Rue La La: American Apparel Sale

If you are still hanging on to your Rue La LA $20 credit that was available last week (it is no longer available) Then I wanted to let you know that you can use it to pick up a men’s polo shirt for less than $3 shipped. Or you could pick up two scoop tees for $1.75 shipped!  Shop Rue La La.

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  • Stephanie H

    Does the $20.00 expire at some point?

    • Stephanie,

      If you still have the $20 credit from when it was available last week, it will be good until 12/31/10.


  • Did anyone ever get their free bra/bikini top from American Apparel this summer? I never did but I also read that the company was facing impending bankruptcy so I wasn’t terribly surprised. I’ve already got my order from Rue La La, nice gift, arrived quickly. Thanks!

    • MichelleA

      Hey Hilda, I got mine a few weeks back but I threw it out. Too thin and “itty bitty” for my liking. LoL
      It couldnt be worn as a bra OR bikini top in my opinion, it was just a thin, cheap “cotton coverup” for the ladies, actually. But Im sure some people liked it, just not for me. 🙂

  • Alicia

    It isn’t letting me checkout if my $20 is used toward shipping.

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