RIO Blu Ray or DVD Coupon

You can now print a $3/1 RIO Blu Ray or DVD coupon.  This coupon doesn’t expire until 9/30/11.  I am yet to watch this movie, is it any good?  I just checked and it looks like Redbox won’t have it until Aug 30th.  Oh well, I have waited this long anyways.

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  • Caliwifey

    Yay thanks for the coupon! I have been waiting on a good deal to buy this movie! It is a good movie, I love it its adorable even for a 25 year adult like me with no kids lol.

  • Anna

    Wonderful!!! I wasn’t expecting a coupon for this one b/c it’s not Disney! My son loved it (4 yrs old) It was so colorful and fast paced – kept his focus the whole time. I enjoyed it too 🙂

  • marna

    One of the best kids movie I have seen! There has not been too many good ones lately!!

  • Erin

    Excellent movie! The first movie I took my toddler to in the theater and she LOVED it! We also bought the soundtrack, which has some great, fun songs for kids and adults.

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  • NHarris

    My kids have seen it several times since last week. They could not get enough of it . . . we finally had to take it back before we racked up any more charges!! Even my [almost] 2-yr old has been going around singing “Rio, Rio”. My 3 and 1/2 yr old daughter was singing Lionel Ritchie’s “Say you, say me . . .” and I could not figure out where she had heard that song and it finally dawned on me hours later that it was in the movie!! Too funny! We will definitely be buying this one! Lively colors, great music, and a cute plot. I even did a homeschool lesson on macaws with my son the other day!

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  • Thank you so very much for sharing this! I don’t have children. (Applebee’s doesn’t recognize kitties at children)


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