Rite Aid: Free Lays Stax (No Coupons Needed)

Here is a freebie that probably won’t last very long at Rite aid, or you may find your store is our of them already.  But I want to share with you in case you want to try your luck.

Lays Stax 2/$2
Get two $1 +UP rewards at checkout

Makes them FREE after + UP rewards.  I just read about someone picking up 200 cans of this stuff.  When I say that this deal may not last too long I mean that the deal often gets abused and the company chooses to end the promotion early.  So, please be sensible if you do take advantage of this deal.  And if your store is out don’t get upset.  It’s just chips for crying outloud!

Thanks My Frugal Adventures!

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  • Chriscia

    200, holy cow! My store only had 15-20 cans this morning. There were 4 of us there, and we shared them nicely among us.

  • I really wish we had a Rite Aid!

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  • LOL Mercedes! I felt ashamed buying 4 at a time but I can’t imagine 200! That is crazy. No need to rent a UHaul to do the Rite Aid shop for the week 🙂

  • margie

    that is exactly what happen with the tp sale i went in on monday and they had already put a limit of 3 by 3:30pm one day after the sale started. i stockpile (live in a small town and it takes 1 1/2 hours to get to a big store) but i try not to clear the shelf. happy shopping!

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  • Joy

    Seriously, when are stores going to start setting limits? Sigh. Luckily, I don’t do the drugstore deals because they seem like too much work to keep up with and I have enough frustrations in my life. It’s hard enough for me to remember the stack deals at Target and my local Price Chopper. LOL. But 200 cans of chips is a little extreme and unfair to those of you who do shop at Rite Aid.

  • christa

    I love your comment about being sensible and not freaking out.

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  • qudz104

    i did this today.. i bought the new olay pro-x cleaning tool bc ive wanted to try this since it came our (and i dont want to spend 200+ on a clairsonic lol), which was on sale $24.99 get a 5 UP back.
    with that 5 UP i bought 5 cans, and got 5 UPs back. not too shabby!

  • I went yesterday and my store was cleaned out already. I was glad when they took the limit off most of the Up Rewards, but c’mon, people! And now with all the snow, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it back to check later this week. Boo.

  • brandi

    anyone tried the gatorade to see if it produces a UP?

  • Liz

    Went to one Rite Aid so far and they were cleaned out..however the nice clerk wrote up a rain check for 16 of them for me and also included the wording $15.00 up rewards on the RC…hope it will be honored not having trouble with any others in the past….did the 4.5 oz cheezits from last week that were 1.00..also cleaned out before could get any…rain checked them and they restocked this week…rang up at correct price..so if they do not have any remember to ask for a rain check and to have them include any wording that might be needed to get the rewards later..I also keep a picture of the item from the ad attached to the raincheck just in case. Oh and one other tip if you do get a rain check…search for the coupons to go with the item to save even more if you did not already have some. Good Luck