How to Shop at Walgreens

Walgreens is a drugstore and general merchandise store that sells health and beauty items, as well as office supplies, toys and grocery items.  These are the terms you need to become familiar with when shopping at Walgreens:

  • Register Rewards: It’s a coupon for a discount of your next purchase order that prints at check out.
  • Monthly Coupon Booklet:  This is a small coupon booklet that contains Walgreens store coupons that can generally be found next to the weekly sales circulars.
  • Megasaver:  It’s a term that denotes items that are on a special sales price for a one month period.
  • Instant Value Coupons: or IVCs are Walgreens store coupons that can be found in the monthly coupon booklet or any other coupon booklets available.
  • 7 Day Coupons: These are Walgreens store coupons that can be found in the weekly sales circular.
  • Fillers: These are small and inexpensive items that are sometimes needed in order to be able to use a register reward on your transaction (read more about how the register treats register rewards below)
  • UPDATE: as of 9/16/12 Walgreens has added a new savings program called Walgreens Balanced RewardsCheck out the details of this program here.

How to Get Free Stuff at Walgreens

1)  The first way to get free stuff at Walgreens is by taking advantage of Register Rewards promotions.  These register rewards usually require you to buy items, pay for the item and at checkout a coupon (register reward) prints that allows you to save on your next shopping transaction.

Register Rewards Facts:

  • You CAN use manufacturer coupons when taking advantage of register rewards promotions.  The use of manufacturer coupons will not prevent the register reward from printing.
  • Register rewards can not be rolled: this means that you can not use the register rewards you received from purchasing one item to buy more of the same item on a future transaction.  If you do this the second register rewards will not print.
  • Register rewards offers are usually one per transaction. For example: If the offer is buy one Bottle of Pantene Shampoo for $4.99 and receive one $4.99 register at checkout, only one $4.99 register rewards will print if you buy two or more.  You need to do separate transactions if you want to take advantage of the register rewards offer more than once.
  • Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons.  This means that they need an item to attach to.  This is often referred to as a the coupon/item ratio.  The coupon/item ration pertains ONLY to manufacturer coupons and the rule is: You need to have as many items as you have manufacturer coupons.  Please note that manufacturer coupons that read” $x off two or more items are considered two coupons.
  • Register Rewards generally expire within 2 weeks, so make sure to use them before then so as not to lose the money savings they provide.

2)  The second way to get free or cheap stuff is by combining Walgreens store coupons with manufacturer coupons.  Even though Walgreens store coupons may be labeled as manufacturer coupons, they are store coupons if their bar code starts with the number “0” instead of the number “5” that generally precedes the bar code of a manufacturer coupons.

Things to Remember When Shopping at Walgreens:

1) The key to a smooth shopping experience at Walgreens is planning your purchase in advance or develop “scenarios.”  This  plan of attack will help you maximize savings.

2)  The secret to minimizing your out of pocket expense is by breaking off your transactions and using register rewards from the first transaction on the second and so on.  Please remember to be polite and let others ahead of you if you have more than two transactions planned.

3)  There is a right way to hand your coupons when shopping at Walgreens: First hand Walgreens dollar off transaction coupons (except otherwise stated on the coupon), then manufacturer coupons, then Walgrens store coupons and finally your register rewards.

4)  Before you leave the store make sure to check your receipt and register rewards to verify that all register rewards and discounts you expected were awarded.  It is easier to correct situations right after you complete the transaction.

Walgreens FAQ:

  • My Register Rewards didn’t print, now what?

There are a few reasons why your RR didn’t print: you bought an item that was not eligible for the deal (type or size), the catalina machine was off, the RR deal had ended already or not started yet.  If you bought the right item, the catalina machine was on and you bought during the correct offer period then you can do two things:

1) Contact the Catalina company at 1-888-8 coupons.  Explain your situation and they should be able to send you the information you need to get your RR in the mail.

2) Return the product and surrender any RRs that may have printed.  Then rebuy the item at another register.

  • I had a horrible shopping experience, what do I do?

Your best course of actions is to call Walgreens Consumer Relations Toll-free (800) WALGREENS (800-925-4733). 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday and calmly explain what happened.

  • I let my Register Rewards expire, what can I do now?

The first thing you may want to do is ask your cashier if they accept expired register rewards.  However, it is very likely that they don’t and you are unfortunately out of luck.  Make sure to keep register rewards visible in your coupon holder to make sure you use them before they expire.

  • Does Walgreens have an official coupon policy?

Walgreens does not have a public coupon policy. However, there’s a Policy FAQ document that has been emailed by Walgreens Corporate to customers.  Click here to read more about Walgreens Coupon FAQ.

Your turn now: do you have any additional questions/topics I didn’t cover? Drop them in the comments section:

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  • Heather

    All these issues are the reasons I avoid Walgreens for the most part. Haven’t been there in months because they are so unclear in their policies and rude when you try to questions them about it.

    • Roni

      I agree Heather, I just had a bad experience with the RR’s last week and will start spending most of my money at CVS.

  • Carrie

    Under “right way to hand in your coupons” – what is the difference between Walgreen’s dollar off transaction coupons & Walgreens store coupons?

    • Raychl

      I’m also confused, what are the differences as the verbiage stated above? Please use consistency for coupon depiction.

      • The dollar off transaction coupons are for example Save $5 when you spend $25 or more. A walgreens store coupon would be for example: dave $1.50 off one Crest toothpaste.


        • Carrie

          Got it, thanks.

  • mickie

    The last time I tried to purchase something with RR I had just earned (separating my purchase into 2), the RR didn’t print the second time. I asked why that was and they said that if you use RR to purchase an item, it will not print any more. Is there any truth to what she said?

    • Mickie,

      As I stated in my post, if you used the RR to buy more of the same item the RR won’t print the second time.


    • Chris

      No there is not truth in what she said. If they were separate transactions then yes they should have printed. However if the coupon doesn’t print, they have the right to not give you the coupon since it’s only one per customer and you’re cheating the system. Likely the printer just messed up and didn’t print it, that happens a lot.

      • Dani

        There was truth in what the cashier said. Even tho Mickie had two transactions..she wanted to pay for the same item with the register reeward she just received for that item. Since it is limit one rr per already received your one.. because you’re using it’s not going to print out another one.

        • Chris

          Oh, Dani you’re actually right. I didn’t read the post correctly. Yes, if you purchase something with a register reward you will not get another register reward back on that purchase.

          • liz

            Is that true even if you buy a different item? If I have a register reward for huggies from last week, can I use it to buy toothpaste this week and still get the register reward for the toothpaste?

    • misty

      I did the Gillette Proglide deal where you get $4 RR, a few different times because I had a lot of coupons and found that if you add an item that you have no coupon for to the order, it will still print a second RR. I purchased only the Proglide w/mtg coupon & previous RR on my first transaction, and used the register reward to buy a Proglide w/mfg coupon and Reese’s cup (sale $.69) on the second. I did it numerous times over a few weeks because they kept running the deal in back to back ads, and every time the cashier would say it won’t print the second one, bit it did print every time, and I’m pretty sure it’s the second item with no coupon that “makes the magic” lol.

    • Debbie Robinson

      When you have separate transactions and are using RR on any transaction…. You cannot use a RR received for a product on that same product, even if you are purchasing the same product in a separate transaction. The machine will NOT print a RR if you used a RR from that product.
      For example, I purchased Colgate toothpaste and received a $2.00 RR on that transaction. Please note that the RR states the product or company on the actual RR.
      Now I get back in line and purchase the another Colgate toothpaste and want to receive another $2.00 RR again. Do not use the previous $2.00 RR from Colgate to purchase Colgate. You will not receive a RR. If you have RR from other products then it should not be a problem and your 2nd RR on that Colgate should print. If it doesn’t, have the store clerk look at your RR you are using toward the purchase of the product, if it is truly a different product than the one you are now purchasing, ask the store clerk to cancel the transaction and try again. The store clerk can do a ring up of the product, allow the machine to print the RR and then they can cancel the transaction, “tricking” the machine to print and still telling the cash register that the transaction was canceled. The cleck can then give you the RR for your product.
      The next issue is having a RR in an amt greater than the purchase price. Either use a RR in a smaller denomination or pick up a piece of gum, or a caramel being sold close to the register for $ needed to bring your transaction to a total greater than your RR and you should be good to go.
      I also, at times, need to use up 2 or 3 RR before they expire and am purchasing only one product and I want my RR to cover the entire cost. I will just add 2-3 small pieces of candy to bring both my total purchase price to be greater than the RR total $ value I wish you use. Keep in mind however that if you are wanting to use .. say, 4 RR, You must have 4 products in that transaction. So 1 Colgate toothpase costing $3.29 and 3 small caramels at 40 cents each ($1.20 for the 3 pcs candy) brings my total to $4.49 before tax. Now I can use four $1.00 RR on this purchase and only owe the .49 cents overage and tax on the entire purchase price. I might end of spending a few cents on the candy that I don’t necessarily need but it’s better than risking my RR expiring and I will receive another $2.00 RR on the Colgate for a future purchase. Just make sure that the four RR you use are NOT a Colgate RR.
      This is very overly simplified but I hope it helps some of you who are just starting out. D

  • Katie

    At Walgreens this past Friday, I was told that I could NOT combine coupons from the Feb. coupon book with manufacturer coupons. I questioned the cashier and she said that the coupon book coupons are also manufacturer coupons. (The book does say this in it.) She tried to ring both coupons, but the register beeped and wouldn’t accept them.
    I tried this at two seperate stores and was told the same thing both times.
    Is this a new policy? Because I know I’ve combined manufacturer coupons with their coupon book coupons in the past.

    • I don’t know if this is a new policy Katie. In my experience and that of many others yes you can combine them. Coupons beep for many other reasons as well.


    • I have had cashiers tell me this too. Usually, if the manufacturer’s coupons are scanned first and then the ones from the booklets, everything works and nothing beeps.

    • Ruth

      In order to use both coupons, you needed a cheaper filler item which might not be worth it if the walgreens coupons is for example .50 cents. At Walgreens, you can only use coupons for the number of items that you purchased, The cashiers try to make up their own rules, if you had two items, the walgreens coupon and the manufacturer coupon would have gone through. When the cashiers give me a hard time about a coupon, I tell them that they need to scan the coupon, if the register computer accepts it, there was no problem with it. I have allwayes combined a walgreens coupon with a manufacturer coupon with absolutely no issues.

  • carrie

    Can you use register rewards that were printed b/c of the same item together? For example, I bought a fusion razor at my local Walgreens for and got 4.00 in RR. Then I bought another Fusion Razor at a different store and got the RR again. Can I use both $4 off rewards in the same transaction if I am buying something other than fusion razors?

    • Sarah

      As long as you are not buying the fusion razors it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you are trying to buy another P&G product that should generate an RR, and your previous RR says compliments of P&G you may have a problem getting the new RR to print. I have had that problem before!

      • Erika

        Sorry to intrude here, but I needed to ask you something about this. I’ve tried twice doing this, and the last time I tried to use my DOVE BODY WASH REWARDS (2) to pay for my transaction and only one was accepted buy the machine. This happened to me before with other RR and no I wasn’t buying something from Uniliver. Do you have any ideas why is this happening? Why I can use only one RR reward at the time.? Thanks a lot

        • Register Rewards are read by the cash register as manufacturer’s coupons. Make sure you have at least as many items in your order as you do Register Rewards and/or coupons, or else you’ll have to add another “filler” item.

          Hope that helps!

        • Patricia

          I do know the answer because my walgreens has been patient answering most of my “dumb” questions. There is a limit on the type of ad.. The Dove Body wash for men for example, the limit was 1. If you try to use 2 of the RR for the same product at the same time even if your purchasing something completely different, the machine wont accept it because technically, you were only aloud to purchase 1.

        • Erika

          I did add the fillers, but it did not work. But thanks Patricia that makes so much sense, because my cashier tried but did not know why the register wouln’t accept it, but now I know, thanks again

          • Maria

            Actually this is what I was told by 3 different Walgreens, the RR is a manufacturer’s coupon so if you are using another manufacturer coupon for the same item, you need a filler item to attach your RR to (explained above). Now here is where you need to use your math skills, if the combined total of all coupons exceeds total (before taxes) of items purchased, it would not accept that last RR. In other words, you can not expect to pay $0.57 on a bill that would have been taxed $0.58 or higher. You need to pay for 100% of your total taxes billed. I’ve just been doing this for 2 weeks and that first week I paid $30 more than what I was expected because of RR not printing (I was using RR’s for the same product the RR was given for, and cashiers not taking my RR’s and not telling me a valid reason). You can also use more than one of the same RR. I have done this multiple times. For example on my last trip to Walgreens (yesterday) I had a Walgreens booklet coupon for $5 off an Applied Nutrition Supplement that I used for an Applied Nutrition Calcium bottle on sale for $10 with a promise of a $10 RR after purchase ($5 money maker). For this I planned to use (3) $2 RR’s courtesy of Nivea. So I needed $1 worth of fillers. I grabbed 4 caramels at 3/$.99 but only asked her to ring up 3 of them (4 coupons, 4 items) but I wanted to verify what I had been told about the taxes. So my total was $5.99 plus $.42 tax = $6.41. I gave her the coupon followed by the 3 identical RR’s and the last one didn’t go thru, I added the 4th candy to make my new total $6.32 plus $.44 tax = $6.76 she scanned the last RR and all I paid was $.76 for everything. This really does work, all you need is advance detailed planning; # items, # of coupons, total before taxes, taxes and most important of all not using a RR previously given to you for a product you are about to buy. It sounds exhausting (and it really was for me the first 10 days or so) but once you start doing it properly it is very easy. I have bought $342 worth of stuff and paid only $134 out of pocket for it (that includes the $30 overpayment that I made for not knowing what I was doing the first week) and $26 in RR’s that I keep in my coin purse with my debit card so that it is the first thing I see when I open it and don’t forget to use them. My husband has all he needs for the rest of the year to be well groomed, and if we still have alot when December comes around…. I’ll have great christmas gifts for the men in my family.

  • Sarah

    Does Walgreens have a policy on B1G1 deals? Like if the store is running a B1G1 sale and I have a manufacture coupon for the same item, can I use this and is it in their coupon policy? Thanks

    • Sarah,

      Here’s more info on Walgreens “coupon policy”


    • Sonjia

      Sarah, I tried to do the BOGO sale on BIC razors at my local store using the BOGO coupon from the Sunday inserts. They wouldn’t accept the coupon unless I bought 3, which sort of defeats the purpose of a BOGO deal.

    • Julie

      It must depend on the Walgreens. I used the BOGO on the BIC razors and asked the cashier if it would work. She didn’t have a clue so she scanned it and it went through so I got both packs of razors for free (boy was I stoked!). Sooo, I guess the best thing to do is to just take up the merchandise and the bogo coupon and ask them to check.

    • Chris

      Absolutely! I’ve done this so many times at Walgreens.

  • Holli L.

    I had a similar experience to Katie. I was told I could not use a manufacturer coupon with a coupon from the Feb. coupon book. The cashier wouldn’t even try to scan it. He also wouldn’t let me use a Walgreens printed coupon with a manufacturer coupon so I said I didn’t want the items. I hadn’t had any problems previously during the week combining coupons. I don’t know if it was the cashier or a new policy, but I don’t plan on making any transactions with that cashier again since he was so rude about it and wouldn’t even try.

  • Mike

    Great article…how about one for CVS.
    We have a CVS nearby…Walgreens is 15 miles or so away.

    • CVS is next, tomorrow.


  • Me

    As for the BOGO free deal… Unfortunately, you have to pay for one item. We were told by our lost prevention manager that a customer MUST purchase one of the items. If the second item is FREE, the first must be purchased. Meaning you cannot get both free. You can also only use ONE manufacture coupon per BOGO Free deal, however you can use a manf. coupon & RR, just not 2 manf. coupons.
    If you are required to purchase a certain amount of items to get something FREE, you cannot use coupons on the items needed to be purchased. You must purchase the # of items required as stated.
    (example: Buy (2) Vicks products to get a box of Puffs FREE. you pay for the two vicks and get the puffs free; you cannot use coupons for each vicks, then get your puffs free besides. The register considers this a coupon for the THREE items listed, using multiple vicks coupons would be using them towards other products within your transaction, not the vicks products… thus fraud)

    • I have been successful in the BOGO deals.

      • jsp

        I did that exact vicks transaction, but I DID use coupons for each vicks too. Nothing beeped, the cashier didn’t even flinch. I guess it just depends on how coupon-friendly your wags is. I like mine!

        • patti

          It seems to me that of course you should be able to use a coupon for each product you buy. Buy 2 Vicks, use 2 coupons. Then you have an additional coupon for a free item. 3 products total, 3 coupons. As for fraud…The store turns in the coupons for reimbursment and gets their money back. How is this considered fraud?
          Concerning the BOGO. If the register rings up each product at half price then you are allowed (or shoud be allowed) to use a coupon for each product)

          • maria


            I agree with you and that is why I get so upset at my local stores staff. The store never looses in fact they get paid twice when they accept manufacturing coupons. If the product they sell is Olay cleanser and you present a coupon for this product the store gets paid the total of the product minus the coupon. Then they turn around and send the manufacturing coupon to the company to get the full value of the product pluse $.08 to $.10 cents for shipping for each product. That seems to me that if anyone should be accusing of fraud should be the stores accepting the coupons because they get paid twice by the customer and the manufacturer. Why then, the staff are so hesitant to attend to follow store policy and help customers using coupons??? I honestly don’t get it. That is why I decided that for every store that don’t follow their policy I will send a note to headquarters letting them know that they are not following policy and providing the store number, cashier name and operator number, etc. I’m sorry, but I had such bad experience with Walmart that I’m upset that I have to drive 20 minutes more to another town in order to do price match and couponing just because the assistant manager wants to use his own policy and tell the cashiers of such. Attitude is the key, bad attitude = complaint to headquarters. Good attitude = compliment letter to headquarters. I have done so already. Bristol, CT cashier was so patient with price matching and couponing that I had called the store and send a note to headquarters acknowledging such great customer service by the cashier. I belief in fairness.

    • carol gillette

      thjis is for ME, Sorry , but I’m new at this. What is BOGO. THis coupon thing seems like so much to do? I want to learn because I have a ministry to the homeless and for two years we have been paying full price for everything. I need HELP to stock-pile to serve all the friends we need to reach each month. Whoever can help, I really need it. I’m serious, because I asked Walgreens for a donation, they said no!!! What a way to turn this around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Starr

        BOGO stands for “Buy One Get One”. Often seen as BOGO-free or BOGO-50% off, or B1G1-Free, etc.

      • Stephanie

        There’s a ton of info for you to read and learn about couponing on the internet. It will take you some time but it is definitely worth it.

      • maria

        Hi Caroll,

        Did you contact headquarters or the local store? I think for donations you have to go through headquarters and if headquarters refuse, then you are out of luck. Sorry.

  • Jennifer P

    I usally do not have any trouble here in Colorado Springs, but I will say, I have one favorite Wags that has a fantastic manager and staff. I never have trouble stacking the Wags coupon book with a MQ. I hear many readers have issues. It is difficult, that’s I why I basically go to one store and ring up with certain cahsiers. There any many many Wags here, but I don’t got for all the reason’s stated here. Good luck all!!

  • Jennifer P

    One more thing, I have always been able to use two coupon’s on BOGO sales, my cashiers totally support that.

  • Excellent post. Two things I would add are:

    1) You only need one Wags coupon (be it IVC or from the monthly booklet) per transaction. If the coupon is worth $1.00 and you bought two of the items, the register will take off $2.00

    2) P&G Register Rewards say that they cannot be used on any P&G items.

  • I Aviad

    I had a new experience at my Wags today. They had the Airwick I-Motion on ad for 50% off so the tag price was $3.99. I attempted to use a $4.00 off coupon and was told by the manager that they could NOT adjust the item price by .01 because “it would be stealing”. He said that Corporate sent out a notice to all stores very recently about this practice.

    So, per my manager, this is a new policy and I was not able to use my $4.00 coupon.

    I know that up until today, all employees adjusted the item somehow in order to be able to use the coupons. But no longer.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience lately?

    • I bought 6 of those Airwicks on Sunday (2/14) using a $4 coupon on each one and they went through without a problem. Maybe if I’d had a transaction of only those items it would’ve been different? I had lots of items and the penny overage on each was absorbed into other things.

  • Rae

    It all depends on the store…..I have a couple of Walgreens within 5 minutes of my house…and they all treat couponing different. Therefore I have found my favorite store and my favorite cashiers and only shop at their store and know when those cashiers will be working.

  • jsp

    Excellent post that answered several of my questions.

    Wanted to mention that every time I go, I hand over the manufacturer coupons first as is suggested, but the cashier always sees the wags coupons in my hand and takes them from me first instead. I’ve asked them, and they insist that’s the way it must be done. I’ve never lost money on a deal from it so I haven’t argued over it but anyone have thoughts on this?

  • Desiree

    I saw that you wrote that you can use manufacturers coupons and that the register rewards will still print out.On several occasions this did not happen for me.The manager told me this was because you do not get rr when using manufacturer’s coupons.I thought this was something he just said cause he didn’t feel like dealing with it, so I called corporate when I got home.They told me that you are NOT suppose to get rr’s back if you use manufacturers coupons however they do sometimes print out.So I am trying to figure out how to get this to work for me.This was my last transaction if you spent $25 or more in huggies you get back $5 in rr.I bought 3 packs of huggies at $8.99 each & use (3)$2 off manufactures coupons.$8.99 x 3= $26.97-$6 in coupons =$20.97.They said no rr cause I used the coupons.Was there any way I could have got the $5 rr & use the 3 coupons?Thanks

    • I hope you have the receipts still. Call the Catalina corporation directly with the receipt numbers and they will mail the RR’s to you. 888-826-8766 or 888-332-3814. Then find a coupon friendly Wags to spend them on or if this is the only one in your area spend your RR’s on stuff like TP and be done with them.

      I called corporate many times about this and got many different answers. They don’t know. I called Catalina and got them mailed to me.

      Also, someone once said to report this to the BBB. I agree! Nowhere on the ad states you don’t get RR’s if you use coupons. Maybe more actions like this will get them to make an official coupon policy?

      • Julie

        Also, check some of their ads. I can’t remember a specific example, but sometimes the circular advertises a product that will generate RRs and has a little logo telling to look in Sunday’s paper for matching coupons.

        • diane mcwethy

          My burning question regarding this issue: If the ad says “SPEND $25 to get $5 RR”, doesn’t this imply that if you use Qs to reduce your total, you will not get the RR. You did not meet the requirements. But, if the ad says “buy $25 worth of x product and get $5 RR”, then, Qs will not cancel out the RR. Is this true?

  • Jess

    I suggest we start a letter-writing campaign to Walgreens corporate to highlight their frustrating lack of policy and cohesiveness, how they are seeming shadier and shadier in their practices, and that many of us are much, much, much happier to give CVS our business (which seems to be the consensus in the couponing blogoshpere).

    • I’m a (usually) happy and successful player at both Wags and CVS, and while I sometimes have better experiences with CVS the one thing that Wags has over them is that their limit 1 per offer is not traceable. I can go to 2 different Wags 3 days in a week and get the same deal each time, but no matter how many CVSs I go to or how often, I can only get 1 (or whatever the limit is).

      • phatfish

        Amanda, I agree! I prefer Walgreens to CVS for that exact reason.
        I hate having to scan and keep up with the CVS card. Life is so much easier at Walgreens.

  • Gwen

    The walgreens store I go to I can’t get free items if the coupon is more then the retail. They said it was the store policy which they can’t change the price so you get the item free

  • Thanks for this guide! Since they’ve done away with their rebate program (I think?) I’ve generally not participated in any deals there. It just seemed too complicated and too likely to cause problems. Oh, and I’ve had too many bad encounters with cashiers for it to be really worth it for me.

    I’m going to go through your guide and see if I can re-figure out Walgreens now 🙂

    • Ok … read the post and the comments and I dunno. I think I may just not worry about the Walgreens deals. It seems so complicated these days. I definitely prefer rebate programs and I love Rite Aid because it’s so much simpler!

  • Anthony

    The only two items I would add (these are from my own personal experience, I know others have been more successful than I):

    1. I don’t purchase items where a store coupon and manuf coupon would be better than free. Example: If an item is $3.99, store coupon is $2/1, and manuf coupon is $2/1. In the 4 stores I have been to, they don’t adjust the coupons, and these have never worked for me.

    2. This must be a recent thing in my local stores. I am only able to *use* 1 RR per transaction. I’m pretty sure this is a manager-enforced policy.

  • Stephanie

    I had a similar situation as Desiree. There was a deal on dove chocolates…2/$6 with a $1 rr. I used a $1 mfr coupon and my rr didn’t print. The mgr said that it was because the deal stated you had to spend the $6 to get the rr and since I used the coupon, I didn’t get the rr. He said the rr came from the dove chocolate company and it was their rule.

    It is very frustrating never knowing how things are going to work.

  • I still have problems at Wags getting my RR’s when I use a coupon toward an item. They *claim* it’s because I’m paying less than the advertised price to get the item therefore shouldn’t get a RR. They all also claim that their machines are working properly according to Wags corporate. I’ve had to resolve my situation by calling the Catalina corporation directly to have them mailed to me. It’s so frustrating. I go out of my way (there’s 3 much closer to me – 1 within walking distance) to a far Wags that actually does print my RR’s for this reason.

  • Jenna

    is there a reason why you should submit manufacturer coupons before the store coupons?

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  • Megan

    I have had several frustrating experiences with using RR at Walgreens. In the past I have used RR to purchase ice cream with no problem but today I was told you could not use them for dairy. It was my understanding that this meant milk and eggs. Do you know if ice cream is included in this exclusion. I ended up not buying anything at all because I was so frustrated. They seem to be very inconsistent with their coupon policies.

  • When you use a manufacturers coupon, paperwork aside it is no different than full payment of their asking price. The store is reimbursed the full face value of the coupon plus a handling fee. It sometimes seems the cashiers and managers forget this fact. I’m lucky to have a small town Wags with coupon friendly employees.

  • TN Belle

    Yesterday I experienced a horrible ordeal at Walgreens. I wasn’t allowed to use my coupons & RR, so I asked several questions. The cashier was ugly about answering my questions and called the manager, who wasn’t any better. I feel like Walgreens touts the RR as “off your next purchase” and we should be allowed to use them with the coupons. However, after the manager left, the cashier did tell me that the RR can be used at Kroger or anywhere because they are “manufacturer’s coupons.” Does anyone know this to be true? If so, I would much rather give someone else my business after the way I was treated!

  • krystal

    Can we use our RR’s and ECB’s at other stores like Jewel/Dominick’s?

  • Thanks for a great 411 article on Wags. Will be sharing it with our readers too!

  • NEHA

    it was my first transaction at walgreens last week, i bought huggies diapers for my son which were $15 for two and gave me $3 in RR, i bought 6 and did 3 saperate transactions so i got 3 tickets of $3 RR. now the walgreens is about 30 miles away so i dont go very often and my rewards are expiring on 9th, how can i use all $9 worth rewards on the same day?

  • Dawn

    When I went to Krogers, and tried to use Wags coupons, they told me that they don’ t take other stores’ coupons. I asked why, as I didn’t have any problem at a FC I went to; that it says on the slip that it’s a manufacturers coupon. The manager had no explanation just; we don’t take them. I asked him, perhaps if I tore off the “Wags” section?
    I only have one Wags in my area, and one cashier that I know is on, as I put it, “the customer’s side.” I know when she works, which is certain nights- which is great for me. No people behind me in line getting frustrated as a new cashier struggles to figure out the coupon system.
    However, if that cashier leaves, I’m going for CVS; even if their vitamins/supplements prices are higher than our Wags.

  • ilvana

    i really want to share this here. mostly my shopping experience at walgreen was HORRIBLE. some stores they don’t let me use PRINTED-COUPONS, they don’t let me use RR & manufacture coupon(s) in the same transaction, they won’t let me use RR to pay a transaction that is going to print a RR (and this is very different item), etc such rude & poor customer service. so if i have RR i’m only able to use it for non-coupon item such as eggs or milk. this is really bad. my best choice is CVS, as they’re the best in handling coupons & best customer service. but lately, some of CVS here don’t allow PRINTED-COUPON anymore. btw, i live in Los Angeles, CA. it’s rare to see people use coupons here. is there somebody there live in CA.

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  • Kari Powers

    I earned $4 Register Rewards from purchasing the Venus Razor. On my second transaction I had a manufacturer coupon for Olay Body wash I wanted. I wanted to use my Register Reward towards my second transaction. The cashier said that I could not use my manufacturer coupon and the register reward together. Im very confused.

    My question is … I have $5 in RR and a $2/1 Manufacturer Coupon for disposable razors. I want to use the $5 RR towards this purchase and my Manufacturer Coupon. If I add a “filler” item will I then beable to purchase the item successfully?

    • Hi Kari,
      Yes, you will need a filler in order to be able to use your RR and the coupon. You need one item per manufacturer coupon in your order.

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  • bbgirlluu


    Walgreens had a sale this week on their scotch tape: buy 1 get 2 free for $1.99. Your site had recommended to use 3 manufacturer coupons for $1 each in addition. Walgreens would only accept 1 of the manufacturer’s coupons. The other 2 identical coupons were not accepted. On the coupon it says one coupon per purchase. Should I have been able to use the other 2 manufacturer’s coupons? I ended up paying $1 for 3 scotch tapes, instead of receiving an overage of $1 as your site had stated. Please advise…

  • Caryn

    What we have just discovered is that the RR won’t even print if the manufacturer’s coupon puts the amount at 0 or less. For example, if I am supposed to get a $3 RR when buying a $3.99 item, and I also have a $1 coupon,then the RR will not print, as I have not purchased anything.

    Is that happening for anyone else?

  • Cindy

    I tried this offer: OFF! Clip On $7.99

    Deal Idea
    Buy two Clip Ons
    Use one $2/1 Off! Clip-on Mosquuito Repellent Starter or from 5/22 SS
    Use one BOGO Off! Clip-on Mosquuito Repellent Starter
    Use one $1/1 Off or Raid Products Walgreens IVC (will deduct $2)
    Pay $3.99 for two after coupons

    My Walgreens in Keystone Heights, Florida, would not let me use two manufactures coupons even though I bought two, because one of them was free. So I paid 6.99 for two.

  • Roxanne Ross

    I am a bit upset. I have begun doing the whole coupon thing and have really been successfull with the RRs from Walgreens. I would purchase my things from them and take my RRs to Jewel to purchase items that I did not have a coupon for. But yesterday, I made my purchases and earned $14 in RRs but when I look at the bottom it has now printed “redeemable only at walgreens.” The top of the RR still has manufacter coupon so can I still use them at Jewel or any other store? This will really mess me up if I can’t.

  • Magdalena

    Hi, Hope you are doing well.
    My question is where can i find the policy that says i could use the saving book and the week sale ad coupon in Walgreens.
    Every time I go to Walgreens i could never could get the best price. Ex- Today i want to buy the Ricola regular price $1.99 in the week ad there was a coupon for $1.29 and in the book saving there was $.50. At the register only one coupon was aloud. I need the policy that says I could use both. Please Help.
    Thank you for your time,

  • Terry McCann

    Harris Teeter stores in the Raleigh-Durham area this week (June19-25) are doing Super Double coupons. Coupons up to $2.00 will be doubled – limit 20 daily.

    I work there. It is not advertised in the paper since it is just for a region.

  • kitty

    As an employee of Walgreens, very good article. But one small problem. coupon order is not correct. It should be…

    Dollar Off Coupons
    Walgreens Store Coupons
    MFG Coupons

    Reasoning is because if someone accidentally hits total after a MFG, the store coupons cannot be entered. the register locks the transaction in after any sort of payment. Walgreens coupons are not considered payment, but promotion. But MFG, RR and any money tender is considered payment.

    Happy couponing!

  • Very cool info. There’s lots of ways to save money nowadays, this blog is very helpful in giving advice how to benefit the most from savings.

  • cora

    Asking a question to anybody? Ummmm technically if you want your RR TO PRINT but u have to pay with RR BEFORE EXPIRE DATE THAT DAY CAN THE ORDER BE Dollars off total trans the manufact coupons and the Walgreens store coupons then pay. Get your new RR THAT YOU WANTED TO PRINT. NOW HERE IS THE MAGIC RETURN THE ITEM. YOU HAVE YOUR ALREADY PRINTED RR BOUNUS FOR THAT ITEM WITH NEW EXPIRING DATE 14 DAYS FROM NOW. NOW BUY THE ITEM AGAIN USE ALL YOUR COUPONS AND RRs boom boom thank you maam barley pay anything if not nothing for item and you get your RR’S nobody misses anything. coupons All get used? Is this right or cheating the system wondering?

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