Saveur Magazine $3.99/year

This is one of my favorite food magazines and You can get it for $3.99 per year.  Discount Mags has Saveur Magazine for $3.99 per year when you use the coupon code 2256 at checkout.

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  • The last time I subscribed to a magazine was “All You” which I never recieved. Do you remember what company that was through? It was one for .83 an issue. I also signed for the ” Womans Day and never got that one either.

    • Katc

      There are lots of magazine companies out there. I think the easier way is to look at your debit or credit card statements and look up the charge. There should be information about the company with it. However, I also most mention that some of these magazines can take up to 8 weeks to start coming in the mail. Did you order way beyond that?


  • Yes I believe I ordered in June but I don’t believe the order ever went through. Could not find it on my bank listings. Maybe they will run it again.

  • Kritter

    Totally awesome! Couldn’t believe I could get a full year’s subscription for $4.00; that’s the price of one issue! I used PayPal just to be safe. The site did say first issue will arrive in October, or about 8 weeks.