Rite Aid: Huggies Diapers Surprise Deal

Check out this find by reader Crystal and Mary over at Stylish Savings. Mary found the following Huggies offer tagged at her local Rite Aid:  Buy any three Huggies items and get back a $11.99 reward.  The reward is in the way of a checkout coupon good on the purchase of any non-prescription item at Rite Aid.  This is the deal Mary did:

Buy three packs of Huggies diapers $8.99
Use one $5/25 Rite aid coupon
Use three $3/1 Huggies diaper printable coupons
Pay $12.97 plus tax out of pocket and at check out she got the coupon for $11.99 next next purchase.

So, what did she do? she bought three more packs of diapers, used her coupon and another $11.99 coupon printed.  It rolled!  So this deal is so hot that I grabbed my keys to check it out myself and it did NOT work for me.  But it has worked for Mary who lives in NY state and for Crystal who left me a comment about this yesterday.  We are trying to find more info about this offer and where it is being offered.  If you have found this offer at your store, please make sure to leave a comment telling us where you are located.

Oh, and in case you missed it the tag says this offer is good until 6/12.  But the diapers are on sale this week.

Update: So far reported working in Albany, NY and Asheboro, NC

Update #2:  It seems this only working in the areas that were part of the Wellness + pilot program.  Any stores in NH by any chance?

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  • mary a

    I did the same scenario earlier today, and did NOT get the “extra perk” either. I live in Riverside, CA. Still a great price for diapers.

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  • susan

    I assume that you used your wellness card in this transaction? Rite aid is now offering this “store card” where you can earn rewards.

    • Andrea

      That’s my thinking too. Its got that comment about the Wellness card at the top of the shelf sticker, so I bet its like a CVS card- only prints ECB if you use the card. I just signed up for it here, and got two $5 off $25 coupons!! Guess where I’ll be tomorrow? 😉

    • I used my wellness card but I had tp use the one you can print on the web.


      • Cindy S

        How do I print the card online?

    • mary a

      Yup, I used my wellness card with the transaction. I did get (2) $1 off coupons on the bottom of my receipt for cold/allergy and seasonal products, but that was all.

      BTW ladies, in case you didnt know, if you buy six diapers packs, you can submit for a diaper voucher for the 7th diaper pack free. Go to riteaid.com/scr There are also a bunch of other rebates you can do. And of course, the wellness website allows you to get the $5 off a purchase of $20 or more when you watch 20 short videos.

  • *Amanda

    i seen this deal on marys blog! i too was so excited i packed up my herd of little boys and headed out to rite aid. it rolled for me! im never lucky enough to find things like this so im super excited. im in western new york.

  • I’m the one that left you the comment yesterday, and I live in North Carolina. I’ve actually gotten 3 of those $11.99 coupons so far & keep turning them around & buying more diapers!

  • Emma

    I tried with a wellness card and it did not work in Orange County, CA – still a great deal though, just worked out I got about $85 worth of diapers for $25!!

  • Melissa

    Question if this won’t roll at the Rite Aid I purchased it from can I drive to another Rite Aid with better luck? I have 2 R.A. close to my home. Did this work with wipes as well??

    • We don’t know yet Melissa. The coupon didn’t print for me so I couldn’t test it with other Huggies items.


  • couponingqueen7

    When you say it did NOT work for you– do you mean that it didn’t roll or that you didn’t get a 11.99 coupon after purchasing 3 items? Was the tag up in your store?

    • The tag was not at my store and the coupon didn’t print.


  • cari

    I’m wondering about wipes/bath products as well. since the sign says “any” huggies items!

    anyways… a little off topic question:

    do I have to use a wellness card to get sale prices now too??? wondering cause a couple days ago I ran to RA to grab a bottle of nail polish remover (2 year old found a bottle of nail polish and got it all over my parents’ kitchen floor!! ohnoes!!) – they had a sign saying RA brand NPremover was BOGO so I grabbed 2 of those, only to notice after I had my kids in the car strapped in and everything, that I was charged full price on both 🙁 I didnt have my wellness card with me and apparently cant remember my own phone number LOL. so I told her it was fine put it through without it, not knowing sale prices attach to that now too (if thats the case) I thought it was just to be able to use the wellness coupons and earn points or whatever 🙁

  • Tara LaPierre

    Does not have the deal here in GA.

  • Julie

    it was not marked at my store (in RI) and i did not get the coupon.

  • Tonya

    I just called Rite Aid in southern Indiana, and they said the deal was not available there…I live 50 miles from it, and was gonna drive down with a couponin’ pal and do this deal!!!

  • Cristina

    Not printing in Indiana and there was no sign either.

  • Just wondering if you have to purchase all 3 diapers in one transaction to get the coupon? Anybody know? I’m hoping I can do it since I am in one of the Wellness pilot areas. (crossing fingers)

    • Jenna

      Its 3 packs of diapers in one transation

      • Thanks Jenna! 🙂

        • Whohoo! It worked for me in Lancaster, Pa- we are considered Harrisburg area.

          • Promises Fulfilled

            I have been looking to see if it was going to work in the HBG area – thanks for posting! I will be going tonight! 🙂

  • krista

    i did this last nite with no coupon 🙁 in fact my diapers werent even marked on sale for 8.99 i had to go up and have them scan them, but used the 5/25 and 3 3/1 ones and got 3 packs for 12.97 so im still happy but a little bummed i didnt get that 11.99 one now lol.. i have to use it one more time maybe ill try the other rite aid in my town hoping to get it lol!

    • krista

      by the way this was in PA near pittsburgh

  • Megan

    Went to 3 Rite Aids this morning and none of them had the sign up and I purchased 3 at the first Rite Aid and no coupon. I am in southern Delaware

  • *Amanda

    I tried the “Any 3 Huggies Items” Theory out today in my area (Buffalo, NY) with wipes and bath products. It doesnt produce an 11.99 coupon. Just the diapers do.

  • Holly G

    I live in WV & no sign or coupon for me:( I would have started dancing in the store if I would have gotten that coupon.

  • jewel

    i did this yesterday at rite aid in tennessee with my wellness+ card and there was no sign and no coupon printed 🙁 i wonder if customer service will credit us?

    • juanita

      I also live in TN and was looking for a comment from TN on whether the deal worked here or not. So thanks for posting.

  • Anne

    No sign and no coupon printed for me this morning (central MA). Bummer.

  • couponingqueen7

    Just wondering how to find out if our area was part of the wellness + pilot program?

  • I did the diaper deal yesterday (5/18) at a RA in Rock Hill, SC and it didn’t work. I had not yet read this post, but I DID buy 3 Huggies in one transaction, using my wellness card. I don’t know for sure if the sign was up since I didn’t know at the time to look for it, but my guess is that it wasn’t. I probably would’ve noticed.

    • Carrie in SC

      Glad I read this before heading to RA. I am in York, SC which is 5 miles from Rock Hill. I am guessing since they are so close, it wouldn’t be at the York Store.

  • No luck in Plattsburgh NY. I tried it with the diapers and other huggies products. I could not find a single tag in the store that gave cut and dry buy me get ___. They had no idea what I was talking about in either location. I was still pretty thrilled with 3 packages for the price of 1 and earned a free pack with RRs- Well Worth the trip!

  • sunny

    I just got off the phone with Rite Aid about this and they told me that this deal is only working in 4 cities. I dont remember which cities exactly but the states were LA, NC, PA, and NY.

  • tina

    I live in Sacramento Ca and this deal is not offered in my city. I just bought 6 diapers yesterday.

  • Janel @ GoodDealMama

    These are the “testing” areas: Buffalo, NY; Greensboro, NC; Harrisburg, PA; and San Diego, CA are participating in this promotion.
    I tried it today with wipes and it did not work.
    It has to be three packs of diapers. Wish the sign stated that instead of 3 Huggies Products.

  • melissa

    I was just at a store in Conway, Nh no sign there. Will try tomorrow though. Its still a great deal. If you buy 5 pack you get a coupon for a free pack too! that deal is dated 4/25-7/24

  • brooke

    It worked for me in greensboro nc.

  • Erika

    I live in Albany, NY so I decided to give this a try, but the store I went into had no sign up. I tried it anyway though but no coupon printed 🙁

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  • Gail

    I live in WA and at my RA I wasn’t able to get the 11.99, but I was able to get a voucher for a FREE package of Huggies (with a max. value of 11.49). You have to buy 5 and then enter your receipt on the RA webpage. But with my coupons and the free voucher – I will have 6 packages that I only paid 4.82 a package. Either way this was a huge savings for me…THANKS!!!