Seven Years Ago

We said “I do” on a hot and humid Louisiana afternoon. Only 43 more years to go!
I love you baby!

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  • Mrs. Bargain Hunting Wife


  • Jennifer

    Congrats! It has been 12 for us. I think marriage is great. Have a fun day!

  • Jennifer


  • Kacie

    Happy anniversary! I Hope you have more than 43 left 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Melissa

    Congrats! It will be 9 for us on 7/24.

  • Mercedes

    My husband and I joke that we signed a 50 year contract with option to renew, lol!

  • Mercedes

    I am sorry anonymous but I just can’t be accepting kisses from strangers ;-P

  • Elizabeth F.

    Happy Anniversary! Hopefully there’s no 7 year itch! he..he..

  • Justine

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Carlie Faulk

    You got married one day after me! and in Louisiana too! We got married in Abbeville – south of Lafayette 🙂

  • Mercedes

    Hi Carlie,
    We got married in Donaldsonville at Lafitte’s Landing. OK, so you understand the crazyness in having an outdoor wedding in a summer Louisiana afternoon. 🙂

  • Chief Family Officer

    Congratulations, and happy anniversary, Mercedes!