Rite Aid: Better than Free Facial Tissue, Bagel Crisps, Napkins and More

Do you remember the free facial tissue I told you about yesterday? Well, it seems this deal is better than I shared. The facial tissues, are also generation a $3 +UP Rewards when you buy ten of them in one transaction:

Buy 10 Rite Aid Facial Tissue $10
Pay $10 and Get 10 $1 +UP Rewards and one $3 + UP reward

Rite Aid Napkins $3.99 BOGO, Get a $1 +UP Reward when you buy two

Sally Hansen Nail Polish $0.57 (clearance)
Use $0.50/1 Sally Hansen Nail Color Product
Pay $0.07 each after coupon

New York Bagel Crisps 2/$3, Get a$1 +UP reward when you buy two
Use two $0.75/1 Bagel Crisps coupons (must register)
Pay $0.50 for two after coupons and +UP Reward

I also got this update from Debbie regarding the free TGI friday snacks:  there seems to be a limit of only 4 +UP rewards printing per transaction on these.  If you buy more than four at once only four +UP Rewards will print.

Thanks Maven of Savin, My Frugal Adventures and Debbie!

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  • Curtis Frazier Jr

    Hold up Mercedes! You are telling me that I can buy 10 boxes of facial tissue and get $13 in Up Rewards? I guess I know where I’ll be tomorrow.

    • I know! That’s why I wanted to make sure people knew early, so they can grab the deal while still available.


      • Sandra

        ya….all my stores were gone 5 min after opening…I figured they would be. I didnt want to fight w people. Especially shelf clearers.

        • Heather

          yeah, mine too. All 4 stores within 15 miles of me were wiped completely clean by this morning. sigh. way to encourage greed, Rite Aid.

          • brandi

            I went to 2 stores near my house and they told me they were not sold out, they just had not gotten a shipment in b/c of the winter storm we had. But the 3 near my mom’s house had TONS!!! Check with them and see if there is a reason they do not have any, maybe it is b/c of a shipment issue.

          • Lori

            My store was cleared out too. I was able to get a raincheck for 3 boxes for free.

  • Oli

    Are you sure we can get the 10 $1 up’s in one single transaction? because normally if you buy more than one the first one will print the next ones wont, you have to buy them separatelly. Did someone do this one already?

    • Suellen

      I have a friend who did this in a couple of stores today. Yes you get $13 up rewards, however, she said many people had already cleanedthe store out. So hurry tomorrow!

  • Jaime

    Curtis, good luck. Reading posts on other blogs, it seems as though this is getting a bit ugly. People buying out the entire store first thing this morning (like cartfuls of the stuff). I got 10 rolls of TP (hoping it would generate the extra $3 UPR, but no luck). I may try getting the tissues (make sure it is the 65 count, as the others don’t seem to be working for this deal) tomorrow at the RA by my work. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. But I will make sure there is enough to go around and not clear the shelves! Lots of stores have been limiting the purchases to 2 -4 per transaction (or person). Which stinks, since you cant get the $3 UPR. But they apparently are allowed to restrict amounts sold.

    • brandi

      I did this yeaterday and got LOTS. Over 120 items. (I had nothing in my stockpile. NOTHING.) I am a full time paramedic and in school fulltime and pregnant. So i go really hard on the deals for a week or two then slack for a few weeks. So dont judge 🙁 lol. But I got a large stock and there was PLENTY left at the stores I went to.

      • Jaime

        Time out, not judging…congrats on the soon to be baby; I know, when I was pregnant with my daughter I went to school full time and had 2 part time jobs, so I’ve been there. Unfortunately, now the deal is dead (only 1 UPR printing per household) on the paper deal, and the store closest to my home was OUT. They only get shipments once every 2 weeks. They were instructed to give out rainchecks for the purchase price, but not giving it for the UPR. Unfortunately, this is a corporate error for allowing unlimited amounts to be purchased. They should have seen this coming. Now they have A LOT of irritated customers who didn’t get anything because in certain areas one person bought out the entire store in minutes. I’m all for a good deal, but people need to play fair sometimes.

  • I did this today… I bought 13 tissue and received $16 +UPRs (in one transaction). I do not recommend trying more than that as some are saying the register won’t print over 20 +UPRs.

    Make sure you get the SQUARE box marked HOME like the picture because the other RA tissue will not work even though it is being stocked in the same place!

  • Curtis Frazier Jr

    Gee, I hope the stores here still have this deal in the morning.

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  • Holly

    There was a sign up at my store advertising the $3 UP wyb 10. Not sure if it will still be up tomorrow as they were changing tags this morning when I was there.

  • Meghan

    Not true on the TGI Friday snacks. I bought 10 bags today and it printed ten +UPS. My sister did the same at her Rite Aid. She bought 8 bags and received 8 +UPS.

  • Julie Travis

    I am new to +UP. Do they roll?

  • Daniel

    I bought 11 bags of the TGIF snacks and all my +Ups printed!

  • Pam

    I just went to Rite Aid for this deal. They allowed me to buy 10 (though told me it was supposed to be limit of 1 per customer, but they would allow it since the ad didn’t have it in there) so I paid for all 10 boxes and waited for my up rewards. I only got 1- $1 up reward and I did also get the $3 up reward reported for buying 10. I bought other items on my receipt. I questioned why I didn’t get an UP reward for each tissue, and they said we told you it was a limit of 1. WHAT??? You said you would honor it and no where does it says a LIMIT of 1…so in the end they issued me a $10 UP REWARDS Raincheck. So all in all I got the deal…however they did say they called Corporate and they said they are aware of the problem…They also said they are in the process of getting new signage & changes to the stores, so they all reflect limit 1…SO LADIES HURRY OUT TODAY To get those deals & like I said it doesn’t say LIMIT 1…so you should get it honored!

  • Peatra

    I had such trouble this morning with Rite Aid. First, most stores didnt have the tp and NONE of them had the facial tissue. So i went ahead and purchased ten rolls of the tp and only recieved 1 UP reward. So the manager said it is limited to 1 per transaction. So he said I could return them and purchase each one seperatly, so I tried that and it still did not work! It did not print out any UP rewards that time. So after he could not figure it out he called corporate and said they would mail them to me. I dont know if it was something with the stores here (Stone Mountain and Decatur, Ga) or what. Can someone help me please? Should I try stores in another area or should I forget this deal all together? Thanks

    • Curtis Frazier Jr

      Well, I went to 2 Rite Aid stores in my area. Both stores were CLEANED out of this deal. Nothing to bear shelves. Looked like the bread aisle of the supermarket when the weatherman tells us a snow storm is coming. I asked the manager to check the back for more and they were out. Next time I spot a deal like this, I will get in my car immediately and pick it up. It’s like the Sunday paper at the Dollar Tree. Get there too late on a Sunday and it’s gone. (They only charge $1 for the Sunday Paper at Dollar Tree, it’s $2 everywhere else)

    • andrea

      Apparently the deal worked yesterday but not today in my area. You only get 4 up rewards if you buy 10. I couldn’t get more than 1 reward unless I bought the ten even when the cashier tried to scan each separately. I also went to 2 stores.

  • Jeremy

    Just purchased 10 boxes of tissues, got a $1 UP Reward and a $3 UP Reward. It appears to be limit one $1 UP Reward per transaction now.

    Bought 4 bags of TGI Fridays snacks, got 4$1 UP Rewards.

  • diane

    I bought 10 boxes of tissues today and only received 3 $1.00 UPS and 1 $3.00 UP. I told the cashier and she got the manager and he looked stumped and gave me back $7.00 in cash!!

  • Dehlia

    In the stores in my area we are only allowed ONE total. Can not even go back to get more on different purchases.