Rite Aid: $2 off Coke Coupon plus Scenario


I noticed yesterday that there was a coupon for $2 off any one Coke Product 12 pack on Coupons.com.  I looked at the Rite Aid Sales circular and noticed that Sprite (a Coke product) was 3/$12 or 3/$10 after in-ad coupon.  I also figured that regularly these products were more than $4 each.

I keep up with soda prices because we still drink it, albeit mostly my husband and I know that if I wait for a good sale I can get it for $2 each.  I didn’t think that $2+ was a good deal, unless you really need it I guess.  I also wasn’t sure if you could combine this coupon with the in-ad coupon for the Sprite.  Anyway, Kahley over at Cha Ching on a String came up with this scenario to help you get soda for better than cheap:


(1) Scotch Pop Up Tape Dispenser @ $2.49
(2) Mars Chocolate Bars @ 2/$1
(2) Air-Wick i-Motions @ $6.99 each
(1) Kotex Lightdays Liners @ $.99
(1) Renu Travel Pack- Contact Solution @ $.99
(1) Clear-eyes @ $.99
(1) 12-pack of Coke @ $4.69

Use the following coupons:

$5/$25 coupon
$2 Scotch Printable here
$2 off a Coke 12-pack at Rite Aid coupon
$1/2 Mars Chocolate Bars from RP 7/26
(2) $6 Air Wick in SS 8/9
$1/1 Kotex printable HERE (Firefox) or HERE (IE)
$1/1 Renu printable

$1/1 Clear-eyes from SS 8/9
TOTAL after coupons: $.13 (plus tax) then submit for $2.49 SCR for Scotch Tape. Nice job Kahley!

Can anyone confirm if you can use the in-ad coupon for the Sprite and this printable  together in the same transaction?  I know some of you have mentioned being limited to one printable coupon per transaction too.

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  • I have not gone this week yet, but I alway use multiple printable coupons. As far as the sprite – are you saying to buy sprite in addition to the coke or are you trying to use the coke coupon and in ad sprite coupon for the same product. if different products you should have no problem!

    • Hi Lynn,

      What I am trying to say is that the coupon says it is good on any coke product and Sprite is a coke product. So, could you use this $2/1 coke printable coupon and the sprite in-ad coupon to get Sprinte products for cheap.


  • Tiffany

    I used both coupons yesterday without any trouble. Good Luck!

  • Melanie Kyle

    Yes, I just went to Rite Aid and was able to use the Coke coupon on a Sprite Product. Thanks for the heads up on this great deal!

  • Brenda A.

    I live in so cal and my ad has the 3/$12 or 3/$10 w/store ad coupon on reg & diet 7 up, A&W, Sunkist or Canada Dry not on Sprite. Sucks for me!

  • Emma K

    My Rite Aid only accepts one internet coupon per transaction. They wouldn’t let me use the in ad coupon with the $2 off coupon but I think it just depends on your Rite Aid.

  • I emailed Rite Aid a while ago and this is there internet coupon policy http://www.mavenofsavin.com/2009/07/rite-aid-internet-coupon-policy.html and the highlights of the entire policy if you have not seen it http://www.mavenofsavin.com/2009/07/rite-aid-coupon-policy.html

    hope that helps

  • Kristen

    The Rite Aid by my work only takes one Internet coupon per transaction as well. The one closest to my home won’t take any. And the one I finally found that does accept Internet coupons usually sells out of everything that goes for free.

    Any idea how to politely show cashiers the new coupon policy?

    Using one Internet printable has been OK for most stuff… but I can never do the $5/$25 transactions because I can’t purchase everything all at once.

  • CVS will accept competitors coupons! I went today and used 4 of the $2 Rite Aid coupons along with their deal on Coke. With ECB and coupons, the Coke I think was around $1.50 for each 12 pack.