Back to School Giveaway: Lunchbox Prize Pack


Walmart, Smucker’s, Motts and Pepperidge Farms (Goldfish) have worked together to create a fun and interactive Back to School website and contest: the interactive Lunchbox Builder. Parents can enjoy the site with their children by building a lunchbox together . Have fun while choosing the material your lunchbox is made of, decals, colors and even flare! Afterward, submit your lunchbox to be voted on by other site users. After winners are chosen, a lunchbox will be shipped to their homes stuffed with goodies like: an iPod Shuffle, Sharpie Pack, Lock, Colored Pencils, Optical Mouse, a Walmart Gift card and other goodies. Each box is valued at $150. In addition to the contest, you can also sign-up for coupon book valued at $10- $15!


Walmart, Smuckers, Motts and Pepperidge Farms were kind enough to send me one of these kits for my family to check out and also have provided me with one to giveaway on my blog. As a good couponer I was excited about the coupon for FREE Smuckers Uncrustables and my four year old was excited about the colored pencils. We enjoy cheap thrills what can I say. But in case it is not clear on the picture the winner of this giveaway will also get an iPod Shuffle, Sharpie Pack, Lock, Optical Mouse, a lunch bag, a holder for Uncrustables, a pedometer and a Walmart Gift card. That way you can finish your back to school shopping with it. In addition to all of that the winner will also receive 5 labels for Education worth 10,000 points each.

What do you need to enter this giveaway?

1) Leave a comment on this post sharing what YOUR favorite lunchbox item was, can’t remember? then share your child’s.

For additional entries you can

  • Share this on Twitter using the following line (just copy/paste):

Share your favorite lunchbox item and enter a chance to win a Lunchbox Prize Pack worth $150 (via @commnsensemoney)

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Share your favorite lunchbox item and enter a chance to win a Lunchbox Prize Pack worth $150 from Common Sense with Money

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This way you can earn up to four entries. Just make sure to leave a separate comment if you decide to share this giveaway with others. If you are reading this entry via email updates or via RSS reader please click through this entry and visit my blog to enter. Emailing me is not a valid entry for this giveaway. This giveaway is open to residents of the United States only. Please enter only if you are 18 years or older. This giveaway ends 8/23 at 9PM CST. At that time I will select the winner using and will contact that person. If after 48 hours after contact I don’t hear from them I will select another winner at random. Good Luck!

Don’t forget to stop by Lunchbox Builder, print your coupons and build a lunchbox for a chance to win one of ten of these grand prize packs..

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  • Gina Maddox

    I tweeted about this!

    Share your favorite lunchbox item and enter a chance to win a Lunchbox Prize Pack worth $150 (via @commnsensemoney)

  • I always loved applesauce in my lunch 🙂

  • Heather

    Little Debbie snacks. We didn’t get them often, but were a nice treat when one appeared in the lunch bag :).

  • Telisha

    My favorite lunchbox item was my strawberry shortcake thermos. All the girls were sooo jealous!

  • Marcia S

    I always loved when I would get a meat sandwitch most of the time it was PB&J!

  • My favorite lunchbox treat is still peanut butter and jelly! 🙂 I would love to win this for my seven year old son.

  • Ashley

    My favorite item was applesauce, yummy!!

  • Tricia

    I’ve always loved Fritos in my lunchbox!

  • I loved the notes my mom wrote on my napkin.

  • Sometimes as a treat, my mom would pack me ding dongs as my dessert. I loved those things! And I would use the foil packaging to make little shapes. Fond memories!

  • Amanda

    My favorite was carrot sticks and ranch dressing.

  • Kathey Ross

    I loved apple and peanut butter sandwiches.

  • Gina

    My favorite lunch box item when I was a kid was a snack pack-chocolate! It was a rare treat in our family due to the cost at that time!

  • Julie

    I loved pudding cups. My little boy likes cheese sticks.
    julieadp at gmail

  • Linda

    I’d have to say little debbies!

  • Brandette

    I LOVED the steakums sandwiches my mom would make for my lunches. I haven’t had them in years. So yummy! She’s a fantastic mom, she always made my lunch homemade, I would also get hamburger patty sandwiches, fried egg sandwiches. She spoiled me. 🙂

  • melissa

    Doritos! The best days were the ones with Doritos for lunch!

  • Sonia Camp

    Just posted on twitter. Thanks!

  • Aimee

    I used to LOVE it when I got a Twinkie in my lunch. It was a rare treat at our house…the strawberry filled were the best. Do they even make those any more?

  • Jean

    I always loved the oatmeal cookies with the cream in the center.

  • Lisa Thornton

    My son’s love PB&J!

  • Kristin

    Anything home-baked, but especially cake! I would take my mom’s homebaked treats over a little debbie any day!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jennifer E.

    I always loved PB& Grape Jam and cheetos! Yum!

  • Kristianne

    I loved salami sandwiches!

  • Aaron

    My kids love the juice boxes.

  • Tracy

    I always remember mom packing grapes! and pudding, but the kind that was in a metal can!!!!

  • Julie

    My kids love the individually packaged apple slices. It gives them bite size pieces without turning brown or slimy (their words) in their lunch boxes.

  • Diane Gigandet

    I always loved pudding and applesauce.

  • Kelly

    I always loved the Little Debbie Chocolate Rolls (Looked like a hoho).

  • Jamie

    My favorite was always the desert no matter what it was…I say was. It still is! 🙂

  • I loved the little cracker sticks that you dipped in cheese!

  • Kelly

    I posted the giveaway on facebook.

  • kara

    our daughter loved it when i would send rice krispie treats!

  • Shelley

    I loved PB&J sandwiches and fruit.

  • Kim

    I always loved finding a Little Debbie treat in my lunch.

  • Ann

    I loved sandwiches everyday. I doesn’t matter what they are I love them all.

  • Laura Waltz

    Pudding cups or string cheese! Mmm…

  • Kim

    I always loved finding a Little Debbie treat, especially a Star Crunch, in my lunch.

  • Christy

    My favorite lunchbox item was a special note from my mom on occasion. It’s a tradition I have carried on with my kids.

  • Emily

    I loved Moonpies! Yummo!

  • Krista

    My mom never put sweets or snacks in my lunch except for REALLY special occasions, so I really loved it when I opend my Holly Hobby lunch box and there was a pudding cup hidden behind the apple!

  • Nikki

    Finding a note from mom was the best! Of course, my kids would love pb & j the most (very original).

  • Diana

    I liked grapes, a good lunchbox food!

  • Laurie

    My favorite lunchbox item was, by far, my thermos. I got a new one every year based on what I was into at the time. I didn’t always get a new lunchbox, but I loved my new thermos!

  • Angela

    Mine was always Ants on a Log. 🙂

  • Brandy

    My son loves fruit and homemade PB dip.

  • Crystal

    My mom always made me eat hot lunch and I always envied kids who got to have cold lunch. Now my kids would say that the favorite thing in their lunch would be an apple. Exciting, huh!

  • Christy Olin

    My lunchbox favorite was iced tea juice boxes.

  • Cheryl Beth

    I always liked taking a thermos of chicken noodle soup to school.

  • conna smith

    My favorite thing to take to lunch was a peanut butter and bananna sandwich.

  • Crystal

    I loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in school lunches. I still love those sandwiches!

  • Tressa Card

    So, growing up we were super poor…like heat our house with wood 11 siblings and my dad worked for the steelmill poor. So my mom would make our lunch sandwiches with lettuce instead of bread. It was embarrassing at the time but who would have known my mom was ahead of her time. Now people actually PAY to have lettuce instead of bread with their burger…HAHAH

    Anyway I would have to say my favorite thing in my lunch when I was a kid was an apple. Kinda geeky but I still LOVE apples..and we never got junk when I was a kid. Maybe that is why I love junk so much now.

    Thanks for the blog. I really appreciate all the good deals you find.

  • Achara

    Peanut butter jelly sandwich!

  • Cheryl Beth

    I twitted.

  • Carrie

    My daughter loves pudding cups.

  • Looks like so much fun! My childrens favorite lunch is trotilla roll ups and peanut butter and honey sandwiches!

  • Mary

    My 6 year-old son has the same exact thing every day. But, his favorite part of the lunch is a whole, peeled carrot and notes from me!

  • janet

    Homemade chocolate chip cookies!

  • Cheryl Beth

    I posted on facebook.

  • Katherine D.

    I loved applesauce and string cheese in my lunch box!

  • I would love it when I’d have a twinkie or ding dong in my lunch box.

  • Heidi

    It might sounds gross but we loved Tang sandwiches…spread butter on a slice of bread and then sprinkle Tang on it…ah, the memories!

  • Peanut butter and honey sandwiches!! oooh, and I loved to buy Sweet tea and cookies!

  • Favorite lunch item? pb&j!

  • Heather

    I loved getting a soda in my lunch. That was a real treat!

  • Heather
  • abby tumeh

    Peanut butter and jelly- the classic!

  • christina

    taco salad 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Laura

    Dunkaroos! Little kangaroo-shaped cookies you could dunk in frosting. I thought they were the tastiest thing on earth when I was in elementary school. 🙂

  • Ami

    I liked bologna and cheese sandwiches!! Thanks for the gieaway!


  • kristine

    My favorite lunchbox item was raw ichiban noodles. Weird, I know but I wasnt really allowed to have them so they were always the best when I could sneak them!!

  • Amy

    As a kid, I only ever ate bologna and cheese sandwiches with mayo. And of course now – I can’t stand it! 🙂

  • Caroline

    I loved it when we had baloney sandwiches and Cheetos!

  • Natalie

    A Hostess Cupcake. Hands down. Now I want one. Uh Oh.

  • Debbie

    Homemade cookies were always a huge treat in my lunchbox.

  • Diana

    My favorite lunchbox item was always hostess ding dongs. These were always a special treat when we went on afield trip My sons favorite would have to be Little Debbie Oatmeal creams

  • Karen

    I loved pb&j. . .ahh the memories. I still love to pack them for picnics with my 4 year old. 🙂

  • Jolene

    My favorite lunchbox item was always cheese crackers.

  • I loved it when my mom would put a note on my napkin. She always made sure my napkin had a happy face.

  • Sarah A.

    So much fun! My favorite item was my pb&j sandwich. My mom always made homemade bread in old juice containers, so it was round. Everyone thought it was so funny that I would have a round sandwich everyday.

  • Janelle

    I loved getting twinkies in my lunch box as a kid!

    Great giveaway, thanks!

  • alexis

    I loved goldfish!

  • Heather

    My favorite was pb&j with strawberry jam.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • lucky

    my favorite item wasa special treat surprise my mom put in like a small pack of candies, or noodles or cupcakes or cheetos the list would go on

  • Jessica B.

    My family qualified for free hot lunch, so this is what we had to have all through school. And believe me, the hot lunch by us was NOT good, except for a few things that I looked forward to. My daughter starts school this year, and wants to bring her own lunch, so I can’t wait to think of some special things to include in her box that she’ll be able to remember as she gets older.

  • Jessica B.
  • Catherine

    My favorite was ham salad with pickles on white bread – followed closely by Capri Suns, which were brand new back then and quite the cool thing!

  • Heather

    We all love the smuckers uncrustables!!!!!

  • Valerie

    I don’t remember my favorite lunchbox item but I DO remember my favorite lunchbox. Strawberry Shortcake all the way!!!

  • Teresa

    My son’s favorite is a PB&J; grape jam and crunchy peanut butter.

  • Misty

    I always had hot lunches at school…but my daughters favorites are applesauce and yogo’s.

  • Shea

    My favorite item was always peanut butter tastycakes!

  • Nancy

    My mom always sent BORING HEALTHY lunches so nobody would trade with me but every once in a while she would send a little debbie swiss cake roll and I swear it was like Christmas came early!

  • Charity Shapiro

    My favorite part was the cookies.



  • Melissa

    It wouldn’t be lunch for my daughter unless it included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I try and try to change things up a little but she insists!

  • Laura

    I LOVED getting to pick out Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes with the white swirl on top and creme filling in the center. The plastic cupcake packaging even made it more special. 🙂

  • My favorite lunch box item was the occasional note that my mom would send as a surprise. Always made my day. I try to sometimes do it for my kids, especially when it seems like they are having a tough time.

  • One of my favorite memories of school lunches are the notes my mom used to send on the first day of school each year. Even with seven kids, she never forgot!

  • Carrie

    I loved it when my mom put tomato soup in my thermos in the winter.

  • Rhonda

    Store-bought desserts were a treat for us. Every once in awhile mom would go to the day old bakery store (Hostess) and buy a bunch of pies, cupcakes, etc. I loved the apple pies (and still do) and remember distinctly the one and only time mom slipped a hostess apple pie in my lunch. I felt like a queen. This was 40+ years ago.

  • Mary

    I loooove yogurt! I put a cup in nearly every day.

  • robin

    What a great giveaway! I loved field trip days when I’d get a foil-wrapped soda in the bottom of my lunch bag, which kept the peanut butter sandwich cool as long as it didn’t get the bag wet and fall through the bottom!

  • amanda

    My fav was always the traditional PB&J, but I also REALLY loved the notes my Mom put in 😉

  • Tracy

    Favorite lunch box goodie had to be Little Debbies. YUMMO

  • Danelle Scott

    I loved strawberry fruit roll ups.

  • Charity

    My favorite was the rare occasion that we found Caprisuns in our lunch boxes…they were still a new thing!

  • Mel

    My favorite lunchbox goodie was probably oreo cookies.

  • Carolyn

    My favorite was a Ding Dong for dessert with the foil wrapper. I bought these recently for my kids and was really disappointed that they don’t have the foil wrappers any more!

  • Theresa G

    I’d have to say choc. pudding cups when I was a kid. BUT I’m the boring heathly mom with my own kids lunches.

  • Nicole

    My daughters favorite lunch box item is pb&j. I never packed lunch as a kid.

  • Nicole
  • Karla

    As gross as it sounds now, it would have to be bologna. I always brought my lunch as a kid even on pizza day. It was always bologna and mustard sandwiches for me.

  • Laura in Tx

    favorite lunchbox item is juice box.

  • Natalie

    I loved getting fruit snacks or roll-ups.
    My children also love these.

  • Nicole

    My fourth grader says her granola bites or her drink. I think my fifth grader would say anything mom makes.

  • Kathryn

    I loved swiss cake rolls in my lunch box.

  • Tanya

    I loved when I got a bologna sandwich AND potato chips. I would put the potato chips on my sandwich and I thought it was the best.

  • jenny

    Chocolate chip cookies

  • Melanie

    My daughters favorite is Lunchables.

  • Michelle

    I LOVED getting a bag of chips in my lunch. Thanks!

  • Michelle M

    I actually loved applesauce in my lunch, although my mom would buy it in a big jar, and then pour a serving into a small tupperware. For my kids, I just buy the little containers!

  • Kirsten

    My kids loved lunchables, but they were expensive, so they RARELY got them.

  • Tracey

    Just a plain peanut butter sandwich–no jelly!

  • Tiffani

    Actually, you may laugh, but Uncrustables is my favorite lunch item! I use to take these to college…( when they frist came out) Iwould put them in my bag in the morning, and by the middle of classes, it was unthawed and perfet to eat on a run to get to my next class on time!

  • Tiffani
  • Kristen

    I loved chips and PB&J’s.

  • Kris

    I ate salami on toast with brown mustard for YEARS! And threw away the bananna (don’t tell mom)

  • Kris
  • maya

    My daughter’s favorite memroy is having breakfast for lunch – 2 pancakes and a separate dipping bowl for syrup & some fresh blueberries to add on top!

  • Mindy


  • Erin

    I never brought a lunch, but my daughter does. She loves her PB&J. I get up really early so my husband makes the lunches and the poor girl has it every day…but still loves it.
    THanks for the entry!

  • kathy dold

    My mom always used to butter up my sandwiches-yuck! My girls love jelly sandwiches.

  • angela white

    I still pack my lunch for school since I am the teacher! My favorite lunch days are when I make tuna salad and sneak in a Mountain Dew!!!

  • My favorite lunchbox item was always the cookies my Mom would pack me. 2 everyday 🙂

  • Brianna

    My Mom use to use food coloring to color our milk (in thermos) for special holidays!

  • Dianne

    My grandmother used to pack my lunch and often it was a fried egg sandwich. I think the best thing about it was that it was packed with much love.

  • Vanessa M.

    I have always loved candy so I always had some piece of candy in my brown lunch bag. Now and laters were my favorite treat.

  • Sarah S

    My favorite was getting homemade cookies that we had baked the night before, but had to go to bed before they were done baking. Yum!

  • My mom always used to write a note on my napkin in my lunchbox. It wasn’t my favorite then, but I appreciate it so much more now! Otherwise, I always loved her homemade chocolate chip cookies!

  • Molly

    It would have to be the cookies in the baggie – 3 everyday!

  • Carrie P

    My daughter loves sandwich wraps – Tumeros wraps, ham, cheese and lettuce. My son on the other hand only likes PB & J & honey sandwiches. I never had it that good – my sandwiches were bologna or braunschweiger (yuck)!

  • Sarah

    Name-brand chips were always a treat – Doritos or Cheetos. As a kid I loved to put them in my sandwich! 🙂

  • Nancy B

    Nothing beats a soggy pb&j made with grandma’s homemade jam!

  • Eileen

    a note from mom

  • Stephanie

    I loved string cheese…what can I say, I’m easy to please 🙂

  • lori sifuentes

    My favorite snack was Grandma cookies. I still love them to this day.

  • Shawn M.

    Wow, thinking back to my school lunch days… funny thing is, I remember my totally awesome Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox more than what was actually in it!

  • erin

    i always loved finding a string cheese in my lunch bag. my mom only packed our lunches for us in elementary school, after that we had to do it ourselves. trying to teach us personal responsibility, but it always tasted better when mom did it!

  • Sheila

    My favorite lunch box item was any fruit.

  • Sheyannne

    I always loved how my mom would stick little notes in my lunch. She would sometimes draw spongebob on there and put a little reminder about being safe, or about how excited she was for an upcoming event we were doing together, or the she enjoyed a pasttime. They were always my favorite part of my lunch and I will do that for my daughter when I have kids.

  • Maria
  • tammie

    My favorite lunch box goodie was Twinkies!

  • SeungHee

    My mom always had my lunch balanced in colors and tastes, for example, if she packed rice and some beef then she sould add some yellow pickles that could go with them so that I didn’t have to eat all dry food only. It looked to e as if she treated my lunch box as her canvas and painting in the lunch box.

  • Nikki D

    The notes my Mom left me with X’s and O’s!

  • Lindy

    PB&J sandwiches!

  • Christina Truelove

    My favorite lunch box item was a starcrunch!!! Those were the bomb!!
    Christina Truelove

  • Melinda

    My favorite item was the cookie of course!

  • Robin

    My mom made (and still does) the best chocolate chip cookies – they were always a special treat in my lunch!

  • ham and cheese sandwiches

  • Casey

    I love the $65 Wal-mart gift card!!

  • Kristina

    My favorite was the pudding Snack Pack!

  • Cassi Smyth

    My favorite lunchbox item was fruit roll-ups!

  • Cassi Smyth
  • Kristen

    My favorite thing to take in my lunch was applesauce!

  • Renee S.

    I loved chocolate pudding.

  • Jennifer S.

    I loved the notes my mom would leave on my napkin and of course the little debbie treats!

  • Donna

    I loved baloney with mustard when I was little – that changed to bagels with cream cheese (thank goodness)!

  • bevb

    a box of animal crackers!

  • rebecca

    Okay, I absolutely LOVED getting fudge rounds in my lunch! I miss them. Haven’t had one for years…

  • My favorite lunch box item was the old school Kool Aid drinks – the ones with the tops that twisted off. Heck, they may still make those!

  • Christina

    I guess my favorite would be the little hostess cupcakes!

  • Favorite is anything sweet.

    Cookies,candy and ect.

  • correction on email
    should be


    My favorite was the Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies I would occasionally get! Or the thermos full of chocolate milk. MMmmm!!

  • angela

    I loved getting oreos in my lunch along with a note from my mother wishing that I have a great day.

  • Andrea

    I always liked fruit roll-ups, my 5 year olds’ favorite is Goldfish crackers.

  • Mary

    Pudding snacks are great in a lunchbox!

    mfalcon13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Kim Carlile

    Oreo Cookies!

  • Chrissy

    Oh, I loved all the junk food my mom put in my lunchbox–doritos, nutty bars, etc. I would never give my kids that stuff, but I sure did enjoy them!

  • Mandy

    My favorite lunchbox items was Spaghetti-O’s in my Thermos!

  • My mom used to put frozen grapes in my lunch they were there to help keep my food cold but they were also really tasty at lunch time!

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  • Jen

    I loved individual packs of chips…we didn’t get them often so they were quite the treat!

  • Julia

    String Cheese, has to be my number one favorite!

  • Kate

    peanut brittle : ) only on special days when my grandma would take me to school!

  • Lauren

    I remember when I was in Elementary school I would take my lunch to school. My favorite thing I made sure my mom would pack for me was Gold Fish. She would always leave me a note under them or written on the bag just to remind me that she loved me! Gold Fish bring great memories to my mind.

  • Kristy

    My favorite lunch box item was fruit roll-ups!

  • Heather

    I got juice boxes so infrequently, that I was ecstatic whenever I found one in my lunchbox. I also loved having goldfish. I still do love those.

  • Nicole

    My favorite was getting a juice, most times my mom gave us $$ for milk to drink at lunch. The fruit roll-ups take a close runner-up too!!

  • Julie Shaver

    My favorite lunchbox items were the notes my mom used to put in there. She passed away almost 4 years ago, so I really, really cherish those memories!

  • Karlie

    I loved crunchy pb and raspberry jelly sandwiches….

  • BL in AL

    My daughter loves getting notes and pb&j sandwiches. My son loves chicken nuggets and fruit.

    By the way, if I won this, I think I would be most excited about that uncrustables sandwich container (with matching coupons!). Can’t say the rest of the family wouldn’t love the other items more though. I have never seen one of these before. Win or lose, we need one for our daughter’s sandwiches. Where can you get one?

  • Kathleen

    I loved lunchables as a kid. My mom ONLY bought them for special field trips and it was always a welcome surprise!

  • K. C.

    I always had a rather boring lunch in my opinion, sandwich, fruit and drink. But on field trip days, we got a special lunch, with a hostess treat, chips and chocolate milk. Those were my favorite lunches, field trip lunches!

  • jay

    Jello pudding snacks were my fave!

  • TARA

    My favorite lunchbox find when I was a kid was always a note from my mom tied around a special treat…usually licorice. ( : The notes usually weren’t the embarrassing mushy notes but some silly saying or a silly picture she drew. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Leticia

    MMMMMM….. Juice Box!!!! Those were the bomb…. I miss those… Would it still be appropriate to have those with lunch at 26??? 🙂

  • sarah reno

    i would like chips of some sort, that way if i didnt finish them i could sneak them to class and eat them later.

  • Janet F

    Hostess Twinkies or HoHos

  • I thought fruit by the foot was the COOLEST thing ever. 😉

  • Pamela

    I loved the PB&J….i secretly still do , it makes me feel like a kid again

  • My favorite lunch box item was a chocolate cupcake.

  • Jana McVay

    My favorite lunchbox item was the notes my mom would send with me. I also loved my bag of crackers and cheese each day.

  • Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs – peel off the chocolate, unroll slowly nibble and savor. YUM haven’t had any of these in a long time.

  • Sarah

    My mom’s peanut butter kiss cookies. YUM!

  • kindra

    I used to love peanuts & raisins!

  • Tyree

    My daughter thinks lunchables are the best. I remember getting them twice and thinking I was so lucky. I bought her two as a special treat for her first week back to school (it’s her first year eating lunch at school–1st grade!) They will likely be the only offical lunchables she’ll get this year unless I get a good coupon, but I have lots of crackers stockpiled so we’ll make some of our own. 🙂

  • I was a weird child I liked to have a tuna sandwich all day everyday.

  • Jennifer Ivey

    My favorites are still Kudos Bars… if I can ever find them!

  • Chancy :-)

    It seems quite a few people liked the same kinds of smacks as I did, hehe. I loved the oatmeal cookies with the cream filling by Little Debbie…I would eat the filling and then eat the cookies! The only time I can justify eating those now is when I am pregnant, but even then I still feel quilty! 😀

  • Dapland

    I loved the Kool-aid bursts although they were never in my lunch…my best friend always had them! 😉

  • Chancy :-)

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Chancy :-)

    I shared about the giveaway on Facebook!
    username: Chancy Walker

  • Melissa

    My favorite was and still is apples with peanut butter! YUMMY!!

  • Chancy :-)

    I blogged about the giveaway. Check it out here…


  • Michelle

    Since we qualified for free lunch we nearly always had hot lunch so for me those times we had field trips and got to take cold lunch were the best. Didn’t matter to me what was in it or that it was in a paper sack not a fancy lunch box, I always thought it was a great treat. 🙂

  • Michelle

    I posted the giveaway on Facebook.

  • ShootingStarsMag

    My favorite lunchbox item is pb&J quite honestly. It’s always good.

  • Sarah P

    My favorite lunch item was those individual hostess pies. We only got them for field trips, so it was a special treat, and I always looked forward to it 🙂

  • Kristi

    My favorite thing in my lunch box as a kids was getting a note from my mom. My kids seem to look forward to this also. My daughter saves my notes too. 🙂 I still enjoy peanut butter and pickle sandwiches till this day. 🙂

  • Anu

    My fav. lunchbox item was my fraggle rock thermos. Loved it. Oh what memories 🙂

  • geojody

    I always loved fruit rollups. I used to wrap them around my finger and eat them. Kind of gross now as an adult, but they were delish and fun as a kid.

  • kerri

    Hostess Twinkies!

  • OK, this WOULD be my favorite if I had one: those plastic holders for bananas so that the bananas don’t get bruised.

  • April P.

    I loved when we had Snack Pack puddings. It seemed to make the whole day worth it!

    April P.

  • Errica

    my fave would be little debbie snacks

  • Laura

    I always loved those special occasions when I opened my lunchbox to find mini donuts! Those were really exciting days. 🙂

    On regular days, my favorite thing in my lunch was fruit snacks.

  • Karen

    I love putting chips in my kids lunches. It is a special treat and they only get them on rare occasions.

  • Jaclyn

    For the times that I was able to take a lunch to school, I would love to get the lunchables snack packs and cheese and crackers.

  • Holly

    For YEARS, my stepson ate PB&J every single day for lunch – refusing to eat anything else!!

  • benz1968

    I know I’m going to be repeating thisone but it was applesauce. Loved it ! It was my dessert. I really savored it and took my time swiping small amoounts on my spoon.

  • edi

    My favorite were pork dumpplings. Very delicious.

  • Amy D

    The big pretzel rods!

  • Jaclyn

    One of my favorites, which I didn’t get often, was the “Fruit Stand” fruit punch drinks. Those were the “hip” lunchbox treat at my school. My sons favorites thankfully are fruit & vegetables!

  • Nancy

    I like putting Nesquik milk in their lunches when it’s on seal for really cheap (or free) 🙂

  • Kenny

    I liked Kudos.

  • Nancy

    I love putting Nesquik in their lunches when it’s on sale for cheap (or free)! 🙂

  • Virginia

    Never packed my lunch for school…but my children do and their faves are the uncrustables pb&j and goldfish crackers…..

  • Ashley

    I always liked the notes my mom would put in there. LIke have a good day, or i love you. That was always special for me.

  • Darci Park

    I loved getting a Hostess HOHO or DingDong in my lunch. My son loves apple sauce and cheese sticks.

  • Kris

    My favorite was getting the Fudge Stripe cookies in my lunchbox and then putting them on my fingers! I also looked forward to lunches on St. Patricks day because my mom would die everything in the lunch green (a sandwich on homemade green bread with green mayonnaise, green water, green cookies…you name it, she did it).

  • jen

    I loved when I would get something other that fruit. All time favorite (then not now) Twinkies!

  • Bobbi

    My kids favorite lunchbox item is Cheez-it crackers!

  • Vivian

    PB&J sandwich!

  • lynn

    omg fluffernutters are they not the best things in the world

  • As one of The Meal Makeover Moms, my recipes are focused on great nutrition and great flavors. One of my boys’ favorite recipes is our Fruity Chicken Kebabs made with strawberries, grapes and cubes of chicken or turkey. So good!

  • heidih

    My kids favorite was sandwich on a french roll instead of just plain ol’ bread.

  • Twinkies were hands down my favorite. I can still eat a whole box of them to this day!

  • I loved field trip lunches because we always got a youumy treat that we never usually got. I loved having the little bags of chips. 🙂

  • Jen Lo

    I loved any Hostess treat! Nothing like squishy cream in the center of a cupcake. Mmmmm….

  • Amy

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but my favorite lunch box treat was a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll. And worst of all, I would unravel the whole thing and eat it little bit by little bit to make it last! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Hostess cherry pies! Yum

  • Lisa

    I shared about the giveaway on my facebook page: Lisa Ward Mortenson

  • Lisa

    I Twittered: ldmortensonShare your favorite lunchbox item and enter a chance to win a Lunchbox Prize Pack worth $150 (via @commnsensemoney)

  • Julie

    I liked Ho-Hos in my lunch!

  • Terri

    My favorite item was oatmeal creme pies!

  • Tamara B.

    My favorite was a bag of Lays plain chips and my children love their Capri Sun juice pouches in their lunch boxes.

  • Amy

    My favorite was a hostess cherry pie. Not too long ago I just had to have one of these and it wasn’t as good as when I was a kid!

  • Sandy

    I always LOVED (and still love) the goldfish. They are incredible.

  • Sandy
  • Sandy
  • Sandy

    Posted on Facebook.

  • Jess

    Makes me miss my smurfs lunchbox! Another poster mentioned love notes from; they were the best!!!

  • Candace

    My favorite lunchbox item when I was a kid was homemade chocolate chip cookies. It’s all about the dessert!

  • Colleen

    My favorite lunch box item was my Smurfs thermos! I loved it! My kids still love notes from Mom….even in HS!

  • Jennifer

    my fav was Little Debbie snacks…I saw them in the store recently and cannot believe how much the price has gone up! ouch!

  • Kathy

    My mom still makes my lunch…Everyday I find my favorite sandwich, egg salad!!!

  • Angie

    My favorite lunchbox item was the yummy applesauce!

  • Erin

    Honey and butter sandwiches were always my favorite!

  • My son’s favorite item in this pack is the pencils too. Although, if we win, I’m sure he’ll figure out that the Shuffle is pretty cool too. Especially since I’ll put all of his favorite music on it! Thanks for the chance!

  • ooh, enter me again. I just twittered it 🙂

  • laura

    crunchy pb and grape jelly!!!! Yummmmmmy

  • Amber

    My kids love a surprise cookie in their lunch box.

  • Sarah

    I took my lunch everyday in my senior year of high school and my mom and I always made homemade things and sometimes she would come to school and eat outside together. My friends were so jealous. I would say my favorite was potato soup in a thermos. I always had the best food. I was the hit at the table.

  • Sarah

    Whats up with the lunchbox votes? My lunch box will go from having 4 stars to 1, then 0 stars to 4, any reason for this????

  • Stephanie

    My favorite was an occassional star crunch or raisin cream pie.

  • I was just talking to a friend the other day that peanut butter and jelly (or peanut butter and butter, yum) sandwiches were in my lunchbox a LOT, and it’s so sad that kids today can’t take them to school anymore because of peanut allergies. They were my favorite!

  • I shared this on facebook – I’m Idaho Jill – but I’m not sure what kinf of link you need for it?

  • Krystal

    I liked PB and J, but only smooth PB and only grape jelly.

  • Linda K

    I always liked my fig newtons

  • Talia

    I always like the notes from my mom that she would surprise me with in my lunchbox.

  • Lynn

    I loved the chicken salad sandwhich (with cranberry sauce & sweet pickles)…makes me want one now!

  • Kristen

    I posted this on my facebook!

  • Patti Bright

    My favorite lunchbox items were a peanut butter & jelly sandwich & a pack of tastycake peanut butter tandycakes & I would buy a carton of milk -yum:) It’s still a comfort food & I have five kids & none like pb &j 🙁

  • Patti Bright

    I tweeted
    can you tweet more than once?

  • Patti Bright
  • Elizabeth

    My favorite lunchbox item growing up was homemade chocolate chip cookies and the notes my mom or dad would leave for me, my son on the other hand has to have his string cheese. If he could choose between string cheese or cookies he would choose the string cheese, who would have thought 😉

    Great giveaway!!!

  • Jen

    My favorite lunchbox item was a peanut butter & jelly, but after it had kind of been squished & the jelly had soaked the bread.

    Yeah, I was an odd kid. 😉

  • Amanda

    My favorite lunchbox food was always vanilla pudding. My kids love Gogurt.

  • momof2

    My favorite was the juice box.

  • Terri L

    Hostess snacks were my favorite (and we didn’t get the often).

  • i loved when mom left me a note telling me that she loved me. 🙂 i plan to do the same with my boy who starts K4 this year

  • Peanut butter sandwiches were always my favorite. I never was too crazy about pb&j…I only wanted peanut butter!

    Very cool giveaway! 😀

  • Colleen Neel

    I always loved a little chocolate when it appeared. Sometimes even with a note from my mom. My son loves it too, on the few occasions that I’ve done it for him.

  • Elizabeth

    I always loved Hostess cakes or those fun little crackers with spreadable cheese!

  • Chrissy

    My favorite lunchbox item was a sandwich made with Carl Buddig meat. I still love it’s salty goodness!

  • Modern Day Mom

    My favorite lunchbox item was always pudding cups!

  • amy

    My favorite thing to have in my lunchbox when was cold was chicken noodle soup!

  • Modern Day Mom
  • Modern Day Mom
  • My favorite lunchbox items were Fritos and Funny Bones.
    My older DS likes my little notes (but probably likes cookies better)
    My youngest starts school this year, he said I must give him go-gurt to go with his PBJ every day.

  • monica

    This sounds kind of gross, but when I was in elementary school, my favorite lunch box item was a thermos of spaghetti-o’s!!

    monicabozsik at yahoo dot com

  • Amanda Randolph

    i always loved to have something different everyday. but i always loved the juice boxes!!

  • jeni r

    all my kids love salami and bologna. i’m not a big fan, but my kids sure are.

  • Cassie

    I loved having those little debbie cakes in my lunch (especially those star crunches)…

  • Nichol

    My favorite was a thermos! Just having a drink in a thermos seemed so cool! 🙂

  • Shantel Schultz

    My favorite was the juice box. I would usually always have to get milk, so the juice box was a big deal.

  • susan

    My favorite lunch item was Nestle quik in a baggie. We were served only white milk for school lunches (I’m dating myself I guess) & a friend’s mom would pack a few spoonfuls of Nestle chocolate mix in a sandwich bag sealed with a twist tie that she sometimes shared. I remember that as the best chocolate milk!

  • Sara

    I loved salad and I always got a soda wrapped in foil.

  • Sara

    Posted on my twitter as well….

  • Beth

    My 10 year oldm sons favorite lunch is when I pack leftover chinese food!

  • Sheri

    PB and cookie sandwiches were the best!

  • Ellen C.

    My favorite item was when my Mom would make me red Koolaid. She’d put it in my little thermos and I’d feel like an adult when I’d pour a little at a time into the lid of the thermos. Thanks for the chance.

  • I loved the dessert of course! 🙂

  • Nancy

    I didn’t get this very often, but I loved getting a cherry turnover in my lunchbox!

  • Tracy Boyer

    My 4 year old loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in his lunch. He’s also a big fan of any type of crackers so those make his day also. Thanks for an opportunity for a wonderful giveaway!

  • Tracy Boyer

    I posted on facebook. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Kelly

    Always loved getting warm homemade soup in a Thermos.. and a note on the napkin! Moms = cool.

  • Kelly

    And shared on facebook. Thanks for giving!!

  • jean

    string cheese!

  • Mendy

    i liked peanut butter and jelly on a hamburger bun 🙂

  • Kathy

    Money for french fries or cookies!

  • Blogged

  • Marna Perez

    My dad did all of the grocery shopping. With five brothers and sisters is was a treat to pick out a box of little debbie snacks. He used coupons too!

  • My favorite lunchbox item was Lance crackers or a Little Debbie snack 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  • Shared on Facebook

  • Tara C.

    Mine was always the little Debbie snacks. Yummy!!

  • Sarah Elyce

    My favorite was always string cheese.

  • darbie

    The classic pb&j, you can’t beat it.

  • In retrospect, I was a hard child to pack lunch for. I do remember two of my favorite items, however – Vienna sausage (ick!) and crackers with cream cheese on them.

  • Julie

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Little Debbie brownies

  • It doesn’t matter what’s in it, milk, juice, soup, etc. the thermos always holds an allure for my kids.

  • Erin

    I am looking forward to packing my son healthy lunches so he doesn’t have to eat the unhealthy school lunches of chicken nuggets and pizza.

  • Stephanie

    My favorite was and still is the cheese babybel.Love it!!!

  • Stephanie
  • Jessie C

    My fave was ham/corn bread that my mom made!

  • Lyn

    My favorite lunchbox treat as a kid were moon pies which dates me back pretty well. 🙂

  • jay

    How cool is that!! My favorite lunch box was Jello puddings. It was such a special treat!!

  • Leslie

    My mom always left a note in my lunch a lot, so that was my favorite thing, but food wise, I always liked it when there was something sweet in there like a cookie or something.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Ken

    Hands down my favorite was Fritos.

  • My favorite lunch box item was fruit roll-ups.

  • My favorite was the frozen juice boxes that I would have to open up and scoop out with a spoon as a slushy because they would not be all the way thawed out by the time lunchtime came.

  • Peggy English

    I loved homemade cookies…especially oatmeal chocolate chip raisin. Yum!

  • Peggy English

    Homemade cookies: oatmeal choco chip raisin!

  • Sarah

    I just left a post on my facebook page.

  • Sarah
  • Leslie

    I loved celery sticks with pb!

  • maria

    I like to make wraps for the kids. I seal them with light cream cheese, and have a good thermos since indv drinks can be costly w/ more than 1 school aged child.

  • my favorite lunchbox item was lunchables and capri sun.

  • Lisa M

    My kids love the little surprises I leave them in their lunch boxes. I do it randomly, so they never know when and what may show up in there. I leave Hershey kisses, notes, small little toys, tattoos, homemade goodies, etc. It is something that my kids really look forward to.

  • Lisa M

    Just twittered…@lisam3586

  • Amy

    Always loved to get the lunch size bag of chips.

  • Melanie

    I loved it when my Mom put a Little Debbie snack in my lunch!!

  • jon

    Peanut butter & jelly was always a treat!

  • Snoogums

    Oranges! Grew up on a farm surrounded by corn and grapefruit, but I’ve always preferred the oranges that’s on the neighbor’s.

  • I always loved the thermos that came in my lunchbox – they were so cute! My mom usually filled them with yummy soup or mac n cheese. My other favorite was a sliced apple stuck together in the middle (where the core would be) with peanut butter. We’re not quite to the lunchbox stage yet, but I hope when we get there that I manage to pack a fun lunch for my kiddos!

  • Jessica

    Organic Valley Stringles.

  • Beth

    Fruit snacks. We usually had fresh fruits and vegetables, so fruit snacks seemed like a special treat. Thanks for the chance to win!

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