Savemore: Two Boxes of Two Boxes of Kids Pre-Loved Clothes, Books or Toys from ThreadUp for $6

Today’s deal on SaveMore is $16 for two boxes of previously love or gently used kid’s clothes for $16.¬† but if you are new to SaveMore you get a $10 sign on credit you can use on this purchase to make your total out of pocket expense¬† just $6.¬† Shipping is included!


Expires July 23, 2012. May not be combined with any other promotional offers. Valid for new Threadup customers only. Redeem online at . Limit one voucher for yourself and two as gifts.

Have you bought from threadUp before? I would love to hear your feedback, please share and leave us a comment.

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  • Mommy P

    I had a bad expereince with Thred Up. I was so excited to try them too, because we love second hand clothes in our house and the enjoy suprise of not completely knowing what we’d get. I chose a box and it was shipped in a timely manner, but the selection of clothes I received was useless. They were all outdated, stained and dingy, one sweater had a large hole and nothing was suitable to wear, even for play clothes. Out of the box of clothes we kept two flimsy belts that my 5 year old could wear. 2 cheap belts for $16 was NOT a deal.
    I complained to Thred UP because I’m sure they have some sort of quality guidleline for the items sent out in their name but I never got a response.
    I’m just not brave enough to try it again.

    • Rebecca O

      Zearly (though the site is currently down) is wonderful! I love them for used clothing, the way its it up you shop from pictures and chose specific items. They should be back in August. I had such a great experience with them. (two shipments in and one out)

      PS, not affiliated just happy customer.

  • Rei

    Tempted but not sure if I’m considered a “new customer” since I already have an account (never used it though)…

  • Michelle

    I took advantage of this deal so we’ll see how it goes. I figured Thousands use it so it can’t be THAT bad.
    But I disagree with the first comment as to the contents being a suprise. All the boxes posted for sale have breakdowns of what’s in the boxes so they shouldn’t be a suprise. you know what you are buying on there.

  • Crystal

    Bought the deal and received the code, but when trying to use it today it is not working. Anyone else having problems with this?