Rue La La: Year End Blow Out + Last Chance to Use Credit

Rue La La is hosting a “Resort Report” year end sale.  Today is also the last day to use the $20 credit, if you claimed it back then in October and still have it.  There are some things you can get for the cost of shipping like the wedges pictured above.  These are under the “Calvin Klein” sale.

But if you have no use for shoes or whatever else, just let your credit expire.  There is no harm in that either and it may be the way to go if you have hit your spending limit for the month.

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  • erika

    I picked up a Disesel Bikini for $1.61 after credit. They have a bunch of seperates and sets priced at $9.90

  • Tina

    Good reminder to people that you don’t have to spend just because you have a credit!
    (I used mine about 3 weeks ago for an adorable little juicer – fresh tangerine mimosas for
    new years!!!)

  • MM

    I, too, got a Diesel bikini – $19.85 less the $20 credit leaves me with $0.15 credit…haha. Too bad there’s nothing there for 15 cents!

    I used Paypal so I didn’t have to give a credit card number (despite the order being free!) and if my niece doesn’t like it, I can probably get $10 for it on Ebay or sell it at a summer flea market. Hate to let a credit expire! 🙂