Right Guard Fast Break Moneymaker Deal at Walgreens


Yeah!  I am so excited to read about this deal on HCW this morning.  If you printed the coupon for FREE Right Guard Fast Break deodorant I posted about a week ago, I have great news for you.  This type IS generating a $2 Register reward at Walgreens this week.  So, if you have your coupon you will pay just tax out of pocket and get a $2 register reward back.

I am so stocked!  I’ve been hanging on to my two coupons waiting for a good deal.  These went really fast so if you didn’t get to print the coupon, I also have good news for you.  You can use this $1/1 printable coupon to get it for FREE.

Happy Sunday!!  It’s a beautiful day here in Wisconsin and I am on my way down to Milwaukee to enjoy it.  I hope you have a great day too!

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  • Rebecca

    Hi all – had a situation at Walgreen’s yesterday where they told me the Register Reward would not print if I used in conjunction with a mfg coupon. I have a call into Walgreens Corp offices, I know I have done this in the past. But maybe different stores have different policies? I could not find Walgreen’s coupon policy on their website…anyone have info on their policy? Thanks

  • I have info…that is baloney! Go insist to be able to use your coupon and watch the RR come out of the catalina machine.

  • Alli

    These are also a part of the Dominicks (Safeway) buy $30 get $10 deal. A good way to bring down the price if there’s other stuff you need!

  • Michelle

    I had them tell me if I used a MFQ and/or a RR that a new one wouldn’t print out. Well after I forced the issue they went ahead and ran the transaction and the new RR printed out just fine causing the cashier to be rather annoyed with me (and probably her manager for giving her incorrect info).

  • Elena

    I used my coupons today to get my $2rr and i didnt need to pay for tax either. it was completely free and made rr back!!!!

  • Cristy

    The Walgreens by me no longer takes internet printable coupons that are for free items or over $5 in value. Just an FYI.

  • Hey Mercedes, I did this twice today no problems even though the Fast Break wasn’t marked at my store.

    Also there are TMF peelies on Sure for Men- it is priced at 1.99 and there was a 1.50 coupon in today’s inserts. I didn’t check at Kmart since mine is only doing .75 doubles. No point to even go in. 🙂

  • Kristina L.

    At my Walgreens the Fast Break wasn’t the one that gave back the 2RR. It was the Extreme one only.

  • Amy

    I am new to this so bear with me.

    I tried to use a printable coupon and a mfr coupon and this didn’t work.

    So, I used the Extreme $1 printable coupon at Walgreens and my total was $2.24 (this included tax).

    What did I do wrong? How can you prevent having to pay for tax? How did you get it for free?

    • Hi Amy,

      First, a printable coupon is almost always also a manufacturer coupon, unless otherwise noted. If it is a store coupon it would say Target coupon or Walgreens coupon on it. So, you can’t combine two manufacturer coupon for this offer, in other words you can’t combine a manufacturer coupon you printed from your computer with another manufacturer coupon to got from the newspaper inserts on the same item.
      If you bought the right deodorant you should have gotten a coupon for $2 off your next purchase 9your register reward). So if your total was $2.24, you deduct the value of your register reward and it’s like you paid $0.04 for the deodorant.

      Please check my frequently asked questions for more helpful information.


  • Amy

    Hi Mercedes,

    Thank you so much!!

    Here’s another question. What do you end up doing with the register rewards?

    Thanks again!

  • You can use RR on your next purchase, but if you try to use them to pay for the same item that prints a RR, it won’t print. i.e., The $2 RR you got for the deoderant, if you use that to pay for another deoderant, it won’t print another one. You could use it to pay for say the Listerine or the 7up products and the RR for those items should print.

    Some grocery stores also accept Walgreens RR. My Jewel store does (don’t know what other stores do). So I get my stuff from Walgreens earlier in the week and then use the RR when I go grocery shopping on Friday.

  • Amy

    Thank you Heather, Good Deal!

    I can’t wait to go on my next trip and use your tips.

  • Sheri

    My Walgreens cashiers have told me the same. If I use a RR to pay for my items, that no more will print out. I went to another store and they told me the same. I had a manager insist this. They also told me that I could only use one RR per purchase. I’ve used two or three to pay for a transaction before. The RR’s would all be for things that I had purchased the week before and not for the items that I was buying. I know that you need to have as many or more items as you have RR’s and coupons.

    They have had me so confused. Should I insist on them trying to do all of my RR’s and coups, anyway? Could the rules in my area be different than in other areas? I live in the Kentuckiana area. (Southern IN) Please help me on this.

    Thank you, Mercedes!

  • hernandesa

    I actually work for Walgreens and a few months ago an e-mail went out stating that the we should only accept one (1) catalina (register reward) coupon per transaction. Transaction meaning visit to the register to check out. Depending on where you go and what cashier you get this may vary, some of us will take as many coupons as you have and some of us will adhere to what was told to us. I personally am a fan of coupons in general so I don’t have a problem taking them. Also you can only use as many coupons (manufacturer’s) as you have items in a transaction. Meaning if you have 13 items you can use 13 coupons, this includes catalina (register rewards) coupons, this does however exclude store level coupons (these can be denoted as in-circular coupons that are usually in this format [0 00000 01460 0]) just be advised that you cannot cause the cashier to go negative into the transaction because we are not allowed to give cash back on coupons, and one more thing. If you are combining store level coupons with manufacturer coupons make sure the cashier scans/enters in the store level coupons AFTER scanning the manufacturer coupons if this is done vice versa the manufacturer coupon MIGHT NOT scan as being in the transaction.

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