Sassy Black Apron for just $9.95 on Flirty Apron

How cute is this Single Layer Sassy Black apron? It’s only $9.95 right now from Flirty Apron! Shipping is around $5! This deal ends on Sept. 5th or until they run out!

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  • Kim

    Hey, am trying to buy the apron and it is saying it is regular price. Am I missing something?

  • noots

    I tried to buy the apron as well… says it is $34.95

  • Christina

    Is there a coupon code??

  • Gina

    Likewise, it’s regular price! 🙁

  • Bobbi Pritt

    You need to straighten this Out. We are not being charged Full Price. Why put something on here if it’s not what we are going to get. I like the Apron but not for $34.95. I wanted it for $9.95 + S&H. Please fiz this so I can place my Order. Thank You Sincerly, Bobbi L. Pritt

  • arria

    Is there a special link? This one is $34!

  • Faye

    Here is a link I went searching around for it because I need an apron and this is cute! Apparently, these aprons are irregulars because they only come with a single layer backing instead of a double that is why it is only $9.95. All irregular item sales are final!

  • Chris

    Just tried to order the apron. It looks like I’m having the same problem as other shoppers. Sure hope we can get in on the sale.


  • Loreen

    I got it! Thanks for posting this, its going to be a great gift!