Sears: Dyson DC17 Vaccuum $241 (45% off!)

This week you can get the Dyson DC17 Upright Vacuum Cleaner for $246. Use the code SEARS2011 to get $5 off. You can have it shipped to you for $14 or choose in store pick up to save on shipping.  Shop through Ebates to get 2%.  I know a lot of people are fans of these vacuums and I thought this deal was worth mentioning.  I see it on Amazon for $369 and you can also read the reviews.

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  • Emily

    It’s almost a shame my vacuum cleaner is still in fine shape since the next one I plan on getting is a Dyson!

  • Melissa G

    Thank you for posting this. I am in the market for a vacuum, and thought a Dyson was beyond my financial reach, but this makes it so much better. I ordered it this evening (to the store) and hope to get it in the next few weeks (they’re on back order now). I appreciate all your work to find the best deals on EVERYTHING for your readers!

  • Erika Schwartz

    The Dyson is in a class of its own, being far superior to any other vacuums out there! I had the priviledge of using one after moving back home when my son was born. It is about time to replace hers since she has THREE very large dogs that love to bring in half of the back yard with them, that along with all of their fur can turn any immaculate home into something reminesicent of a haunted house in just a few days! No I am not exaggerating; and this vaccumn is the perfect one for the pet predicament her home has found itself in!! Thank you so MUCH for posting this! This is an INCREDIBLE OFFER, and if you are even wondering if its worth it- IT ISSSS!!!!