Save Money by Asking for Rainchecks

There has been many times when I have headed out to the store armed with coupons on hand only to come home empty handed. The store was already out of the item I was going to buy. The next time the item was in stock it was not on sale so the deal was not so good anymore. Most people already know about rainchecks. There are a couple of things I want to point out in regards to them:

  1. You can use a raincheck to your advantage in these inflationary times. At the beginning of the year Target had diapers on sale for $8 a pack. Diaper companies had announced at the end of last year that diaper prices would be going up at the beginning of this year. So I figured that would be the last time diapers would be found at that price at Target. I waited until the last couple of days of the sale and went to the store to ask for a raincheck. Now even when diaper prices have gone up, I can be guaranteed the price per pack as offered on that sale for a certain period of time.
  2. You can use a raincheck to get an even better deal if you use coupons. Many times a sale comes up and maybe you don’t have any or enough coupons for that item. You can use a raincheck to “delay” the sale for you and to give you time to order enough coupons and get a better deal.
  3. You can also use a raincheck as a cashflow management tool and delay spending your money all at once. This is particularly important if you want to stockpile on an item.

Of course, the ability of getting a raincheck depends on whether the store is out of the item of not. but if the sale is too good to pass chances are they probably are. So, don’t miss out on a good sale just because the item is not on the shelves. Finally, don’t forget to check when your raincheck expires and use it before then.

This post was originally published in February of 08.

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  • Anonymous

    Getting a raincheck so that you can have time to find coupons seems a bit like cheating.

  • Julie

    I have been able to get rainchecks when the store is out of the size or flavor of the item I’m looking for.
    And, at the store where I usually shop, I don’t have to “spend” the raincheck all at once. If I get a raincheck for 10 of a certain item, I can buy one a week for the next ten weeks.

  • Marin…

    I’m kicking myself for the way I used a raincheck the other day. I had a raincheck for 10 jumbo packs of Huggies Supreme diapers at $7.99 a pack. I know, the mind boggles. I was running out of diapers so I went and used it to buy 2 packs and they took my raincheck! I should have bought all 10 at once, but that was a lot of money to spend on diapers at one time! What a great price though.

  • jodirae

    I am looking for the Walgreens diaper coupon… I can’t find it at any Walgreens and I’ve looked at 12. Would someone be willing to let me borrow it to purchase some diapers and I will give it back because you don’t have to turn it in… Please contact me…

  • Corrie at "Cents"able Momma

    Interesting…I never thought of using a raincheck as a chance to get more coupons…although it happened to me once by accident (my MIL gave me a coupon for an item that I had a raincheck for). Thanks for the ideas!

  • heidi h

    If any of you shop at Rite Aid – they just came out with a new policy on rainchecks for items that they run out of that are in their monthly coupon book. If you have a raincheck you can buy the item and send in the receipt and your raincheck to a special address and still receive your rebate. I was in a Rite Aid this week and they gave me the policy in writing. This is a gret deal because they often do not have the items they chow on rebate.

  • Life from the Roof

    Walgreens acceptance of rainchecks has given me a lot of relief when I’m worried that they will be out of a particular item (which they often are). Plus, when you go back later with your raincheck and when the item is not on sale, you have a much better selection.

  • Mercedes

    I really don’t see how getting a raincheck to have time to find coupons is like cheating. Most stores don’t just issue rainchecks to begin with, they have to be out of stock. So you are getting your rain check legitimaly.