Scotch Thermal Laminator $17

Amazon’s Gold Box deal for today is this Scotch Thermal Laminatorfor $16.99 or 78% off the regular price. This qualifies for free shipping with Amazon Prime or with Super Saver Shipping on orders above $25.

If you have a laminator, I would love to hear what you usually use it for.

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  • Mandy

    You can make your own match games for the kids with this. There are a lot of homeschooling sites that have printable ones you can download for free. Then, laminate so they last longer.

    Also, laminating a sheet of any learning activity such as letters or numbers practice worksheets. They can use a (non-smelly) dry-erase marker to trace the letters, then wipe and do again and again. They’re great for in the car.

  • I was a teacher before having children. I laminated everything so I could use it again the following year. Many crafts require tracing patterns. If you laminate the pattern, you can trace around it easier. That’s my first thought. Also, if your kids make something you actually want to keep (like a poem or drawing), laminating will preserve it. Water damage and folding tend to demolish little keepsakes and I’ve found that laminating it prolongs it’s ability to stay in tact. 🙂

  • I thought of another idea. If you laminate something, you can use dry erase markers and write on top of the lamination and then it will wipe off later. If you are a homeschooling parent or have younger children that need help with reviewing site words or spelling words, this is a useful tool. You can cut out some kind of shape on construction paper once (say, 20 circles or 20 cows, etc…) and then laminate those little shapes. You’ll then have to cut around those shapes, of course, but that’s the brunt of your work. Now you have a stack of cards. You can reuse those cards to write whatever you need to review for that week. Then, erase and reuse the next week. You could make games out of the site words, like memory or bingo.

  • Heidi

    I have a daycare and like to laminate all of my wall display items, games, and name tags. I usually bring them to Office Max but for this price I am willing to try to do my own! The reviews aren’t too bad for this item, so I am hoping it works at least long enough to pay for itself. Thanks for posting this deal!

  • Emma K

    I bought this laminator for my classroom when I was teaching, but I believe I bought it at Walmart for around $20. You can also get the laminating sheets cheaper at Sams Club.

    At home we use it for lacing cards, tracing, matching…
    Most recently I’ve used it to laminate photos to send to my husband who is deployed. Or we’ve laminated photos and put velcro on the back and I have a velcro/felt board where my kids can pull down the pictures to look at and put them back up.

  • Lisa

    dang it, I just placed an order with Amazon last night and got it over 25 to get free shipping. Wonder if it’s too late to add this to my order so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping on it?

    • Lisa,
      I do not think you can add to your order 🙁


      • Tiffany J

        I have amazon prime and just ordered the laminator and I got free 2 day shipping!