Rite Aid: Free Puzzles and Figurines

Rite Aid sells 100ct Disney puzzles and small Disney figurines for $0.99 regularly.  This week they are on sale an additional 25% off.  This week also you get a $2 +UP reward when you buy onw.  Get paid to buy these:

Buy one Puzzle (100 piece) or Disney Small Figurines $0.74 (after 25% discount)
Pay $0.74 plus tax out of pocket and get $2 +UP Rewards

These would make a great Toy for Tots donation.

Thanks Coupon High!

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  • elisabeth

    Does anyone know the limit on these? I would hate to drive all the way there for just one or whatever, but would love to get these to donate! Thanks

  • tiff

    How much do the puzzles cost? Not 99c regularly, correct?

  • juanita

    You would be lucky to find these. My store doesn’t have any left.

  • No limit. i bought four and got all the rewards. i was trying to leave some for the others but then decided to come back and get a couple more because they had a lot and when I came back they were all gone! Crazy..

    • elisabeth

      Thanks. I sure hope there are a couple left! 🙂

    • Lisa


  • There’s also a $5 off 2 coupon for Foamies Craft Kits in the Video Values. My Rite Aid had the little mosaic animal kits for $2.29 each so that’s another freebie that you can donate (I donated this morning)!

  • Kyla

    The pictures look like the puzzles i found at my store, but they weren’t .99

  • Natalie

    I can’t find the figurienes… where are u finding them at?

    • Ashley

      at the one store that I found them at, they were right next to the endcaps hanging up. They were up front by the Christmas toys.

  • Natalie

    🙁 not a single RA carried those figureines by me… and not a single puzzle left today either… at least I got enough to donate 🙂