Savemore: FREE Slapwatch after credit!

SaveMore, a daily deal site is still offering a $10 Credit for all NEW members. Today you can use that credit to score a FREE Slap Watch! They are priced at just $7,  making it FREE after your credit, plus hipping is also FREE! After buying you will then get a voucher to redeem at

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  • Erin

    They are not $7 but $15

  • Erin


  • Veena Maheshwari

    why the free slap watch wants me to provide with my credit card info?

    • I don’t know Veena. You can try contacting their customer service and inquire.


  • Lily

    Today received email from Savemore with the voucher for the Free Teeth Whitening Pen. I decided to google the company that you have to order from, Smile Bright. There were lots of bad comments that they actual charged you for delivery and other stuff that you did not order. So, I am not sure if I should go ahead and claim my free item.

    • Sierra

      Well I can’t get their website to work at all. I finally got the homepage to come up, clicked on the pen and it quit working again so.. you might not be missing out anyway 🙂

  • Shane @ Savemore

    CC info is needed for address verification only. You only one $10 credit per household. This keeps people from signing up with multiple emails trying to take advantage of our system.

  • Shawn

    I entered my cc info and was not charged just to let everyone know. I am however confused. I thought I ordered the watch the day I signed up. I received the voucher today but when you go to the website the watches are $15. If the deals are for a certain day only then how does a voucher 2 days later do you any good?

  • Shawn

    Ok update to my previous post. When I went to the slap watch site and ordered the watch and put in my code it took $15 off making the watch free.

  • dora

    Perfect slap watch, great gift and funny toy for children.I like them so much.