • Kassie

    We were actually looking at getting my mother in law a vacuum for Christmas. She has two little dogs and I’m would love not to be covered in hair when we visit her.

  • Chaya B


  • Bridget

    Iwould love to win this giveaway.

  • Mika

    Cheap $15 vaccum on sale that does not work and still won’t get up my beloved Pomeranian’s hair. This would be great if I were blessed to win it. Many thanks for the giveaway!

  • AnnMarie

    I would love to win a Eureka!

  • Patricia

    If I’m gonna clean the house, I might as well clean it with this beauty!

  • Melinda

    OOOH! My vacuum is on it’s last leg!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  • lori

    I would love to win!

  • kim hansen

    Oh boy do I need a new vacumn!

  • Brandi

    I was recently shopping for a vacuum so I would LOVE to win this!

  • Brittany

    i love clean floors!

  • nipa

    I love your giveaways and would like to win this one

  • Jan

    Our vacuum just went out. This would be great.

  • Mindi

    Ohhh, I want!

  • Maureen

    Our vac just bit the dust yesterday, so this would be wonderful! Thanks for all you do!

  • christian

    I’d love to win!

  • Shirley

    Sounds like a sweet sweep!

  • Diana

    I have two! vacuums that are going out on me. Thanks for the give away and the info.

  • Lisa

    I would love to win a new vacuum.The one I have is old and it smells because it’s so hard to clean the canister.

  • Rosalie

    Ok. I’m a bit nutty, but I love the idea of having an attachment on a vacuum cleaner that’s used to clean the vacuum cleaner. It must be the Danny Tanner syndrome in me. Would love to win this!

  • Denise

    I could really use a new vacuum that really works well.

  • Jenny

    How cool. It would be such a blessing to win this!

  • Karen Gee

    I love this website. I would love to win!

  • devi ch

    I Would like to win

  • Hannah P.

    Wow, seems like a great sweeper! I’ve never had a bagless, would love to try one!!!

  • Alice

    Oh I really need one of this, It would really nice to win!!

  • Colleen Y

    Love the deals from your blog and this giveaway is awesome! Thanks for the chance.

  • Conni

    I’d love to give this vacuum a try!

  • Sue

    I like you, I really, really like you!

    Ooh, Ooh, Pick me! Pick me!


  • Em

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  • Jamilla

    Eureka!! What a great giveaway!!

  • Tanya

    I would love to win! Our vaccuum cleaner is waaayy too old!

  • Kristi

    With two year old twins and a 22 pound cat, I would put this vacuum to work.

  • Lyndsay M

    just got married and our Eureka was not purchased off our registry …still hoping for a miracle to get one :)

  • Lee Ann L.

    This would be awesome! I have cats and this would help tremendously.

  • Tiffany

    Who doesn’t need a new vacuum?!

  • Kristi

    I would love a new one. Yeah.

  • Sophia

    Way Coooool ! I need to get my one of these lol

  • stacy

    I need a new vacuum so bad! I hope I win!

  • Tara

    I would love to win this!

  • Christine

    I would love to win this. I could use a new vacuum.

  • Amber

    What an awesome giveaway! :) Good luck everyone!!

  • Leandrea

    Clean floors make me happy too!

  • Lisa

    Vacuum that work well are hard for me to find. Awesome Giveaway!

  • Ashley H.

    I really need a new one.

  • Elena

    Looks like an awesome vac! Would LOVE to win this one to replace my old…not-so-awesome vac:)

  • Tracy

    Would love to win this vacuum. :-)

  • Attila

    Hope to win this great prize. I’m a bachelor and don’t even own a vacuum so this would be really useful. Thanks.

  • Michelle

    Love your blog… could us a new vacuum too!

  • Allison M.

    ooh–this is a good one!! Thanks.

  • Becca

    I have a 2 year old so vacumming has become a daily chore in my house!

  • kate curren

    Just so happens my vacuum of the last 10 years is no longer working. Thanks for the details on this new one. Perfect timing!

  • Dana M

    Oooh we need a new vacuum soo badly with two cats and a dog!

  • Gina

    This is a great giveaway! Would love to win a new vacuum!

  • Amanda B

    I love your webiste. Thanks for helping me save money!

  • Kim L

    I would love to win this!!

  • Chastidy

    It would be so awesome to win, my vaccum just died 2 days ago and I am researching new ones but don’t have much time before the dog hair and dirt take over the house!

  • Jackee

    Hi, how are you today? I hope great!! Wonderful give away btw

  • Christy Milbrandt

    Consider me entered ~ I could really use a new vacuum!

  • Diane

    I would love to win!

  • Christy L

    We could really use a new vacuum! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Julie

    My current vac…has a funny smell when you vacuum…I hope I get a new one

  • Amanda

    I hope that I win!

  • Ann

    I would love to win this. My current vacuum makes a strange sound!

  • Debbie

    thanks for the opportunity to win the vacuum….we really need it for our shedding pup!!!

  • Lindsay

    This is on my wish list!!!! Would love to win.

  • Keri Markam

    Pretty Please Pick Me!!!

  • Alice

    I love giveaways!!! though never have “won” anything… but will keep trying. =)

  • Julie

    Would love to win!! We have tons of dog hair to suck up.

  • Aimee

    I’d love to have a new vacuum to replace my really old model.

  • Machele

    What a great opportunity!! Thanks for the chance!

  • Rebekah

    My Mom NEEDS THIS VACUUM! Haha…it’s true though. :)

  • Christina Greiner

    Love this website!

  • Heidi McMahon

    I would love to win! Thank you for the chance! : )
    tyson 2468 (at) charter (dot) net

  • Mary

    Fun give away! Our old Hoover is falling apart. This would be great surprise.

  • mary catherine

    Wow, this would be GREAT!

  • Christina Davila

    I would love this vacuum as we have a baby just starting to crawl, and anything on the floor is fair game to him right now!!

  • Darcy

    Thanks for offering this!

  • Kim

    My kids would give this vacuum a workout. I would love to win it.

  • LaShondra

    I really need a new vacuum! This is great.

  • Megan

    Hi! I’d like to enter the giveaway for the vacuum. Looks awesome! :)

  • Amy

    Thanks for this great giveaway! =)

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    Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Boy do I need a new vacuum. Mine is on it last leg.

  • Lane

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  • leona

    Loved your honesty in the review and would love to try a new vacuum (am thinking of purchasing a new one)

  • Sarah

    My vacuum cleaner is not very good. It would be great to have a vacuum cleaner that actually does the job!

  • Jamie

    Fingers crossed to win this one…my floors are shedding!

  • Jennifer


  • Christy

    This is a fantastic giveaway. I would love to win this one. I am totally in need of a vacuum!

  • Katie Lebeda

    Sounds like a great giveaway!

  • Lisa

    Dog hair is my nemisis also! I would love a new vaccuum! :-)

  • Tanya Riley

    I could really use a new vacuum Thanks so much for the chance to win

  • Mandy

    I would love to win! I need a new vaccuum and I dread spending a lot for one that doesn’t work.

  • Taralynn

    We have a growing St. Bernard puppy named Shelby that is growing to be a big shedder :) We would LOVE the vacuum.

  • Amie

    A new vacuum would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • LWolfT

    Even if I don’t win, I’m going to check it out!

  • Sara

    5 small kids and 2 dogs!! I so need a vacum like this.

  • Jennifer

    Would love a new vacuum!

  • Tammy B

    I would LOVE to win this vacuum as mine is about shot from overuse.(Two golden retrievers shed alot!)

  • nic

    I would love to win this…. thinking mine is about to go….Just dont make things like they used too…

  • Margaret

    Thank you for hosting these giveaways! I would love to try a Eureka! (Or is is “an Eureka”?)

  • Barbara A

    Cleaning is not one of my favorite things but I would love to win this….

  • Dara

    Our family could really use a nice vacuum at this point. I appreciate you doing this giveaway!

  • Randi

    This would be amazing to win!!

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    Wow! I would love to win!!

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    Thank you! I love this!

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    I could certainly use a new vacuum!! :)

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    A new vacuum is on my list of things needing to be replaced. The one we are using right now is barely hanging in there…

  • Steph B

    I love vacuums! I could use a nice new one!

  • cris

    New vaccum!

  • staceyk

    We need a vacuum as we’re about to move into our own place! Sounds like a great one too with little kids in the house.

  • Amy

    I’d love to win this. We so are in the market for a new one but just can’t stomach the price of one just yet.

  • Bugmagnt

    I totally know what it is like to handle pet hair with both a cat and a dog.. and our vaccuum is a heavy old behemouth…roller style…

  • Scarlett

    My vacuum is about to die, I’m asking for a new one for christmas but would looove to win one so I can get something else for my gift!

  • Leticia

    I would love to win. My dog sheds like krazy….

  • Jessica

    ooo pick me! pick me! :)

  • Jennifer Jackson

    I also have a shedding dog that drives me crazy with his hair on the carpet. I would love to win this!

  • Lisa Gutierrez

    this vacuum sounds pretty darn awesome!

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    Thanks for a great give-away!

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    My vacuum is ready to bite the dust. This win would be fabulous. Thanks for this amazing offer.

  • Lori

    This sounds great, my baby just started moving around and picking up everything so I’m using mine everyday

  • Tracy Nugent

    I am moving into a new home with my precious baby Leah and will definitely need a new vacuum. I sure hope to win! Fingers crossed!! :)

  • Arturo Perez

    Great giveaway! Hope I win!

  • Crystal W.

    Oh my, I need to win this! With 3 kids under the age of 6, I could use the heck out of this bad boy, lol! :)

  • Angel Musick

    Hope the HEPA filter is really good. My has asthmatic breathing problems, I have allergies to many things, so most vacuums just drive us NUTS!! Here’s hoping I can find out how good this is!

  • Amee

    Thanking you for the generosity-win or not!

  • ruth tacoma

    I’d love to win it….it’s so hard to find a vacuum I love.

  • madwoman-doing-cartwheels

    It would be great to have a brand new vacuum that had some muscle. Thanks for the chance!

  • KimH

    Thanks for all you do!! 😀

  • kathy reynolds

    wow…i would love a new vacuum cleaner that really works!

  • Rhonda

    Thanks for the opportunity! We could use another vacuum!

  • chander

    i would love to win this . these are easy and light weight .

  • Beth

    this would be GREAT!

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    I would love to have a new vacuum….thanks for the chance.

  • Lynn

    4cats ,lots of hair, I need this vacuum!

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    I would love one..I need a vacuum wth 5 kids and big I really need this vacuum.

  • Delores

    I could seriously use this vacuum

  • megan

    I’d love to win!!

  • clkmom

    I, too, have a dog that sheds continuously! I would love to have a new vacuum that would actually pick up ALL the hair … my old one will get some of it, but definitely not all. And if it would get it off the furniture … that would be perfect!

  • Micheleh

    I would love to win a new vacuum!

  • Bethany

    I would love to win this. Our vacuum is old and not doing sucha great job!

  • chrsitie johnston

    I have two dogs and two kids, a new vacuum would be great!

  • kate cox

    I would love a new vacuum. Mine quite working last spring and I have to borrow my nieghbors’ every week or so.

  • K

    That vacuum sounds awesome! Our dog sheds constantly, and I can’t find refills for the pet hair remover we were using anymore. I have terrible allergies and asthma, so this sounds amazing! I would love to win one!

  • Jill

    We have two cats and would love this.

  • Jackie

    I, too, fight the never-ending battle over dog hair!

  • Mel

    Would love a new vacuum!

  • Cris Richman

    May I please have this vaccum?


  • Monica Frazier

    I am so anal about my floors being clean. I would LOVE to win this vacuum cleaner!!!

  • misty

    Love your blog!

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    I really REALLY need a vacuum

  • Deb

    I am still using the Hoover canister vac I received for a shower gift 30 years ago! Would love the new vac!

  • Ashley Wright

    With 3 kids and 1 more on the way a light weight would be great for all the “little” messes.

  • Chris

    Both of my daughters were diagnosed with 35 + allergies over the summer – both to cats & dogs. Since the 3 cats and 1 dog were rescued, it is not an option to simply get rid of our beloved pets. This 99.97% allergen reducing vacuum would be a great way to help alleviate or reduce some of their symptoms.

  • Julie

    I need a new vacuum so bad! I would love to win! :)

  • Michelle

    This is a really awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for hosting. I could definitely use a new vaccuum !!

  • Sakers

    The ex took our good vacuum cleaner with him! I need a new vacuum cleaner badly! Fingers crossed!

  • cris berina

    please let me win this. my vaccum is so old. it can no longer do its purpose….. plus we fixed the wires of it 2x already with electric tape coz sometes its sparking so its kindda dangerous esp i have 2 little ones but cant get another one.

  • Sue

    I’d love to win a new vacuum!

  • Sarah B

    We could use this at our house. :)

  • Christine TEel


  • Shani

    Our current vaccum would really like to be put to pasture…

  • Becky B

    My 8 mth old has started to crawl so I need a powerful vacuum to pick up the dog hair! Great giveaway….Thanks!


    I would love to win this! I love Eureka vacs but unfortunately my husband took ours when we split up. Living w/ my parents now so haven’t had to buy another yet but working on getting back out on my own.

  • Brenda W.

    Could use the vacuum. Thanks for a great blog.

  • Pam S.

    I would love to win this…. I have a Lab/ret mix and she sheds so bad…. It would be nice to keep her hair off of the grandbabies!

  • Kristan

    I would LOVE a new vacuum!

  • Tricia

    Love your blog! Thanks :)

  • Karen S

    I’m just starting out and need a vacuum desperately! I would love to win!

  • melinda

    My 1 year old is constantly putting dirt off the floor in his mouth- I so need a better vacuum. I’ld love to win! Love your blog!!

  • Angie

    we’re in need of a new good vacuum. thanks for the opportunity!

  • Julie Denny

    Oh how I could use a new vacuum! Ours is just not picking up very well……my fingers are crossed!

  • Andrea g. H.

    Dog hair, from THREE large dogs, is my nemesis as well, especially since I have a daughter who is just about to turn one year next Monday. I would absolutely love, love to win this vacuum! Cheers!

  • Natalie

    Who wouldn’t want a free vaccuum

  • Virginia

    Thanks for the review.

  • Jenni C.

    We need a good vacuum, especially now that our daughter is mobile but not yet walking. It’s important that we keep our floor clean because her hands are always going to her mouth.

  • nadine

    would love to give this as a wedding gift

  • 1956okie

    Yes, I want to enter!! I have a golden retriever and two cats–and the dust bunnies just never seem to stop coming….Thanks!

  • Andrea

    Thanks for doing all this work so we can get great deals!

  • Madelleine

    Thanks for the opportunity. When it comes to cleaning, is always good to have a good product!

  • Randi

    I have some bad discs in my neck and my therapist is always getting after me for using a heavy vacuum. Maybe this would be just the thing! Enter me, please!


    I love Eureka and I could really use a new vacuum. Love your blog.

  • Zarah Hileman

    As a recent newlywed I was a little disappointed that we did not receive the vacuum we registered for and after paying for the wedding we haven’t had the money to buy a vacuum so I would greatly appreciate winning this vacuum!

  • laura f

    Thanks for the chance!

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    Thanks for all the giveaways. Would love a new one!

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    1st time to enter your contest. i like vacuum cleaners and have 2 dogs and 2 boys to clean up after.

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    Wow – thanks! Would love to participate – hope I win ; ) Angie

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    It’s nice to see that you can get a good vacuum with out breaking the bank.

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    Thank you Eureka for sponsoring this giveaway and THANK YOU Mercedes for such an awesome blog!

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    That sounds great, thank you for the review!

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    I need a new vacuum badly. My current vac is from back in the day (over 30 yrs old). Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Melanie B

    Great! Our new house has multiple floors, so an extra vacuum sure would help not have to carry the vacuum we have from floor to floor!

  • claire

    Yes, with 2 shedding dogs and 2 shedding teenage girls, this vacuum sounds perfect.
    I would love to win one, it would be put to good use. Thanks.

  • Shannon

    Really would love to win this!! thanks!

  • Priscilla

    We have 6 children & a lab our very old Kenmore has severed it’s purpose well, we’ve even duct taped the hose so, we can keep using it. It is time for us to have a new vacuum, winning this one would be a blessing!

  • Tammy

    A good vaccum for dog hair…that’s great! I have two dogs, one of which sheds terribly! I’d love to have a vaccum that picks up dog hair well. Hopefully, it’ll pick up people hair too!

  • Lucille Kehm

    I need a good vacuum with lots of power. The Airspeed looks like the one for me.
    Eureka products have the best reviews on the internet. This vacuum has everything I need and want and doesn’t cost me an arm and leg.

  • HappyMomC

    Would love to win this!

  • Sheryl

    I love your website! Thank you for this giveaway!

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    Nice giveaway! Could use a great new vacuum!

  • Preethi

    I wish I win this time! Good luck to all!

  • Amanda

    I still use the same vaccum my mom purchased for me when I got my first apartment. Eighteen years later, with kids and a dog, I can’t even suck a fruit fly out of the air with it. Would love to win this!

  • Christina

    sounds like a good vacuum for a good price. With two shedding dogs around, I could definitely use a vacuum with better power!

  • Jaime P.

    My family could use a new vacuum!


    I could always use a new vacuum…2 labs causes me to go through them quickly!

  • Kt I.

    Our vacuum literally just died!! We have a dog and our oldest has a bad case of allergies. We could really use something like this right about now!:)

  • alli

    oooh, I could really use this

  • Michelle Tochtrop

    Totally need a new vacuum. Thanks for the chance!

  • Samantha

    I’m totally in need of a new vacuum. I would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    My son and his girlfriend are asking for a new vacuum for Christmas! This would be great! Thanks for the opportunity, love your website!

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    Looks super cool! Would love to win!

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    Our vaccum is on the brinks- We would totally love a new one!

  • Shawnte Malone

    I would love to win!

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    Fingers crossed! I could really use a new vacuum!

  • steve sapontzis

    Sounds easy to use. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kathy

    I’m facing having to get rid of my cat because of the shedding. This vacuum just might make me change my mind.

  • mom of 2 boys

    Thank you for your review. I bought a Eureka vacuum several years ago based on it being reviewed by Good Housekeeping. It was a very good value and has served me well. But I would love to try out a heavier duty vacuum. Thanks again for the review.

  • pixie13

    My last 2 vacuums have been Eurakas; I love them. Please count me in. Thanks!

  • rose

    We are in need of a new vacuum. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Tanja

    Our vacuum cleaner just died last week, so it would be perfect if I would win this one.

  • Rick

    The HEPA filter is so critical in a vac cleaner! Thanks for the oppty to win!

  • Storm

    I like that it only weighs 19 pounds – we have one that weighs a ton! My DH has to lug it around for me.

  • Charity

    I’d love to have a new vaccum, especially if it picks up dog hair!

  • julia

    Sure hope I’m able to “clean up” on this giveaway!

  • Karen

    This would clean my new couch so nicely!

  • Alice L.

    I have allergies and my current vacuum just isn’t cutting. I can’t afford a better one so this would really help. Thanks.

  • Christy

    I would love to win a vacuum! I have a hairy dog as well :)

  • Laura W.

    I was just telling my husband how badly we need a new vacuum today! Crossing my fingers we win.

  • Crystal


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    I so need a vacuum cleaner!

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    Awesome :)

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    Would love to win

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    I soooo need to win this! My vacuum cleaner is terrible and doesn’t pick up anything anymore! Pick me!

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    I would love to win this vacuum.

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    Sounds great!

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    I would love to win a new Vacuum cleaner.

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    I would love it!

  • Sheila Hickmon

    Great review! Thanks for the chance to win, I’d love a new vacuum that actually works!

  • Jaime

    I’m working on my 3rd vacuum in 3 years. I have a dog, and he’s always shedding! I would love to have a vacuum that picked up his fur (especially on the stairs)!

  • tina

    I would love this vaccuum!

  • Tara @ The Shopping Mom

    I would love to win!

  • Camiele

    What an awesome giveaway!

  • Lara

    This would be great – I kill vaccums at an alarming rate! Thank you!

  • joan

    someone else cleaning my floors makes me happy!

  • Wendy

    Two cats & two active boys really do a number on our floors…& vacuums. A Lego, melted to the underside of our vacuum, was the latest fiasco. I could sure use a new vacuum to tackle the messes in our house!

  • Rachel

    3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat. Would LOVE a vacuum that could keep up with all that!

  • Maggie

    What a great prize! hope i win!

  • amanda

    Winning would be great!

  • Ashley

    I need this so bad ,my lab sheds real bad too.You always have great giveaways ! Love your site !

  • Heather

    Ugh! If only I could win! We had my “nephew”–my brothers dog–for three months in addition to our two. Ours don’t shed, his does! The hair is driving my nuts!

  • Stephanie

    Oh I need to win this, thanks!

  • Bobbie

    This would be great!

  • Brad

    My wife would love this, thank you.

  • Claudia M

    Wow ! that would be like Santa Claus came early this year to our Home if i win :) thanks so much for the chance.

  • dorothy l

    sounds like a great vaccum

  • Kathleen

    My husband HATES my dyson!! If we won this, he wouldn’t have an excuse not to vacuum :)

  • smilingme

    I love vacuuming, believe it or not! thanks, mercedes.

  • Rose A

    Oh, we really need a new vacuum. Ours is on it’s last leg!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Laurie

    what an awesome give-away!

  • Amy Dockery

    2 dogs, 2 kids and a 12 year old vacuum equals a very dirty floor. A new vacuum would be great.

  • AC

    Sounds great to me, thanks!

  • lildeb

    My sister tells me these are the best around and she has cat & a dog.
    So I trust her judgement completely

  • Sandy

    I would love to win and so would my husband, Maybe the house would cleaned. Out doing coupons you know.

  • Shelley

    I would love to have a new vacuum! Especially for upstairs with the baby’s room!

  • Bonnie P

    A vacuum that is easy to lift sounds great I carry the vacuum we have now up and down stairs

  • ShellyS

    We *really* are in need of a new vacuum… and I would LOVE to win this!

  • Sheila Bailey

    I have been looking for a new vacuum. I’ve never tried this name brand before and would love to give it a try.

  • Kristel

    I would love to win this vacuum.

  • yolie

    Old hoover just died. Winning this would be so great!

  • Morgan

    I am in great need of a new vaccum, my just died last week. I can’t stand the dog hair that is accumulating on my floor!

  • shelly riff

    this thing is a TIGER! :)

  • Melissa R.

    Thanks for the chance slim as it may be. I could use a new vacuum.

  • Danna Reynolds

    I sooooo need a new vacuum!!

  • lori

    With 2 dogs this could come in handy!

  • Nicki

    pick me!

  • Diana

    I need a new vacuum but I have reviews on so many different vacuums that it makes my head spin. This Eureka seems ideal to me and the price is right. I would love to have one.

  • Genevieve Davis

    Please pick me!!! I love all your great money saving tips! Thanks!

  • Arlene

    Oh, our vacuum has been on the fritz lately, so this giveaway would be wonderful to win!

  • hippie4ever

    Love to win!

  • Elaine

    This would be great to win! I have a dog and dog hair is a constant problem.

  • Aleena

    OH this must be fate, my vacuum is on the fritz and it is just a matter of time until I need a new one. PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  • Jodi

    I have 2 cats and they are constantly tracking litter and hair all over the house. It’s a CONSTANT job keeping up with them! I have tried so many different vacuum cleaners and none seem to have the power I need. I would love to win this so I can get my house in order! Thanks!

  • jamie

    I would love to win this Thank You

  • Donna F.

    Wow! This Vacuum looks really great! I NEED to win this one!

  • Jill H

    OMG, I need a new vacuum sooo bad. Mine is just pushing the dirt around into a nice little pile! LOL Thanks for the chance to win this awesom vacuum!

  • Tina W

    Cat hair is my nemesis. I would love a new vacuum.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Rudi Pittman

    My old Vacuum is over 10 years old…..a new one might motivate me to clean more often. 😉

  • Emily

    Looks like a great vacuum and I would love to win it! Thanks!

  • Cori Westphal

    what a prize! Thanks for the giveaway!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • Sara

    Our vaccum is on its last legs– the last time I used it it smelled really hot, so a new vaccum would be perfect!

  • Mary


  • Sara

    I’m in the market for a new vacuum, and found this while looking for reviews on the new Eureka. Would be wonderful to win!

  • missy w

    Crossing everything I have in hoping I will be picked!!!! I need a new vacuum more than any other appliance in my house. Uhmmmm… thinks my eyes are now permanently crossed. LOL

    Great and very GENEROUS contest. In all sincerity GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

  • CherylS22

    I could sure use a new vacuum cleaner. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • Doris

    Seems like every vac we’ve owned dies on us! Time for a new one…again.

  • Kendra G

    Omg!! This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve been moved out for almost a year now and still can’t afford a vacuum. :( this would be so relieving for me if I won!