RUN!! HIGH Quality 180 South Tents ONLY $59.49!! (Reg $400 – $500 Each!!)


Wow! I have an AWESOME deal for you outdoorsy people out there! Today, That Daily Deal has 180 South 2-person tents priced at only $59.49! There are two styles available at this price (Pinion and Sequoia), and the Bristlecone 3-man tent is available for $84.48.

What’s so special about these tents? They were made a few years back for a specialty high end retailer and sold for $400-$500 each, and these are the ones that are left. The optional rain fly that comes with each one of the tents need to be re-sealed again with water sealant. You are talking about an $8 can of spray and 10 mins of time the first time you use it. For this one reason you are getting the deal of a lifetime on these tents!


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