SavingStar E-coupons: Another Great Way to Save

There is a new player in the coupon saving world and it’s called Saving Star. This is a different way to save! Saving Star offers clipless eCoupons that you can upload to your shopper cards. What makes this different is that you will not see the savings come off of your total at checkout, but instead it will build up in your Savingstar account. Once you reach $5 in savings, you can cash out into your Paypal account.

To get started, simply sign up. (It’s free!) Then add your shopper card numbers to your account, then upload these coupons.

Here are a few of the current coupons that you can add to your account:

Buy 1 Purina ONE® Dog Food 4 lb or larger, Save $2.00
Buy 1 Purina ONE® Cat Food 3.5 lb or larger, Save $2.00
Buy 1 NO YOLKS, Save 40¢
Buy 1 WACKY MAC Veggie Pasta, Save 40¢
Buy 1 WACKY MAC & Cheese Dinner, Save 40¢
Buy 2 Elmer’s School Glue, Glue-All or Glue Sticks, Save 75¢

Since these savings accummulate into your SavingStar account they can be combined with manufacturer coupons for even greater savings.  So go on and sign up for Saving Star right now to start accumulating savings.


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  • Miranda

    So if we use one of these coupons will we still be able to use another coupon or are these Manufactures coupons?

    • Miranda,

      because of the way that they work you are able to use other coupons in combination.


  • Joy

    Just FYI. There is a $1.99 monthly fee if your account is inactive for a certain amount of time.

    • Joy

      The fee is deducted from any rewards you have already earned.

      • Hey There’s

        Hey, there’s no fee with those PAPER coupons in my pocket! What a terrible offer!