Seventh Generation Clearance, Coupons and Rebate

If you are looking for a non-toxic cleaner, I have a really good deal and offers currently available on Seventh Generation products.  First, make sure to check your insert coupons as some areas of the country got coupons to save $1 off one 7th generation products in the 4/11 coupon inserts.  If you did not get these coupons you can print some from the Seventh Generation website and Red Plum.

Hot Clearance alert

Head over to Babies R Us because Seventh Generation products are on clearance for 50% off (down to $1.99 each).  PLUS they are on sale buy one get one half off.  So you could get two for $2.98.  Use the $1/1 coupons to get two of them for $0.98.  I checked this out at two local Babies R US and they were on clearance.  I was amazed to find even the dishwasher detergent for that low as well.  Check out how Susan over at Organic Coupons and Deals did with this clearance.


Seventh Generation is offering a $5 back via mail when you buy three of their products.  ake sure to print out the rebate offer or save the file on your computer.  This rebate form was available a few days ago.  then it went away and now it’s available again.

Target Deal

If you are a Target shopper you can do the following deal:

Buy three Seventh Generation cleaners $2.99 each
Use three $1/1 Seventh Generation coupons from 4/11 inserts or printables
Use three $1/1 Seventh generation Target Store coupons (Look under household.  You will need access to more than one computer)
Pay $2.97 plus tax out of pocket.  Submit for the rebate for an additional $5 back by mail.

Thanks Peter!

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  • Jennifer

    Hi I’m not finding the coupons on the Target website. Are they gone?

    • look under household.


  • Elena

    It says limit for rebate reached on the website. 🙁

  • pennyscents

    I also got the limit reached message on the 7th Generation site.

  • Mara

    yep, no more rebate form!

  • Catherine

    “Rebate Limit Reached” – oh, well…perhaps it’ll come back again.

    I’m still heading over to Babies-R-Us to check out that 50% clearance. I love Seventh Generation products!

  • Alan

    At my Babies R Us store, 7th gen items are marked clearance, but the scan price is the regular price, 3.99. They are also marked BOGO at 50% off. Not a great deal without the clearance price. Bummer.

  • julie

    does anyone have a copy of the rebate form they could email to me? i’d really appreciate it!

  • messie

    So far one babies r us is all regular price. Headed to toys r us.

  • Sandra

    @ Messie – Perhaps its regional – couple different areas in Michigan have most of the original 7th products at those prices, both Babies and Toys. Bummed because I didn’t have my coupons when on vacation, and we stopped at TRU and found some, found LOTS! SO–Hard–not–to buy—ALLLLL of them!!!! Great deals even without coupons!

  • Kim

    There were some rebate forms on products at Target.

  • Kristina

    Babies R Us in Canton Ohio does not have 7th Gen on clearance, not a good deal here.

  • Dawn

    In Omaha there was PLENTY to choose from- dishsoap, dishwasher powder, baby laundry and grapefruit spray. I snagged a $2 off any Seventh Generation laundry product hang tag (bright orange, calling my name) last week, and used it with success. I know some TRU grumble about using manufacturer coupons. Might want to check diapers for clearance too. I got Pull-Ups for $5.32/pack and used the Huggies $3 printable. Dishsoap and diapers- what more could a girl need?

  • Chris

    I was able to save a rebate form today. I also got toilet bowl cleaner, dish detergent and fabric softener. I bought four since the 2nd of the BOGO 1/2 was essentially free. Great stuff!

  • Jayne

    I too, am looking for the rebate form, it hasn’t been available for days for me. 🙁

  • Kathy

    Me too, if anyone has a copy, can you please e-mail it to me at I love Seventh’s products!!!

  • Lydia

    Me three, I would really appreciate a copy, too, if anyone would please email me one at: Thank you.

  • Good thing I printed one right away. Didn’t know there were such things as limits on rebate forms. Hmm. Anyone know if in NE WI these products are on clearance? I go to the website and they are just shown BOGO50% off. Not even sure if these prices are tied together. I’m guessing not.

  • Ana

    I got a ton of stuff yesterday! Thanks for posting 🙂 They still had a lot of products. I did notice that the spray cleaners in the newer packaging rang up as $3.99, but the older ones were $1.99. All the dish soaps, etc. were also $1.99.

  • jennifer u

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got lots of great/cheap stuff!

  • Mary Pruitt

    So my store here in TX has the clearance plus the bogo 1/2 off. I printed all the coupons allowed and was really excited. When I got to the register, I was told they look fake and they only take their store coupons. No where on their website is their policy posted, I filed a complaint with corporate, but am very irate about the treatment I got….

  • Joan

    Can someone please send me the rebate at joansoppe@hotmail… Thanks!

  • Gigi

    Hi, If anyone has a copy of the rebate, please email it to me. I already bought diapers and used some of them in anticipation of it. Thanks in advance.

  • Jess

    I bought the items last week and didnt even know the rebate form was gone until yesteryday :(. if someone can please scan/email me the form..i would really really appreciate it.

  • pennyscents

    has anybody that asked for an e-mail of the rebate on here actually gotten one from someone?

    • OK, I am working on getting a copy to email to those of you who need it.


  • guest

    Could you please send me one too?

    Thank you!

  • Everyone who asked for the rebate please check your email. Check your spam folder as well.


    • ammy

      i came across this blog while desperately looking for a copy of rebate form.Can you please email one to me at
      I’ll be gratefull.

  • megan

    I would love a copy of the rebate form too!! Please!!! I did not think to print it before and I went and got my 3 products today, went to the website and it said it was maxed out! I would really appreciate a copy if anyone else has one they would be willing to scan and email me. Thanks!

  • Melissa

    I too just purchased my products–would love a copy of the rebate.

  • Dawn

    I would love a copy of the rebate form too! I didn’t realize there was a print limit on rebates either. Thank you. pineapplefreejunk at