Saving the Green on Black Friday

This is a guest post by Lori from Mom’s by Heart. Lori is a Christian mom to five who blogs about money saving tips, menu planning, decorating ideas and many other topics. Check out this post she wrote about Five Grocery Items You Should be Stocking Up Right Now. If you have enjoyed this post consider subscribing to her blog.

The day after Thanksgiving sales bring out the deal seeker in all of us. But fighting the crowds and finding the best bargains can seem daunting at times. With that in mind, I

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  • Kate

    Thanks… I really like the envelope idea. My mom and I have been hardcore BF shopper for years, adjusting a bit as the kids came along (thanks grandpa for babysitting!) Anyhoo… a few little tips I’ve learned… Target puts up their Friday deals online on Thanksgiving. Often free shipping too. That saved me getting there at 5am last year so I could concentrate my efforts elsewhere. Also, avoid Menards. It took me a few years, but I learned that they put out fabulous ads and have EXTREMELY limited quantities with huge crowds. Not worth the headache, because they will almost definitely be out when you get there!

  • Mercedes

    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for the tips. Funny you mention Menard’s. Last year was the first year I made it there and I was amazed at how packed it was considering I didn’t think there wasn’t very much to be there to begin with.

  • Jennifer

    The women in my family go BF shopping every year and we have it down to a science. A few years ago we invested in 2-way radios. There are four of us so we each have one. This is perfect for stores like wal-mart where the big toy deals are on pallets all over the store. Each of us takes a cart and if no one is watching over something when we locate the item, we go ahead and grab it from under the pallet. As long as you don’t check out before the time the deals start, you can start grabbing things early. Its best to go to a larger wal-mart that’s open 24 hours if you can so you can get there as early as you like. The important thing is sharing as much of our lists with each other as we can so that if I find someone my aunt is looking for, I can let her know over the radio that she can cross it off her list!