Rue La La: Kitchen Aid Sale – Cheap Items after Credit

If you still have the $20 credit that you added to your account last week. you may want to check out the Kitchen Aid sale available at Rue La LA.  The kitchen aid knives block above would be $14.95 shipped after credit.  There is also a 3-piece set of knives for $8.95 shipped.  if you are looking for a Kitchen Aid mixer and have your credit then you are looking at $199.99 for one after credit.    Shop Rue La La.

Note: The free $20 credit offer is no longer available.

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  • Carrie

    Thanks!! I’d been waiting to use my credit. I just ordered the knife set – great Christmas gift!!

  • Lerin

    I missed it! I wanted the 3 knife set and I didn’t get on the computer until they were already sold out! Thanks anyway…

  • ferchi

    I signed it , when they should give the $10 credit, but I never received it.

    • Laney

      Log into your account & your credit may be there. My credit was never emailed, but showed up in my account when I logged in the first time.

      • Bethany

        That’s exactly what happened to me! In trying to find a way to contact CS, I saw that I had a $20 credit! Don’t know why they never sent an email.

  • Bethany

    I signed up for the $20 credit in time, but I’ve never received it. 🙁

    • Hi Bethany,
      Did you contact their customer service? You should try that because they have a way to check that you signed up in the right period.


      • Bethany

        I will do that. Thank you!